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Consideration for token awards:

  1. cost saving
  2. productivity
  3. beneficial to the SPE community
  4. suitability for implementation
  5. knowledge & skills sharing
  6. administrative & service excellence


A good suggestion should make reference to:

  1. Research or survey results
  2. Suitable bench marking with competitors (but not with civil servants)
  3. Cost of implementation or saving
  4. Suggestions which have not been made before
  5. Suggestion which has been tested by the cluster or suggester
  6. Sample document or template for sharing (to email it separately to



  1. Rating 1  for suggestion is reviewed with no token awarded
  2. Rating 2  for suggestion with merits & token may be awarded
  3. Rating 3  for suggestion recommended for implementation & token awarded
  4. Rating 4  for suggestion implemented & token awarded


Publication of Results: within the 1st week of the following month of submission.

Collection of Token:  If you are awarded token, please check with managers to collect token during visitation/cluster meeting/major event.

In addition to the Tokens, all suggestions are eligible for consideration for the Best Suggestion Award to be presented at the Aspire! Annual Work Plan & Awards Presentation.


Employees’ suggestions from 2008 to current date are listed below!

A) Below are suggestions from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018 (updated at 15 April 2018) with comments and rating.

Serial No.TitleSuggestionComment from Suggestion CommitteeFromDeptRatingTokenMTH
18011099 Best PracticePrint copies of student medical record form (SMR) and distribute to all classes at the start of school.
Collect the completed form from the student by class, check for parent's signature (compulsory), and key into excel sheets by class.

To load into school online system for the parent to complete with closing date.
Only the student who has no access to PC will be given a hard copy for their parent to complete and return by a given date.
In this way, we can cut short the timing and errors are minimised. After the given dateline, all data are able to export into excel for compilation and distribution.

See Sample Student Medical Record Form
Suitable for sharing with other SPEs.KOH SIA ENGS22101
18011100 Best PracticeCCA Teachers-in-charge adopt different templates to input and track their CCA schedule for the year.
HOD-PE needs to collate and consolidate to have a view of the plan for the year.

A common template for use across CCA groups so HOD-PE can have a clear overview of the schedule
Template has monthly view and provide ease of input using alphabetic codes

see Template for CCA Schedule 2018
Suitable for sharing with other SPEsShirin ChangS32101
18011101 Staff Training & DevelopmentCurrently, there are only 4 specialists SPE for each of RAMS, procurement, event planning and cockpit. Mainly the specialists are from the East Zone.

Have another 4 specialists in each of these areas for both zones. This has the following benefits:
- improved upwards career path for cluster leaders / high potential SPEs
- allow better interaction between the cluster to the zones
- easier communication for issues to someone familiar within the zone.
- allow tapping of abilities within the zone for improvements of SPE in their competencies.
Specialists are appointed based on merits. Specialist appointment is open to suitable SPEs regardless of whether they are from the East and South Zones. SPEs in both East and South Zones who aspired to be a facilitator or trainer or specialist can approach their respective manager. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the current 4 specialists.Mohammad Zhafrie bin JalilS7201
18011102 Company Administrative SupportCurrently my school (Pei Tong Primary School) is having some security issues whereby parents are seen roaming around the school compound. Reason of such is because the security department had a hard time trying to identify between School Staff and parents. Therefore, the Principal instruct all School Staff to put on their MOE Pass or company pass. It must be visible at all time as long as they are in the school compound.

I would suggest that Aspire should provide the SPEs a Company Pass upon getting through the School Interview. This is to prevent any cases were to happen as mention above. This will also aid the security department to distinguish SPEs and parents or even MOE Staff. Thank you very much and i hope we could work something out and hopefully this project will be beneficial to the rest of the SPEs.
We dont have a company pass for SPEs as based on the feedback from SPEs most will not need to have a company pass.

The suggester can get in touch with the manager to prepare a company pass specially for him since there is a need for the schools. Other SPEs with similar need can approach their manager to obtain a company pass on case by case basis.
Norzaidi Bin ZazaliS24101
18011103 Best PracticeSome department use different template when it come to payment form.

To use the template (refer to attachment) for all instructor/vendor payment in the particular school for standardization.
Suitable for sharing with other SPEsNUR FADZILA ABDUL RAHMANS5201
18021104 Best PracticeHi All, currently my school is undergoing a merger with Meridian Junior College.
Due to the lack of space my school is unable to bring over all our items to the new School.
Since last year( May 2017), I've been trying to search high and low for vendors and have also asked around my cluster mates and other colleagues if they have external contacts to sell or give away my Condemned Items. Sadly, not many of us have such resources.

Please help provide a link or a portal for SPEs to share their experiences for schools undergoing merger and also a list of vendors that could be a possible buyer of the condemned items. Thank you.
Any SPEs who can assist the suggestor can contact her in her school Tampines JC or through your manager.Elly AmythiaE6202
18021105 Best PracticeAs my school is undergoing merger, we are currently doing a mass condemnation of items.
We all know that we are NOT allowed to just throw away arms and pellets even if its not usable.
Its my first time doing condemnation of Arms and my school has NO experience at all in this catergory.
So I emailed SPF to asked on the procedures on how to condemn the arms. The procedures are quite straight-forward, you may refer to the school Standing Order for Armoury. But the sticky situation is, you will need to find your own transportation to return the arms to SPF. But no vendors seems to provide those service. I have revert back the situation to SPF but they have yet answered my query.

SPEs from other schools that has experience doing condemnation on Arms to suggest on the Aspire! Portal on the procedures and sharing of transportation vendors that provide the mentioned services. Thank you.
Any SPEs who can assist the suggestor can contact her in her school Tampines JC or through your manager.Elly AmythiaE6202
18021106 Staff Training & DevelopmentWe only have the same colour and design for T shirt for SPE to don on during events.

Suggest to make different colours or design for the T-shirts
We are open to the idea whenever we have new T shirts for SPEs if it can enhance corporate identity.Aziz Bin Abdul RazakS1202
18021107 Best PracticeWhenever a new student is transferred into our school, they need to select a CCA. Without SOP to include procedure for new student to select a CCA, student will end up without a

In our school we have a letter and a form for new student to fill up and select CCA of their choice. It is also part of the SOP for new students to be given this letter and form.
See Sample Form and Sample Letter
Suitable for sharing with other SPEsJenny Seng Gek ImmS6202
18021108 Staff ProductivityUsing the hardcopy of the teachers list to take attendance of teachers during Fire Drill

Create Google Form and share the link with the whole school. Teacher will need to key in their name and their presence and submit. results will be received on the admin end who is incharge of collating attendance.
Suitable for sharing with other SPEsDinahE6202
18021109 Best PracticeThe old mug has the non-updated values printed on it.

Aspire! has updated its values, thus should give employees a new mug (e.g. as door gift) so that employee can see it in front of them everyday.
This is a good idea for consideration.Eric MitchellE53102
18031110 Best PracticeCurrent practice: SPE who would like to apply leave will need to fill up the SPE Leave Form then apply their leave in the portal. Later on a separate portal, declare their travel declaration. However, poorly some SPE might have to fill up a few additional form(s) (for school need) upon applying for their leave. This is because current SPE Leave Form doesn't include Basic Travel Details that the school need.

Since current SPE Leave Form have plenty of boxes for 'Timesheet Period', maybe we can collapse that into one Timesheet Period and use the remaining space to include some Travel Details. With that, all necessary information that the school needs to know will be reflected in a form. SPE then can proceed to apply their leave in the portal then declare their travel details in depth for Aspire.

see Sample Leave Form
Not recommended for "current users" as Leave Form and not the Travel Declaration details are required to be shown to MOE. Information in the Leave Form is subject to more verification work. We will review the template in further revision of the Leave Form.Asilah Liyana Binte SadullahE3203
18031111IncentivesWe have had 6 months of receiving Big Street Vouchers worth $200 @ HQ. The scheme will be ending soon.

To extend the issuing of Big Street Vouchers worth $200 a permanent feature in pursuit of the current scheme.
It has allowed us to bond over meals with family and friends at a place we as Capstone members, can call our own.
Amidst busy moments at work, the Vouchers are a push factor to use over weekends when planning meals with loved ones.
Request for Big Street Vouchers can be made to the managers subject to terms and conditions and availability.ShankarHQ4103
18031112T-shirtWe have only the blue, nice company T-shirt.

Have it in other colours for variety.
We are open to the idea whenever we have new T shirts for SPEs if it can enhance corporate identity.Aziz Abdul RazakS1203
18031113LeavesLeaves should be customise according to each individual. as mention by one of the SPE during retreat, if you are not taking exam, you don't need exam leave, if u are single, you do not need child care leave.

Can we convert all the leaves that each individual do not need (for example, singles with no children do not need child care leave) to maybe like birthday leave, or convert all those leaves not in need to cash.
The financial cost of the proposal is too high to maintain if implemented. Staffs are entitled to certain leave provided certain pre-conditions are met. If they are not eligible to the leave (eg MTL, EL, CL, CCL) as the pre-conditions are not met, it will not be proper to convert such leave to cash. Leave scheme is designed for leave to be given to meet different needs of the staff.Rina OonE7103
18031114SPE Timesheet TemplateSPEs are required to input the working time in and out every month in the template.

This could be set under the Personal Data tab same as the SPE's Details and RO's Details as the working time should be set and SPE does not have to repeat in entering the same data every month unless otherwise require special arrangements.
This can be considered in the next revision.Siti SuhailahS73103
18031115 Staff Training & DevelopmentI think it would be beneficial if a combine cluster meeting could take place where SPEs could share their practices n views with their fellow peers. The time we understand further on the ground work.

Time allocated for cluster meeting does not allow a bigger group's meeting with 2 clusters on sharing of best practice. A separate platform for sharing of best practice may be needed to be considered.Naqib PutraS5103
18031116Mobile planSingtel users gets to enjoy cooperate plan discount (hope I'm getting this right)

Consider for starhub users too perhaps?
We do not meet the criteria for Starhub Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS).Naqib PutraS5103
18041117 Best PracticeThere's a lot of ongoing CCA activities like training sessions or competitions and sometimes not all the teachers are aware that a particular group of student will be involved. Some competitions also require students to be dismissed from class

To create an excel document which can be shared with all the teachers documenting all the detailed information such as timing of activity, venue of activity, teacher deployment, list of student involved, bus booking and RAMs submission.
See Sample Template
Suitable for sharing with other SPEs

See template attached.
Zuhdi SharifE32104
18041118 Staff Training & DevelopmentFirst Aid certification is scheduled after due date.

Aspire! to send SPE for the mentioned course before the due date as we do administer the safety of students in our school. Send SPE for the course a month before it expires.
Training has to be conducted during school holidays or school exam periods.Aziz Bin Abdul RazakS1204
18051119Toilet Break/ Tea Break during Aspire! Work Plan 2018For the Aspire! Work Plan and Awards Presentation 2017, the programme in the morning continued from 9 am all the way to 12 pm without any break in between. Sitting through 3 whole hours of award presentation and speeches can be a little frustrating. Many people might want to go to the washroom during this time but might choose not to do so to avoid missing parts of the event or disrupting it.

It is suggested to have a toilet break half-way through the event from 10:30 am to 10:45 am. Anyone who wishes to go to the toilet can do so at this time without missing anything or being disruptive. If there is sufficient budget, refreshments like coffee/ tea and sandwiches can also be provided during this time for those of us who did not have time to take their breakfast.
The organising committee can consider having toilet break for next work plan.A K M Mashuqur RahmanS53105
18051120Toastmasters MembershipThere is an air of confusion regarding the purpose of Toastmasters and it's membership.

Have the current members complete their L1 pathways before recruiting new members. Also, recruit new members in yearly cycles instead of making it compulsory. This would create more proficiency within the club's membership.
The objectives of toastmasters are to provide all employees a platform to develop them as effective and confident communicator. It also developed us as leader. It is a life long learning journey unlike when one completed a communication course but may not put the learning into practice. Joining as a toastmaster is not compulsory but is strongly encouraged as part of our corporate goal to develop our people.

In all toastmasters clubs, members start and complete pathways at their own pace. In line with other Toastmasters Clubs, recuitment of new members is ongoing basis.

New SPEs become members when they join Aspire! to benefit from the journey as soon as possible. To create better awareness, we have communicated to all SPEs on "Frequently Asked Questions on Toastmasters" which is posted in the Resource section of this website. We encourage all to read it. SEE:
Syed Aliff AbdullahS5105
18051121Guidelines for Schools regarding SPE services.Sometimes School may not realise that SPE cannot be handling or performing certain services. For example, SPEs are made to collect CCA fees payment in Cash, helping pupils to clean and change after they have soiled themselves, or giving GEBIZ account from someone else to the SPE to do procurement.

Recommend to create a List or regulations on our company Website that details all the services SPE are not allowed to be doing. This can be open for input by both the HQ and the SPE so that advice and changes can be made official. Eventually, after collating the list, it can be shared with SPEs and their ROs so that they could review and thus SPE will not get into trouble being accused by MOE auditors or safety inspectors of doing what they are not supposed to do.
Aspire! will monitor the situation with the help of SPEs and ROs and provide advisory notes. ROs can refer to RO's guide on SPEs. SPEs who are in doubt on what they should not do can consult their managers.Yong Chee SeongS5205
18051122Suggestion for No Sick Leave Incentive.Currently, you will only be awarded no Sick Leave for the entire year. It is quite a feat to achieve and is difficult to strive for hence discourages employees to try for it.

Instead of just giving recognition for perfect attendance, the company could divide the award by termly (following school term). For instance, instead of $100, divide that by 4 (for each school term ) and if they get perfect attendance for that term they get $25. Hence if the employee 'MC'ed on the fourth and first term they get only $50 incentive. ONLY when they get perfect attendance, (all four terms perfect) then they get award presented during Aspire! Workplan.

In this way, employees will be more motivated to keep healthy as it is easier to get an incentive. Even if they got one or two 'MC' during the year, they won't be discouraged.
We can try it out as the scheme may encourage awareness of the importance of keeping healthy.Yong Chee SeongS53105
18051123Courses Offered during June and Dec HolidaysStaff are not able to choose which course they would like to attend. A course has been set for the Staff to attend. Would be nice if the SPEs are given a choice to choose the course they would like to attend. Have a list of possible course for SPEs to choose, a variety of course may differ from job-related courses to self-enrichment courses to even more of a personal hobby-kind of courses.

Have a survey to gain feedback on the possible courses that SPEs would like to have in the various aspects of Job-related, Hobby, self-enrichment, etc. Offer SPEs to choose from the Course Confirmation survey when offering in the email. Ensure that duration/dates and level are also stated in the courses offered.
Enrichment courses offered in Dec are targeted to give SPEs a choice of most commonly requested course other than the core areas. We will continue to study how we can offer more options of such enrichment courses to SPEs with endorsement fromthe ROs and MOE.Lionel TeoE23105
18051124More appropriate trainingsThe current situation is SPE are assigned to a specific training. Most of us feels that we don't need those trainings as we have done it back in school days or it doesn't apply to our school environment such as Microsoft Word / Excel Course.

Aspire! Group managers can ask their cluster members on which software that they are using on a daily basis? As for me, the school uses Google Drive more often than Microsoft Excels/ Words. I've never heard from my seniors that Aspire! sent them for training for Google IT, hence we learn this skills ourselves. Theses are the few things where Aspire! has to get updated with. All data are shared across by Google drive and Google Sheet and etc can track the amendments made by any user without inputting any special encryption like Excel.
Let us voice out on the Training we want to go, not by Aspire! forcing us to go. In the end, the one that relates those training is us not the management. We hope you understand our concern. I bet we had spoken about this on our retreat 2018.
Thank you!
Certain courses such as (Excel) course is required under the provision of service rendered under the project. We agree there is a need to promote courses or workshops that are relevant to SPEs work and are needed by SPEs in consulation with SPEs and ROs. Managers will conduct training needs analysis with the ROs.NurhalizahS53105
18051125Capturing data CCA Achievements & Participations for School Cockpit EntryInformation on the specific achievement reported is incomplete and SPE need to query on the missing information which prolongs the data entry process especially if multiple reminders is required. This can affect SPE's productivity and the risk of overlooking due to busyness is imminent.

Prepared an excel spreadsheet with columns of the required fields & uploaded to google docs drive for data collation & share it with all teachers for their inputs. With the ease of google drive, teachers do not need to submit hardcopy & information is captured instantly.
Template includes a summary page which is friendly for SPE to extract the achievements as and when the school request for it. See: Capturing data CCA Achievements & Participations for School Cockpit Entry
Suitable for sharing with SPEsSiti SuhailahS72105
18061126Staff WelfareNo dental care

dental benefits will be nice
Aspire! will consider it if budget permits.ROUSHANE5206
18061127Staff WelfareWe used to have yearly medical check up in a mass format. But now we don't.

We should have medical check up for everyone by the masses on an annual basis.
Together with health education. To build a more healthy team and to bring education and awareness to take care of ownself.
Under the new AIA scheme for the SPEs, we hope to have the one time medical check up for all SPEs. Please look out for latest development on this subject.ROUSHANE5206
18061128Combined PE Teachers Timetable with VenueEvery PE Teacher just bring class to a venue (e.g. ISH, School Hall etc), he may another class using that venue. They may share or move to another venue. This is wasting of time and never maximum usage of venue.

Assigned venue in combined PE timetable.
Suitable to share with SPEsTan Chui MuiS3206
18061129Stock Take List with PictureDuring stock take staff encounter 2 problems.
1) found items but do not know it item name
2) some item name in the list but do not know what the item look like

Added picture to the stock list
Suitable to share with SPEsTan Chui MuiS32106
18061130Shoes and Bag Shelf in GymnasiumPupils use a big area to place their shoes and bags during their CCA or last lesson of the day.

Installed 4 Level Shoes and Bag Shelf in Gymnasium
Suitable to share with SPEsTan Chui MuiS3206
18061131Improvement to PE Store AreaNew PE equipment is constantly added to PE inventory.
Need to store new item neatly & conveniently for teachers/students to retrieve and for stock-taking.
Need to buy new basket or container to hold new PE equipment regularly.

School orders many reams of A4 papers that come in boxes. These boxes serve as good recycling materials.
To make basket out of paper box to hold PE equipment for storage in PE store.
1) Cost-Saving - no need to buy basket
2) Organised - ease for teachers'/students' retrieve and PE store organisation
3) Productivity - save time and effort for SPE to trace PE equipment during bi-annual stock-taking
Steps to make item to be sent by email. See: Improvement to PE Store Area
Suitable to share with SPEsShirin ChangS32106
18061132Improvement to SPE Work Desk AreaSPE's scope ranges from RAMS/CCA/EPM/Cockpit/Procurement/etc. Each area has many documents for filing.
It is not always easy for SPE to request for stationery unless they are general items widely available to all in GO.

School orders many reams of A4 papers that come in boxes. These boxes serve as good recycling materials.
To make file holder out of paper box to hold files neatly on the limited work desk space assigned to SPE.
1) Cost-Saving - SPE does not need to ask GO to buy file holders
2) Organised - work desk would be more organised and neat
3) Productivity - ease of retrieve of file for information
Steps to make item to be sent by email. See Improvement to SPE Work Desk Area
Suitable to share with SPEsShirin ChangS3206
18061133Improvement to GO AreaGO is messy with papers and files stuffed at every available corners
Not easy to find the required items when needed

School orders many reams of A4 papers that come in boxes. These boxes serve as good recycling materials.
To make paper tray out of paper box to hold ,for example, coloured papers used in the GO.
1) Cost-Saving - no need to buy paper trays
2) Organised - a neater general administration area for all
3) Productivity - ease of retrieve when need the papers for bulk printing
Steps to make item to be sent by email. See: Improvement to GO Area
Suitable to share with SPEsShirin ChangS3206
18061134Implementation of Kahoot for Interactive learningNew Implementation for more interactive learning

To implement Kahoot quiz for PDT training. Kahoot is an online website whereby quiz is created by user and shared with trainee. Trainee will use their smart phone to go to the website and enter game pin to join the quiz. Trainee will be awarded with points based on correct answer and fastest finger. See: Kahoot for Interactive Learning
Implemented for use at the Procurement training and can be considered for future use.Simone GohE74106
18061135Efficient and user friendly application to disseminate informationMajority of the parents call the school to find out on child whereabout while there are also some who called to find out information if there is any school on the following day and etc.

An application which able to benefit everyone in terms of providing and disseminate important information, announcements and updates to the targeted audience at one go. The company/school able to make an online announcement or important updates to be broadcast to the public or selected people which helps to minimise the work process to reach out to the target audience. The target audience will receive a notification that there is a new announcement for them to read.

A user-friendly application to all age groups to key in any information or data to help us send a notification alert to notify the targeted audience to submit any necessary documentation immediately before the specific dateline. It can also send a reminder or last-minute notification to remind and notify the targeted audience of their appointment and etc. For example, the parents/guardian will receive a reminder notification about their child extra classes or programmes after school o even a last-minute notification that their child will be attending extra class after school from what time to what time.
Suitable idea for development of appsNur Aishah Binte RahmanS22106

B) Below are suggestions from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017 (updated as 23 Nov 2017) with comments and rating.

Serial No.TitleSuggestionComment from Suggestion CommitteeFromDeptRatingTokenMTH
1701908Online Tracking/Sharing of CCA Coach PaymentCurrent Situation: MSO and SPE have 2 separate documents with same information (double recording) to track CCA Coach Payments. AMs will need to check with either of us for updates before sending reminders to teachers for late payment. Amount can also vary between the 2 documents due to human error or last minute changes.
Suggestion: Create an online updating system (Google Doc) to keep track of payments. Links for Google Doc access can be shared with VPA, AM, MSO and SPE. AM will have instant access and updates on late payment by clicking the shared link instead of asking MSO or SPE personally for updates. There will also be other useful information like CCA teacher-in-charge (for easier contact), balance no.of hours and budget balance for the year. Payment made by different accounts (e.g: Edusave Grant, Sch Operating Fund) can also be colour coded for easier management. This way, all parties will have one-stop, instant access to important information pertaining to CCA Coach Payments.
To share your best practice wiith other SPEs. Look forward to having a sample template for sharing.NurmulianeeS23101
1701909BANNER/POSTER DISPLAY REQUESTPLEASE REFER TO ATTACHMENT on SOP FOR Banner/ Poster Display RequestTo share your best practice & template wiith other SPEs. See Template & GuidelineTAN YONG SIANGE43101
1701910Online manual for the SPEx applicationCurrent Situation: There is a manual sent to the cluster leaders on the usage of the SPEx application, via email (testing mode currently).
Suggestion: Include an online manual (PDF or open the manual into a webpage i.e. Chrome/Safari) for easier reference in the application. Perhaps can add the word 'Manual' or 'Help' below the 'Setting' option in the application.
Thanks for your suggestion which will be considered by the SPEX team. Note: The SPEX project is currently a pilot project participated by CLs/ACLs.Diyana Marina Bte JasmiE73101
1701911INFORMATION SHARING- GEBIZCurrent Situation: SPEs are not allow into GeBiz transactions.
Suggestion: To allow SPEs to view only the Procurement Section to source for approved vendors.
This allows SPE to maximised the use of GeBiz approved vendors that are reliable thus cutting down time sourcing for urgent vendors.
Thanks for your suggestion which can be shared with MOE. Schools, as direct users of the system, can be in a better position to give direct feedback to the relevant government bodies. KOH SIA ENGS22101
1701912MOBILE USAGECurent Situation: SPE mobile usage is self provide.
Suggestion: To allow SPE some form of subsiding on the use of mobile at work and off working hours.
Like MOE's collaboration with Companies on special rate for staff mobile phone/ tabs etc.
Staff welfare on site.
We have reviewed your suggestion. Mobile allowance is subject to income tax and CPF contribution. It is uncommon for organisation to provide mobile allowance when the phone is not owned by the company or used exclusively for official purpose. Civil servants are not provided with mobile allowance.
SPEs can apply for corporate rate for mobile subscription for certain telco (M1 & Singtel). We are committed to improve the welfare of our people within our means. Thanks.
1701913Sports Heats Application FormCurrent Situation: House Master select using House Name List with Event Form
Suggestion: To improve pupils responsibility, pupils will fill in the event they wish to participate.
To improve pupils teamwork, pupils will form their own team for relay.
To enable them to fill in the form, these forms are placed at walkway near to canteen.
To avoid them crowd together during recess time, these forms are design in the order of Event, House and Level
To share your best practice and template with other SPEs. See TemplateTan Chui MuiS33101
1701914Online help deskCurrent Situation: 1) When SPEs have a problem with School Task/ HQ, many turn to social media- (Wat App , Coeee) . Members do replied, but may not be the right answer, approach and ways.
Suggestion: Let me introduce- Online Helpdesk Portal 2017: 1) If we have a online helpdesk includes in our Aspire Website and only allow leaders and HQ Management to access, it will solved the issues. This platform will help SPEs quickly resolve issues ( by the right personnel) and also improve response times and its a portal to track all the conversation records by SPEs and Managers. It also share knowledge to help any SPEs whom encounter similar problems.
2) HQ side will eventually ( by months) collates and vet through all the queries, responses and transfer into a webpage whereby SPEs could refer to- 'Ask Question and Get Answer'. Dates should be indicated as procedure may change with times .
We are keen to explore your suggestion with your assistance to make it into a reality.Ng Chien Wei CynthiaE13101
1701915Monthly token for zero sick leaveAs mentioned during the Work Plan 2016, the increasing number of sick leave is a concern.
Suggestion: Rather than having a yearly Outstanding Attendance Award, why not award the staffs who have zero sick leave every month, or every 2 months, or by quarter basis.
We need to continually think of ways to encourage our people to maintain good health. The suggestion will require time consuming process.HalizahS4001
1702916Version change for Monthly Management ReportIn the new version v1.4 the URL has been changed for the Link Start ONLINE Suggestion button. Staff have been asked to use the new version and has to re-enter master data and a lost of earlier Reports submitted. This would mean company is losing man-hours in using the new version when changing over.
Suggestion: Replacing the existing URL in the current Link with the new URL in the v1.1 version. The version with the new URL can be named as v1.4 as intended
Whichever method used should be acceptable though using the latest version is recommended.Chan Chuen TuckS5002
1702917Sharing of new Height / Weight csv platform in School cockpit systemIn 2017, Height / Weight uploading and downloading function in School Cockpit system has changed to csv platform.
There are a lot issues and difficulty in implementing this new function. Below are a few to name:
1) Need to install new driver and software from height / weight machine's vendor
2) Cable and hardware upgrade (some school's height / weight machine can't support new driver and software)
3) Summary report from vendor got issue, etc.
The above had created unproductive in SPEs. Some SPEs had shared their experience with each other but this are not formal and only make know to a few of us.
Suggestion: SPEs can initiate a sharing session during cluster meeting as one of the agenda.
Cluster leaders / assistant leaders can compile the sharing result and forward the reports to Zone manager.
Zone managers can combine all sharing experience into one document and email the combined sharing result to all SPEs.
Below are some suggest items to gather during cluster meeting:
1) Description of Issues/changes (e.g. get new software from vendor, version, etc.)

2) Solution (e.g. installation of software, to rise Service Request to SSOE via ICT department)

3) Involved party (e.g. SPE, HOD PE/CCA, etc)

4) Date or duration
The suggestion can be tried out by cluster on voluntary basis and share its results with the other clusters.TNG CHIN MENGS62102
1702918Stay Healthy LifestyleNo more weekly/ monthly workout by the
To encourage SPE to have work life balance and stay healthy.
Suggestion: Company to support us is this :
Every month to pay $3 for each of us and SPEs benefits if the walk more every week and they can gain max $5/week vouchures. (similar to HPB step tracker challenges)
To encourage more SPEs to stay healthy lifestyle probably top winners or lucky winners can win Fit bit step trackers during company events/work plan presentation.
It is a own time own target. So I believe everyone can make part in this challenge.
Thanks for your ideas which need group support. We encourage you to discuss your idea through your manager once you can gather more support from your cluster members on your idea.Carinn SimS3202
1702919Participation in cluster/company eventsSimilar to the 3 month probation period where the SPE has at the start of their working experience with their school, I feel like it would be fair to excuse the SPE from participating in cluster/company related events. This is not an excuse for the new SPEs to not participate but for them to find their footing in their new working environment and not be faulted for not participating in cluster/company activities.
Suggestion: Reason is simple. I think there should be a time period where new SPEs are allowed to grow into their new working environment with their school and get accustomed to their job requirements. By doing so, it will improve the quality of their work as they only have one aspect to focus on.
As a new SPE myself, I feel like it would be unfair for me to compromise the quality of my work based on what my school expects from me because I am still learning and getting used to the new job scope. More senior SPEs have grown accustomed to their job and knows what is required of them from their school, hence giving them the ability to be able to split their focus equally to their cluster and school.
Of course there is the monthly responsibility of the SPE to hand in their timesheet and report but anything beyond that would be unfair to the new SPE.
Participation by new SPEs early would benefit them. Managers will be at hand to look into the welfare of the need of new SPEs.ZuhdiE3202
1702920Yearly Main Job List for SPEsSome SPEs are unsure of what to do during certain periods of the year especially new members.
Suggestion: SPEs to come up with a timeline for major job scopes that mainly most SPEs would do and indicate the activity that needs to be done such as Height and Weight and rolling over of CCA and generating SPI.
Such list will help the new SPEs. We are looking into it and getting help from selective SPEs to create the list.Muhammad Fikri Bin SharifE33102
1702921PE Cage labelsPE equipment not place back to the original racks despite putting label (With just wording).
Suggestion: Design label with equipment pictures. There is improvement in putting equipment back to the cage racks.

See attached. Suggestion is suitable for sharing with SPEs. See: PE Cage LabelsCarinn SimS32102
1702922HQ to blast out email when there are new resources in Aspire! websiteNew resources are being updated on Aspire! Group website but SPE do not know about it.
Suggestion: HQ to blast out email to SPE inviting them to download templates / necessary documents from Aspire! website (resource tab) for SPE reference. In this case, we will know that there are samples template that can be use / customized for our usage.
implemented. This is done via whatsapp groups involving SPE Cluster Leaders.Simone GohE74102
1702923Turn Aspire HQ to alike Google OfficeWe spent about 9 hours a day in workplace all our 2nd home.
Aspire HQ is just like our 2nd Home ( Family), despite all of us are station in different school environment (with Mother in law and Husband/ Wife), Festival Season, Gathering, Important Meeting we all must gather at our 2nd Home.
Suggestion: Let's make Aspire just alike Google Office-
1) Comfort Area for Staff to rest
How? We can change the current sofa and cafe setting- Ex Snack Tuesday, Healthy Wednesday
( Colleagues will take turn to prepare the cafe of the day ).
2) A area with lego ( for Manager and SPE to destress)- (YES Google Office do have a place for staff to play Lego.)
3) Gym ( we may not have the space but we can bring in stepper and dumbbell)
4) Greenery- Aspire can bring in some plants
Your sons and daughters will come back for Reunion and even Toast Master 🙂
One of Napoleon Hill's more famous quotes is this one: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Thanks for your ideas in creating a uqiue environment for Aspire!.
Ng Chien Wei CynthiaE1202
1702924Corporate ID for each SPEI encountered this issue when I wanted to recontract my mobile line - opt for Corporate Scheme. Employees from Singtel said that I need to show my company ID as a form of evidence that I'm working for Aspire! Group.
Suggestion: I recommend that each SPE be given a corporate ID card as a form of identity.
Please ask Aspire! HR for company "employmnent letter" for discount for M1 or Singtel mobile contracts. We had seriously considered issuing corporate ID for SPEs but based on general feedback from SPEs was that most will not find it useful.NursalizaE4002
1702925Wearables step trackingA card is given for writing down workout activities (is this still even in effect?)
Suggestion: Currently there is a step tracking challenge (on a national level) going on, though it is ending in Feb. Why not use the concept for Aspire HIW? Perhaps a daily target of 10k steps or even more might be easier to track?
A screenshot of the step tracking app or photo of the wearable showing the steps can be used as proof. A competition is also possible wherein all the steps taken are added together to compete within clusters.
Suggestion: I recommend that each SPE be given a corporate ID card as a form of identity.
HIW Card is no longer in use as it is not cost effective in administering the system. You can continue driving your idea through your cluster for more support.Goh Chee HiongS1002
1702926Birthday Card for SPEsBirthday Card is being sent to SPEs on a monthly basis, base on SPE's Birthday Month.
Suggestion: To change the design of the Birthday Card for 2017, and to renew the design on a yearly basis.
Implemented. New SPE Birthday cards have been proposed and selected for use. Thanks to Zhenhao for his designs.Zeng ZhenhaoHQ4102
1702927Safe disposal of Confidential filesConfidential documents are to be shredded before disposing. It can be time consuming as there can be quite a lot of files to be shredded, especially for the training,recruitment and finance departments.
Suggestion: To procure the service of Mamoru. They are specialised in disposing secure/confidential files.
this will not only save time, but also ensures that the files are safely destroyed.
The safe disposal box will be left in the office for up to 3 weeks, for files to be dropped. It costs $128(Incl GST).
Implemented. The disposal box was found so popular that a second box was ordered. Thanks to Shankar. See PictureShankarHQ4102
1703928SPExSince the app is new to all, it takes some taking used to check-in and check-out. And sometimes on top of the timing-in that you have to do in school, logging in to SPEx to check-in is another chore (2x of the same thing). Additionally, if you have to attend to something as soon as you step in to school, it might delay the time you check-in to school, and this reflects the overall timesheet altho you are able to indicate notes after clicking the check-in button.

Probably during this phase, have a notification setting after 5-10mins of the supposed start and end time of SPE so as to remind user to check-in and check-out.
Suggestion is considered by the SPEX team.Sri Amirah Binte SuhairiE5203
1703929TMI Game (Too Much Information) GameTo deliver/plan and execute information regards to company/cluster KPI during Cluster Meeting.
S2 pilot out a segment call TMI game last year in 2016 under Leaders' innovation. This segment is called TMI Game (Too Much Information) Game that was inspired by the tagging among the social media influencers in YouTube. This segment was introduced to allow cluster members to have a chance to speak out.
Usual common practice during cluster meeting, we are too focus to finish up what need to be said without actually do a proper bonding. SPE in the same cluster usually do not meet outside work, in fact, if there is no cluster meeting, there is absolutely no bonding.
This game provides a 'freedom' element to re-learn & re-connect with one other by answering random questions that were pre-set anonymously by cluster members. This way, we allow even the quieter worker have a platform to speak out her mind without feeling any inferior. This way, cluster members are bond with new knowledge about one another.
The questions can be as simple as 'What is your favourite food' to a more complex question such as 'What is happiness in your opinion'
Thanks for "bonding" idea which can be shared with the other cluster leaders.Siti Nur SabrinaS2 (Group)4103
1703930Cluster ConundrumAsk questions on work matter on WhatsApp

While it is a convenient method to rely on technology whenever we need some speed answers to our queries, S2 recently pilot out a segment in a meeting call Cluster Conundrum.
Cluster Leader and Assistant Cluster Leader will collate all the questions from the group WhatsApp group and present them in cluster meeting. This way, we all are able to find the common answer to do work effectively from each member.
Whatsapp Group chat is essential but there are members unable to answer or some just forgotten to read the long messages. Hence, this way, everyone learns something.
Thanks for your suggestion which other cluster can consider adopting it to help its cluster members.Siti Nur SabrinaS2 (Group)4103
1703931Poster on Reminder of Personal BelongingsPersonal belongings (mobile phone, files, documents) tend to be left behind in the washrooms. At times with no indication on who it belongs to. Members of the public also patronize these washrooms thus making it extra difficult to assume who it belongs to.
Posters to be pasted at every cubicle, mirror and exit door to serve as a reminder for all.
Thanks for your suggestion which others may find it useful in their own schools. see PostersNur Syakirah Binte MalikE34103
1703932Buddies System in ClusterCurrently it doesn't seem to work in the cluster. The buddy system is a procedure in which two people, the 'buddies', operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other.
Lets have a Buddies System Contest that 1 bird kill 2 stones 🙂
Each Buddies* should went out after office hours and took a buddies photo together. Regardless of the activities even the simplest chit chat session at a cafe will be a good bonding session.
The first buddies whom post their photo on Coeee App will win themselves a Aspire goodies bags worth $60/-.
Mangers and Staff in HQ will pick their favorite and the winner ( 1 cluster each) will won themselves Aspire goodies bag of $40/-. You may includes- Aspire Thumb drive, Aspir Notebook, Aspire Mug, Aspire Towel etc.
Thank You and I think this will be my last suggestion.
Best Wishes Aspire 🙂
Thanks for your suggestion which can be considered after the Buddies System has been put to practice in other clusters. Currently, different clusters have their own system to help each other.Ng Chien Wei CynthiaE1203
1703933Flexibility to choose reward.We all love and greatly appreciate the rewards given by the company.

It would be great if SPE can choose their rewards. Either Capitaland Vouchers or NTUC Vouchers or any other types of incentive deem suitable by the company.
Before can have vaied choices for rewards, we need to have a more cost effective system to manage the rewards system.Muhd FairuzE3203
1703934Aspire! Training TeeAll trainers came to training wearing own clothing.
It would create a good image where all trainers wearing a training tee to project a good image.
Most trainers prefer to wear their own T shirts although corporate T shirts are available for their use.Muhd FairuzE3203
1703935SPEX mobile appUpdating attendance on SPEX. But it may not be suitable if people who may not carry smart phone. Although the idea was a good one, It may be tricky if someone lost a phone or have it on maintenance for days.
We just go back by default to set send monthly reports via email.
Back up plans will address all situations when using the system. The system has to benefit the mass.ROUSHAN AMIR HUSSAINE5203
1703936Company/Cluster BondingLocal or overseas retreats for staff to enjoy bonding and fun times with colleagues.

To include in more time to engage each other through activities and workshops over a period of a few days (3 or 4 days). Retreats can also include in activities that can be personally beneficial like personality test and analysis, cooking workshop, camping/survival activities. Team/group bonding games like trust and introductory activities, writing down goals and reflections. Can the retreats also be something that help us to return to nature and greenery. Something that also requires us to be brave like water activities/ high elements or caving. Pushing us slightly out of our comfort zone can also be beneficial in helping us cope better at work.
Thanks for your ideas. We welcome you to share more of your ideas for our future retreat. The number of days for the retreat has to be balanced with other factors inclduing costs, school's feedback and SPEs' feedback. We will like to incoporate most of the ideas within the time allowed.Nur Annisa Binte Mohamed AzmiE7203
1703937Broadcasting system in School used to disseminate updates/information.Broadcasting system in school used to display students' work.
The broadcasting system can be used to show information for students, teachers and parents of happenings within the school. The announcement zone of the broadcast can include in information such as CCA venue, happenings taking place in each week, any other events such as learning journeys or school competitions and outcome of the competition.
The broadcast also include in quote of the week aligned with school's vision/mission/motto.
This new practice have proved to help parents know of happenings and we have received lesser calls and queries at the general office. This practice is in collaboration with IT staff at the school, vice-principal (Acad), vice-principal (Admin) as well as operations manager.
Thanks for your suggestion which is suitable to share with other SPEs.Nur Annisa Binte Mohamed AzmiE7203
1703938SPEx Reminder to Check-in/out.E7 cluter is one of the clusters that have been tasked to participate in using SPEx app pilot program to check-in and check-out their attendance daily. However, due to our busy schedule carrying out our duties, we might occasionally fail to remember to check-in or check out our attendance. The app is GPS based. We are unable to check-out accurately if we are already out of school.

Provide a notification function (alarm clock) that reminds the user to check-in or check-out at the exact time they are supposed to do so.
Thanks for your suggestion on "reminder" which will be followed up by the SPEX team.Kamarul Ariffin Bin OsmanE7203
1703939Parent Care LeaveCurrently, there is no Parent Care Leave, so finding it hard to bring parents for medical appointment as I have to use my own annual leave.

To provide at least 2-3 days of Parent Care Leave.
Parent Care Leave is becoming more relevant with ageing population. For successful introduction, it requires support from the government, schools and careful study on the whole leave entitlement, cost implication and feedback from the schools/SPEs.GayathriE5203
1703940Maximising the use of the Vendor tab in SPEx, DirectoryThere is no useful information in the Vendor tab at the moment.
Please consider to keep various vendors currently use by Schools of our fellow SPEs here in this tab. One category is Bus Transportation. Each of us can add their respective Bus Transport vendor in the tab and perhaps the current rate as well such as $X/20seater bus; $y/40seater etc. plus the vendor contact number. Should the SPE need to source for a new vendor. This is a good reference to start. Another category is Sports equipment vendors.
There are other possibilities but need to start in a simple way.
Thanks for your suggestion which will be considered by SPEX team. Currently, there is a Vendor link in the Aspire! website which is open to all SPEs to contribute and share such information. Chan Chuen TuckE5203
1703941ImprovementWebsite shows a standard organisation chart.
We are a valid organisation with people in the various designation filled. The chart should come with faces, names and email address that customers can click on and directly send us an email if they wish to.
The organisation chart is mainly for the SPE Project. Customers are mainly the schools who are in direct contact with the managers. If email addresses of the management team for the SPE Project is readily available to the public, it will attract mostly unsolicited advertisement and SPAM emails, and hardly used by the schools. The email address and photo of the management team are available to all SPEs once they log in to the website.AzizahHQ203
1703942How to use Google Forms/Docs - ComputerUsually HOD will ask to create goggle doc (FORM) for students' input. Currently i am always asking the IT manager to do it as i m abit unsure on how to input certain values (checkbox, dropdown list or even radio button) inside.

It will be great if we can attend workshop on Goggle Doc/Form (survey forms).
Thanks for your suggestion. Our training department will look into it for future workshop.GayathriE52103
1703943Human ForcastWe usually need to check the school notice board to know whether teacher is around on the day or even what activities is running for the day. Very troublesome for some teachers to just go down to general office to check the daily stock market 😛
My new OM came up with an idea to compile daily and put it into a power point slides and display it in the general office but i suggested to share the google doc with all staff so that they can view it at any convenience. Plus they can also edit if there is any changes with the timing or the dates.
Thanks for your suggestion which can be shared with other SPEs for use in their schools.NUR FADZILA ABDUL RAHMANS52103
1703944Dress Code for External events with representation from Aspire! Group No dress code for external events such as PPIS and Purple Parade etc
To wear Aspire corporate shirt (Blue) for mentioned events
- To show professionalism
- For clear representation from Aspire! Group
Thanks for your suggestion. Wearing of Aspire! corporate T shirts for such events is encouraged. Those who may have missed the distribution may check with the managers if there is any stock left.Suhaila Binte ShamsudeenE54103
1704945Desktop friendly version of SPEx1st problem: Screen overlay problems on phone which does not allow permissions to be change when overlay is occurring, thus I cannot get the app to access location.
2nd problem: Lacking of memory space
Have a version for desktop.
NCS is also using application for attendance as well.
They're using desktop for attendance.
Thanks for your suggestion. The SPEX Team will look into the issues raised.Nur AfiqahE1204
1704946To remove the Top Percentage % from Award CertCurrently the top percentage % are shown on Award cert. To me it is a negative impression for anyone who sees the award especially those in the 40-50% range. It brings down the morale of the person receiving it. Might as well not receive it. Anyone who see it may say its only top 40-50% and still award are given. It carries no values to me.
Remove the percentage % from the Cert Award.
Thanks for your suggestion. At the expense of providing clarifty and transparency, we end up with unintended result of negative preception and effect. We will remove the "%" in future cert awards.Muhammad Riduan RamliE54104
1704947To remove the Total No. of CCP Teachers in Monthly ReportThe Total No. of CCP Teachers in Monthly Report serve no purpose in the report and it is an open invitation for RO to ask question about it which I believed not many of us know the purpose of it. In fact the monthly report doesn't use that data to calculate anything & even if it does offline it doesn't reflect it on the report. So I see no purpose of it to be in the report at all.
To remove it so as to remove the open invitation for RO to ask about it.
Thanks for your suggestion. The SPE Project is aimed at offloading teachers in their work. The Monthly Report can show to what extent is the SPE Project benefiting the teachers as a whole directly or indirectly. We will study the feedback from schools and SPEs on how we can have a more accurate and meaningful Monthly Report.Muhammad Riduan RamliE5204
1704948Mass/Cluster HIW Project 2017For S5 we have been doing our own HIW just as a cluster. I also have seen and understand that some other clusters does combine their HIW and did it as an inter-cluster competition.
Since the company is willing to subside 50% of the 'Star Wars Run Singapore 2017', may I suggest that we can do it as a mass participation either from the whole company or by getting few cluster to go together (maybe like all east or south cluster together to participate in this event). The HIW funds that we receive from the company can be use to pay off the balance 50%. This is also the time for SPE to bond together. =)
Thanks for suggesting on way to increase SPE bonding via HIW activities. For HIW participation at company level for all SPEs, we have to limit the activity (involving all SPEs) to Sports Challenge as the feedback from schools is we may have too many activities in a year.NUR FADZILA ABDUL RAHMANS5204
17040949Change name of Cluster Meeting to something elseEvery quarter of the month, every cluster would have a cluster meeting. The name suggests that it is a meeting for every cluster to share best practices, information from HQ etc. I understand that sometimes we really do not have any new information to share, or a project to work on. Thus the purpose of the meeting is then questioned, it becomes a 'are we just having a meeting for the sake of fulfilling the once every quarter requirement of having a meeting?'
May I propose for the name 'Cluster Meeting' to be changed to perhaps, 'Cluster Gathering' or 'Cluster Bonding'? The reason for this is to set the tone of the 'meeting' to a more lighter vibe, that we are not having a meeting for the sake of having it but rather, a chance for us as a cluster to bond, to share ideas... I understand it is just a name change, and that some clusters may have already got the ball rolling on the bonding part without having the need to change the name of the 'Cluster Meeting'. Different clusters work and think differently, and so does our dynamics. Perhaps with a new name, the idea behind having 'a meeting' can be perceived with a fresh perspective. 🙂
No immediate plan to change the title of "Cluster Meeting". Management will review it to stay relevance to the objectives of such gathering. HazimahE5304
17040950Pictorial Guide for School's MLP ProgrammeThe school's MLP (Montfortian Leadership Programme) helps foster closer relationships between students and has a similar lesson structure to CCE (Civic and Moral Education). My task is to have distribute the items to the teachers base on the lesson plan. However, the items can be very vague and it's not easy to identify each item as their 'official names' on the list reflects differently from what we would usually address them.
My idea would be to do a pictorial guide for the MLP items so as to help teachers be able to identify the items and also possibly future SPEs whom are taking on the task of having to distribute the items to the teachers be able to identify and accurate give out the items on hand. Photos would be taken and complied into a folder for easier reference for everyone.
SPE may wish to approach manager on how the idea can be developed further for the benefit of the SPE community.Kenny LeowS62104
17040951Sign in and out for MLP ItemsThe school's MLP (Montfortian Leadership Programme) helps foster closer relationships between students and has a similar lesson structure to CCE (Civic and Moral Education). As there is no system in place to account for the items, the items can go missing easily with no one taking responsibility for it.
Create a sign in and out folder and possibly getting a PLT facilitator to coordinate, collect all the items from different classes and ultimately return it altogether as a level. This would help identify which classes has lost the items and is a more systematic approach.
SPE may wish to approach manager on how the idea can be developed further for the benefit of the SPE community.Kenny LeowS6204
17040952WMS Website AddressCurrently, the WMS link is a string of numbers which is difficult to remember. Usually, we would save to our bookmarks. However, in view of the SSOE computers, they change our computers relatively often, resulting in our bookmarks to be gone and would require us to find and rebookmark WMS website again.
It would be easier if the website address is more intuitive which can be easily remembered. For eg, we can have a web address related to our aspiregroup website (e.g. which will auto load the WMS site. We will sure be able to remember it easily. In turn, it also helps us to update our leaves easily and more conveniently.
The suggested change is not possibe for the current system known as SMEPayroll System (previously known as WMS). The link is in the Aspire! website.Chia Hwee TzeE7204
17040953Searching for schools/SPEI find it difficult to channel through sources to find the SPE of respective school. Usually have to Google for the school to find their Staff List, not all schools have these webpages to begin with. Otherwise, we have to go through whatsapp group msgs, some info might not be accurate as SPEs do change around at times.

I realised SPEx doesn't have the full listing of SPE and their schools. And by using the SEARCH, it doesn't give me accurate results.
SPEx team will consider the suggestion. SPE's Contact List is in the Aspire website.Nur Zawanah ZainalS1104
17040954Apply Annual Leave with 3 easy StepsAccording to my manager, most SPE does not know that you can apply Annual Leave (with full day and half day) in one submission.
I have created a picture on how to apply Annual Leave with one submission. Will email the picture to I have also share the picture to my cluster (might have already circulated to all SPEs).
On top of that, maybe the picture can be uploaded in SPEx app or Aspiregroup website for everyone to review (in case they have forgotten).
Management is not recommending it after further review. Reason is the proposed application of full day and half day in one submission will not show whether it is AM or PM half day leave taken.Nur Nadirah Binte JamadiE1204
17040955Sharing of good ideas for schools (to be put up in Aspire website)Recently, I had a sharing session with my fellow SPEs and I share with them on an award that I gave to the students. Such as:
Every year, school give award to top 3 students during the annual Prize Giving Ceremony yet students who excel in sports are not being recognised. Hence, I came out with a small award ceremony for students who scores top for every PFT stations and students who score the Top 10. I made a personalised button badge for this students.
These small sharing can be shared among SPEs (to have a sharing link for all SPEs to review). Similar to this suggestion link but instead of suggestion it will be sharing. We can also share on how we arrange our PE Rooms, how we decorate our Notice Boards, samples of certificates or banner that we have design etc. (duties that most SPEs does in school).

With this sharing, it can help other SPE to have good suggestion and make their work easier for their schools.
The idea of having a platform to share knowledge easily is very good. Please discuss this further with your manager on how management can assist in this sharing.

SPEs can continue to send any "document" on items to share as a suggestion for uploading in the Resource in the Aspire website.
Nur Nadirah Binte JamadiE12104
17050956Eat With Your Family DayGenerally, employees in Singapore work late and seldom have the opportunity to eat dinner together as a family. For working mothers, may require them to cook for the family and have to rush back home to prepare and cook.
Companies and schools are encouraged to end all work related events by 5pm. This will allow all staff to return home in time for dinner with their families.

In addition, we encourage each participant to invite one other organisation to take this on as a NEW initiative in their calendar year. Kindly furnish us with details if your school/organisation practises EWYFD on an organisation level regularly. Your initiative serves as an encouragement for other companies to do likewise.

EWYFD visual concept is based on a pie chart symbolising work and denoting the fact that EWYFD purpose is to give more time for the family. It depicts a clock showing the time of 5pm, the recommended time for staff to be released on that day. It also shows a family eating dinner together and a work desk with no one there. See Eat With Your Family Day 2017
SPEs whose schools practise this EWYFD can request Aspire to give its support for their SPEs.Nadiah HashimS7205
17050957Notification of Updates on Aspire WebsiteUsually, unless we take the initiative to log into Aspire's website, we will not be updated of any upcoming events happening or updates on Aspire website.
-Email Notification to Partners of any updates on Aspire website
eg: Notification of New Suggestions so that Partner can be updated of any new resources that they can tap on.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration. SPEs have been notified via their cluster leaders of any new documents uploaded in the Resources in the Aspire website. For suggestions made, SPEs can regularly check the Aspire website for all suggestions uploaded.Nadiah HashimS7105
17050958Company Staff Card/PassNo staff card for identification
Company Satff Card can double up as a corporate card for card benefits discounts or rebates with other partners.
eg: Corporate mobile discounts
Show staff pass to get staff discount/rebates with affiliated partners e.g: Kampong Group
Management had received feedback from SPEs on the matter. As most SPEs would not use the staff card, we will not be recommending it. SPEs can use AXA medical card for discount purpose at Kampong Group outlets.Nadiah HashimS7105
17050959NLP basic courseThere comes a point in our working life that stagnant in your life and unfulfilled in our career.

Desired to be understood and be appreciated by the people around us, but often find our self hitting a wall when communicating with others at the workplace.
I would like to suggest for allow our partners in Aspire to attend basic NLP training as it helps our subconscious mind towards a positive mindset. Alot of our partners may struggle due to the demands at work.
NLP training had been held in the past. To have a sustainable outcome, we look at long term training programme such as "Toastmasters" for development of competent and confident communicators and leaders.Nadiah HashimS7205
17050960childcare and parent care leavechildcare leave is given as earned leaves.
no parent care leave given.
at the current situation children and elderly are most likely the reason why we are taking leaves to take care of them or to bring them for appointment visits.
It would be good to have child care leaves given as it is and not through earned leave and parent care to be given at least 3-4 days of parent care leaves.
It is essential to take care of our parents as singapore is an aging population and i know the constraints company is facing as well however it will be good to explore in this area.
Children falling ill is unpredictable and having this earned leave system makes it difficult to apply for ccl in an emergency and the annual leaves are touched due to this earned leaves.
We can consider "parent care leave" as an option in the new SPE project. To have parent care leave will add to costs. More funding support will faciliate the introduction of such leave.Sujatha TamilarasanS1305
17050961Motivation Words by ROReporting Officer usually write compliment letter or commendation via email on certain occasions only.
Use a letter of compliment/commendation template and send it across all reporting officer termly or every semester. With the kind words from their RO's, SPEs will be more motivated and feel appreciated. This encouragement words or praises will make them feel delighted and more cheerful to serve the school with quality work.
We are looking into suitable template for this purpose. In the past, we have "compliment cards" which are signed by RO in complimenting SPE or Manager's service.NUR FADZILA ABDUL RAHMANS53105
17050962Softskills Training for EmployeesCommunication skills are most important other than the required technical skills for all employees. We have minimal courses on comms skills that and those that we have are generic courses.
to implement in-house courses for the following areas :
1) Effective Communication (verbal and writing) for SPEs
2) Effective Writing Approaches for SPEs
3) Effective Leadership for Appointment Holders (SPEs). See Objective & Content of Softskills Training for Employee
More in house programme (including Train the Trainers and Toastmasters) can be expected to build our people as effective communicators and leadersAzizahHQ2105
17060963Expenditure Tracking By Department-Manpower Grant for CCAHOD/CCA will input the monthly hours and rates of the CCA instructors into MS Excel with a allocated budget for the year to track that hours does not go beyond the allocated budget.
1. I was tasked to track CCA instructors fees against allocated budget for the new year (2017) by Administration manager/principal.
2. Created an MS Excel template to replace the one that HOD/CCA was using to input the monthly CCA instructors fees. HOD/CCA has been using the new template since January.
Problems resolved/Improvements :
1. Additional information captured :
- Allocated school budget for individual CCA instructors
- Individual instructors/vendors’ GEBIZ total contracted values and hours
- CCA Instructors new rates for the year is recorded in an array table.
2. Minimize/streamline data entry errors of instructors’ fees. HOD/CCA is required to only select the
instructor’s name from a drop-down list after which the rates pertaining to the selected
instructor will automatically populate the rates column. HOD/CCA will need only to input
the hours in the quantity. The budget and total contracted values will then be updated with
cell colour alerts when exceeding the threshold budget or Gebiz contract values.
Please see Excel template
Suitable for sharing with SPEs.Jacqueline ThamS41106
17060964Annual Pass to Places of InterestCurrently, there are no provisions for annual passes to local places of interest.
In view of improving the welfare of SPEs and Aspire! Group employees, I believe that it will be nice to have provisions for annual passes to places of interests, like the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Jurong Bird Park and River Safari for employees to borrow and go with their family members.
We have checked on the corporate passes. The cost and terms are not suitable for our use.Chia Hwee TzeE7206
17060965Procurement TimelineProcurement process and timeline can be confusing for new SPE (forms to be fill in, what to be done, duration of the process etc)
To have a procurement timeline as a guide for all SPE. See Sample Procurement Timeline (May 2017)
Suitable for sharing with SPEs.Simone GohE7306
17060966Submission of Leave When RO is Away (Approved, Not Endorsed)Leave is only approved when RO has endorsed the leave form and followed by the standard leave submission process.
For instances where RO is not available to physically endorse a leave, we should be allowed flexibility to attach an email as proof of approval in WMS.
This is especially practical in instances where we need to take last minute leave, but RO can't sign but have approved e.g. during school holidays.

Sample of Email
Dear Mr XX,
This is to capture your endorsement for my below mentioned leave as per our call/sms/whatsapp discussion dated dd/mm/yyyy.
Best Regards,
This suggestion ensures that there is continuity in the leave application process. Also, this is to not penalise the SPE who, due to unforeseen circumstances, could not follow through the regular process of leave application. In addition, this suggestion provides flexibility for the SPE in cases like these where RO is away during the holidays or on medical leave, etc and SPE urgently need to apply leave in that moment in time.
It is only applicable when SPEs cannot obtain written endorsement on the leave form and when this can allow SPE to upload "the email" together with Leave Form when applying for the leave when RO is not available to endorse the leave form. Ideally, the email should be from the RO in reply. Before applying the above process, please check with your manager.Hadi MulyonoE4
17060967Employee card as a form of identificationWe are working in schools and under EAS, but we do not get to enjoy benefits which the EAS get to enjoy e.g having Civil Service Card which allow them to enjoy discounts at retails/dining/entertainment places.
Can we have an employee card which allow us to enjoy discounts e.g purchasing of tickets for plays/musical, room rates for hotels/resorts/travel etc?
Aspire will consider any corporate priviledge cards available in the market suitable for our use in terms of cost and benefits and review the needs of our people.Magdalene TanE7206
17060968Parent Care LeaveSome of us have to take leave to bring our parents for check up and we have to use our Annual Leave for it. For those with young families, AL is precious as some of us have to use AL for baby checkup/ vaccinations & if they are unwell.
Parent Care Leave to be included in our leave scheme
We can consider "parent care leave" as an option in the new SPE project. To have parent care leave will add to costs. More funding support will faciliate the introduction of such leave.NorashikinS1206
17060969CoursesSPEs are send for courses during school holidays but some of us are on leave during these periods as its the only time we can go for a long holiday as school advised to refrain from taking long holiday during school term.
A list of courses available for the whole year so SPEs could plan their leave in advance and attend courses that are available which would benefit them
Training department will consider your suggestion and put in place suitable steps to inform SPEs in advance of the courses they are to attend.Norashikin IshakS1106
17060970Early Salary Payout During Festive SeasonWe need to wait for our salary on the 1st of every month
To give 1 week in advance during festive season so that we could do some preparation.
Management had reviewed it with no change to current policy.NUR FADZILA ABDUL RAHMANS5206
17060971CCA Participation Checklist TemplateBased on my school's CCA calendar, I am able to track the different CCA activities like competitions and exchange programs. However, some activities do not include the students' namelist or the outcome of the competition. Because of this, I have a lot of trouble when it comes to amending the students' CCA certificates after I've printed it out for their checking. There will be a lot of changes.
I have come up with a CCA participation checklist template which will be used with the standard CCA attendance sheet that is marked by the teachers. This checklist will help teachers to mark the students who were involved and also key in the outcome of the competition. On top of that, there is another tab for the CCA leadership roles. With the implementation of this checklist, I will be able to update students' leadership and achievements domain in the school cockpit more efficiently. I can also turn my focus to track my school's non-CCA related activities such as the debating championships and Maths competitions.
Suitable for sharing with SPEs.ZuhdiE32106
17060972Problems encountered while at workThere will be times we are unsure and have difficulty in doing some tasks and is unsure of who to turn to
To create an excel file where staff can list some problems they encountered while at work and how they solve or make suggestions to it. By having a database, we can search through to find if we could rectify and solve and probably we could give suggestions on how to make the process better.
The idea of having a platform to share knowledge easily is very good. Please discuss this further with your manager on how management can assist in this sharing.

Currently, you can send any "document" on items to share as a suggestion for uploading in the Resource in the Aspire website.
17060973Recreational CoursesSPEs to be more involved with arts development and to show more creativity.
Art related courses such as arranging subsidised courses for SPES e.g.: brush lettering, pointed pens calligraphy, decoupage, glass painting, pottery
Courses need to be supported by the schools and be relevant to the work or personal development. Please look into SkillsFuture courses which you can sign up with consent from RO and Aspire.Nurlina DiyanahS1206
17060974Aspire! websiteAspire! website is mobile friendly but there are some features that is not working. For instance, the link for staff as well as links.
To fix the link as that it will be more convenience for us to use our fone to access certain link and to give more suggestions.
System does not support the access link in the mobile phone.Nur ShirahS5
17060975Risk Assessment Management (RAM)Not accurate in tracking anyone going out for school event.
Implement a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for all to follow.
Ease of tracking the no. of activities and person-in-charge, achievement acquired and student involvement.
Suitable for sharing with SPEs.KOH SIA ENGS2
17060976STOCK ALBUMAnyone taking stocks may not know the item name and classification.
Create a stock album so that all may input the correct stock during stock take.
Suitable for sharing with SPEs. You can approach your manager to start a stock album to be posted in the Resource in the Aspire website.KOH SIA ENGS2
17060977Birthday LeaveCurrently there are no leave given to SPE during their birthday month.
To have a 1 day birthday leave given to SPE during birthday month.
We can consider "leave for birthday month" as an option in the new SPE project. To have birthday leave will add to costs. More funding support will faciliate the introduction of such leave.Simone GohE7206
17060978Voting of Training Courses planned or developingRegarding the non-standard training courses/ workshops for SPEs, if there is a mismatch of what was really needed by the SPEs in the course of their work against those provided by the company, it will result in the wastage of resources as objectives of the courses/ workshops were not met.
Company will list out the courses/ workshops planned or developing for the year and SPEs are given an opportunity to vote for the courses that they preferred using the survey website. This will provide the course administrator an overview of the types of courses that are useful from the perspective of the SPEs.
Training department will consider your suggestion and put in place suitable steps to ensure that the courses stay relevant to the SPE's work and personal development. This process will involve everyone including SPEs and ROs .Peh Kian ChaiS2106
17060979Quarterly RewardSome SPEs are late in submitting timesheet and monthly report.
SPEs who fulfilled all the following 4 criteria on a quarterly basis will receive $50 cash award (to be given in April, July, October, January preferably in vouchers):
- Timely submission of Timesheet by 14th of the month (for all the 3 months)
- Timely submission of Monthly Report by 20th of the month (for all the 3 months)
- No Sick Leave applied
- Submitted at least one suggestion which is accepted by the company
The tracking of the data can easily be done using an Excel worksheet. The benefit to the company is definitely outweigh the time spent in data tracking.
We have considered the proposed incentive scheme carefully and would not recommend it.Peh Kian ChaiS2306
17060980To provide Drop-down List options in Leave FormSPEs filling in the Leave Form have to manually key in the Type of Leave” and “No. of Days (1 or 0.5)”. Also, there is no standardising way to indicate half-day leave on the form.
Provide drop-list list options for the different types of leaves (including AL (AM) and (AL (PM)) and the number of days (i.e. 1 or 0.5) in the Leave Form. See Leave Form 2017
Suggestion is suitable for implementation.Peh Kian ChaiS22106
17060981Auto-Calculate Balance of Excess Hours in Excess Hrs FormSPEs preparing the “Excess Hrs” Form in the Timesheet have to manually calculate the “Balance of Excess Hours Not Cleared as at End of the Reporting Period” before filling in the hours.
Include formula in the Excess Hrs” Form to auto-calculate the “Balance of Excess Hours Not Cleared as at End of the Reporting Period”. This should minimise the possibility of calculation errors. See Timesheet (Excess Hour) template
Suggestion is suitable for implementation.Peh Kian ChaiS22106
17060982Collating of student data for school events.Teachers to provide SPE with data to update student's involvement into school cockpit. Special school events like speech day or celebrations require the students to perform various duties and roles. Teachers might not able to pass the name of students immediately or may forget to give to SPE for updating.
SPE to create a google doc to be shared among the staff. The respective teachers & department can insert the name of students that were involved in the event. This document will be serve as a reference for updating students' involvement and for checking of CCA certificate. There is proper documentation and standardisation using this platform.
Reminder can be set in the google doc to get response from teachers.
Suggestion is suitable for SPE sharing.FirdausE72106
17060983Official Certification in Sports CoachingWas informed by PE HOD to assist with CCAs but is not certified.
PE HOD encourages to take up Sports Coaching so as to assist better during CCAs. To send SPEs for Official Certification to Sports Coaching.
Courses need to be relevant to the work or personal development. RO can discuss with manager in justifying expansion of SPE's responsibility.Nurulain IshakE3206
17060984Photoshop TrainingBeing tasked to do up a design for signages or banners but not equipped with the necessary knowledge.
To provide a longer training session of Photoshop.
Courses need to be relevant to the work or personal development. RO can discuss with manager in justifying any specific training requirement.Nuraniah Binte JumadiE3106
17060985Rewards & IncentivesPlenty of work to be done that results to excess hours earned. However, may not have the days to clear these excess hours within the period.
Excess hours not cleared by year end could be exchanged for cash.
SPE should discuss matter with RO and manager on excess hour not cleared.NUR AFIQAH ROSLEE3206
17060986Training Opportunities for Sports EnrichmentTraining for SPEs are limited thus not able to expand their expertise.
To allow or have funds set aside SPEs to further develop their own skills for the benefit of being able to help out more at the school. Such as sports.
Courses need to be relevant to the work or personal development. RO can discuss with manager in justifying any specific training requirements. Please look into SkillsFuture courses which you can sign up with consent from RO and Aspire.Siti Nur BaiduraE3406
17060987Leveraging on Members' Photography SkillsPhotography is fast becoming a part of most SPEs jobscope in varying degrees of involvement. It has thus become useful and imperative that an SPE be equipped with the basic know-hows and tips of using a camera. Having a cluster member who has a vast experience in capturing school's special moments, we felt that it will benefit the cluster if we learn photography skills from him.

With this simple objective, Fairuz comes up with course content that includes best settings for indoor and outdoor photography, the kinds of equipment and lenses required and a sharing of the challenges he faced. We feel that this comprehensive course content will equip our SPEs to be the sought after in-house photographer in their respective schools.
With the above mentioned course content delivered to the members, E3 will be getting together to set up a photo booth for Aspire!'s company events and definitely whenever given the chance to work with a school. The planning is still underway but with small steps, we will achieve this goal.
Suggestion is suitable for implementation.Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3
17060988Supply Stationery near the Photocopier/ScannerTeachers/Staff using the photocopier or scanner will go around nearby desks asking to borrow stationery like stapler, paperclips, rubber bands or thumbdrives etc.
I created a 'stationery corner' near the photocopier/scanner. This corner is simply made out of a few acrylic compartments filled with paper clips, rubber bands, staples and an attached stapler. This way, all the things that teachers/staff might need post-photocopying or scanning is readily available near the machines. There is no need for them to go around looking for stationery. Thus, less disruptions and more efficiency.
suggestion is suitable for sharing with SPEs. This suggestion demostrated how SPE can take "ownership" of issue to benefit others.NurmulianeeS22106
17060989CCA ScheduleSPEs are sought for information about CCA schedules. Though it is a good practice to email the CCA I/C before the start of every term to gather the schedule for CCAs. We are seldom informed of the last minute changes which in turn leads us to disseminate wrong details to the parents or office staff.
There could be a google docs create for teachers to update their schedule every term or any last minute changes. This document can be made available to all general office staff and SPEs for easier tracking of information.
suggestion is suitable for sharing with SPEs.NirosshiniE7106
17060990Vendors ListSPE's hours are majorly consumed by sourcing for vendors.
Having a google docs for SPEs to list down all the vendors they have used under fixed categories would allow SPE's spend less time on sourcing vendors and facilitate a more efficient working system. The vendors list on the Aspire website at times does not seem sufficient. Google docs may be easier for SPE's to update.
Vendor List in the Aspire website should be used or replaced with better platform.NirosshiniE7206
17070991Allow Clusters to organise their own CSRCurrently, in the new framework, there are two company CSRs that SPEs have to be involved in (at least one). They are namely the Project Wall-e and the PPIS.

Some cluster members may have contacts and affiliates that can provide a CSR platform (such as helping low-income, elderly, etc) for their cluster. However, while it is encouraged but it is hardly recognised by the company in part as cluster contribution. Extrinsicly, it does not lead towards the Cluster Award competition.
Allow clusters to initiate their own CSRs and at the same time, mandate that their involvement at the company CSR level is still crucial. There should be recognition towards the cluster award competition for the cluster's initiative towards building a CSR within their cluster. Such CSR initiatives are more intimate and allows the cluster members to bond and work with each other further.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Mohammad Zhafrie bin JalilS7207
17070992Retreat for only Secondary School SPE and Primary School SPEs.Currently right now, the company has given us a Cluster Level Retreat. I would like to suggest if it's possible if we can also stream down to separate level of retreat. Only for Secondary School SPE and Primary School SPE. It may not need to be overseas. We can do it locally. The reason because recently, I went for a retreat with fellow SPEs and I find that some best practices can only be done in Primary School level or Secondary School Level. I would love to hear Ideas on how they make work efficiently for those in Secondary School level due to the New LEAPS and school that are convening sport competition on Secondary School Level. Its quite difficult to gather ideas from SPEs on a different background or some SPEs from Primary School who do not need to do work that are required in Secondary School.
Have a two separate day for a Retreat from Office. 1 day for Primary School SPE and another for Secondary School SPE. No need to make it 3 days or 1 week. Approximately 1.5 days or 2 days. It can be in Singapore, but company wants to give some treat, can make it overseas. 2 days 1 night. I think its better than having A Cluster of SPE retreat. Although this year Retreat was refreshing, i just find that it was too much emphasizing on Company Values. Since all of us are working in schools, it will be a better idea if we can have this Retreat from our usual Desk Bound Work and have a meeting with selected SPEs from Primary school and Secondary school to discuss their best practices. SPEs can learn from each other and they can improvise each other.
suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Nabillah Binte SalimS7
17070993Template for Cockpit RecordsI believe there are some schools which do not have any good practice of having a template for cockpit recordings to key-in their LEAPS accurately.
SPEs can work together with their own ROs to implement this area such as creating a template for their school's use in order for staff to key-in their LEAPS into the template. A certain timeline should be given for staff to key-in the LEAPS so that at the end of the deadline, SPEs can help continue to key into the cockpit school system. This will show an accuracy and systematic pace into cockpit. (See Cockpit Records Templates )
suggestion is suitable for sharing with SPEs.Amirah FatinS72107
17070994Staff Suggestion Portal on the goCurrently, for SPEs to put in their suggestions, they have to log into the Aspire Website, click on links and enter into the portal. There is no app that allows the SPE to input their suggestions on the go.
(developed from cluster meeting)
SPEs can work together with their own ROs to implement this area such as creating a template for their school's use in order for staff to key-in their LEAPS into the template. A certain timeline should be given for staff to key-in the LEAPS so that at the end of the deadline, SPEs can help continue to key into the cockpit school system. This will show an accuracy and systematic pace into cockpit.
Develop an app that allows the SPE to input their suggestions on the move. This allows impromptu ideas to be recorded and subsequently allow others to take off from the suggestion. In addition, they may come across something interesting that would benefit SPEs or Aspire! and the app can alllow attachments that can take photos to further illustrate their ideas.
suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Zhafrie, Pramela, April, Hidayah, Fatihah, Nabila, Nadiah, Kader, Suhailah, Khaliesah, Amirah, ShawallahS7207
17070995IT Product FundAs an SPE of coming to 4 years, I personally believe in using less paper and promoting paperless working process. Therefore, as time goes by I have many softcopy documents and template that was safe keep from previous years. However, we there's only that much that we can safe keep due to the limitations of storage space in the laptop. When the laptop space is maxed out or currently eating the space completely, we have to delete files and sometimes we have to delete files that we can use as reference in the future. At the moment, I have many flashdisk and a harddisk to further support my storage. However, I am also given the responsibility to do digital artwork or video montages for school event and this is definitely eating my laptop space day by day. This has also caused my laptop to run slower. When I tried to surface this issue up to the school, I was turned down. At the end of the day I just need to get my own external storage device.

Also, we need to explore on the possibility of technology malfunction where we are risk of laptop crashing and suddenly lost of files. As much as we can have our own external hard disk, counting on the years, we may still need to get more external disks (using our own money) to be safe than sorry.
Hopefully Aspire can explore the possibility of providing a fund for us to get IT related products for work purposes (if I'm not wrong MOE has such SOF fund for staffs). These fund only to be used for IT related purchases such as external disk, powerbank .etc. The fund can only be used for the year and whatever balance will be forfeited for the year. Basically, we purchase and later we claim.
Suggestion is under further consideration with the schools and SPEs. SPEs should follow schools' policy on Data Protectin and Risk Management for loss of data.Qairil Fahri Bin SapariE1107
17070996To Provide Staff Pass for all SPEs to Identify as Employers of Aspire! Group Pte LtdNo Such Staff pass is officially given to SPEs who are with the company.
To provide quality staff pass to be the representatives of our Company.
Management had received feedback from SPEs on the matter. As most SPEs would not use the staff card, we will not be recommending it. SPEs can use AXA medical card for discount purpose at Kampong Group outlets.Pramela D/O SukumaranS7207
17070997To Provide Personal Grooming Course for SPEs to enhance their outlookSPEs have been sent for Training & Development for other courses.

So far none of such grooming courses have been introduced for the betterment of SPE's personality development.
To engage grooming coaches to conduct workshops for SPE's.
Courses need to be relevant to the work or personal development. RO can discuss with manager in justifying any training requirements.Pramela D/O SukumaranS7207
17070998RAMS SOPNew school staff are placed in-charge of events for the school. Being new, they are unaware of the lead time needed for RAMS preparation. Thus, the need to share the process flow is crucial since RAMS are not prepared well causing plenty of unnecessary rush.
Created a flowchart & SOP for RAMS which are placed in the school intranet page, termly email to all staff as reminders and a printed copy filed in the School Safety Handbook which is issued to all staff. (Seeattachments )
suggestion is suitable for sharing with SPEs.Siti SuhailahS72107
17070999Inter-School related programmesHODs & Schools are not aware or overlook due to their busy schedule, of the programmes or competitions available for pupils to participate. SPEs are the next go-to person to source out for events but since the reaction time is limited, it would be almost impossible to source.
A mode of portal for SPEs to share their school's programmes / competitions that they are hosting for inter-school involvement would be helpful. It would also be a form of support that Aspire's SPEs could provide for the schools involved.
suggestion is suitable for sharing with SPEs.Siti SuhailahS7107
17071000Minimize / Optimize training costsNot applicable
The deployment of SPEs is tendered to two companies – Aspire Group Pte Ltd which manages South and East and People Advantage the West and North Zones. As we are providing similar service I feel we could learn and share with each other to our mutual benefit. (Needless to say Management is in agreement with reaching and establishing ties with People Advantage)
Costs are crucial in the management of any company /entity. One way we can manage/ minimize costs is described below.
Apart from the permanent SPEs deployed to the schools, we also maintain a pool of relief SPEs who may be able to take over the permanent SPEs when the latter are on leave. I am inclined to think l this is not feasible at all times. Hence to overcome this situation and better still we could even reduce this pool of relief SPEs (and hence saves costs on training and other costs) and tap on the resources of our competitor on mutually agreed terms as and when convenient or necessary. Simply this means primarily less training costs for us and our competitor to our mutual benefit.
Suggestion is not suitable for implementation. The pool of relief SPEs compliment the permanent SPE deployment plan.Abdul Kader bin Mohd IbrahimS7407
17071001Motivational SpeakerCurrently, the company only encourages employees to attend courses to sharpen their skills. Aspire does not have motivational speakers to boost employees' engagement and motivation.
Instead of only providing courses to employees to sharpen their skills, I firmly believe that it is a good idea to hire motivational speakers to boost employees' morale. Although skills are crucial for one's success, I strongly believe that employees need moral and motivational boost to encourage them to be productive in the long run. Therefore, I propose Aspire to consider having motivational workshops for their staff.
Suggestion is suitable for implementation. All SPEs will benefit from the book "Mastering Leadership the Moustrap Way" written by Manoj Vasudevan who is the World Champion Speaker 2017. Aspire is priviledged to have him to speak at Aspire Work Plan 2017 to motivate our people to take the journey to become confident and effective communictors and leaders. Mardiah Binte JamaludinE72107
17071002Reminder Pop-up for Log-in/outWith the implementation of the SPEx app to log in/out, we tend to forget when especially in a rush with our daily workload.
It will be good if there's notification reminder to do so. 10 mins before the checkout time would be sufficient. It will be measured according to our check in timing, 8.5hrs.
The team handling SPEX will study your suggestion further.Nur ZawanahE7207
17071003Bus Booking.For SCGS, bus booking is made through SPE. Previously, SPE has to manually hand write or type in the bus form. Therafter, SPE will have to prepare a set of Monthly Bus Summary to be given to the Security Guards & Operation Manager.
Before the trip, SPE will need to prepare bus vouchers (a form which requires both bus driver and teacher to sign after every job done. This voucher will then be attached to the payment minute) This requires extra time and can be administrative cumbersome as SPE will need to prepare three different set of documents (Bus Form, Summary and Bus Voucher)
By using mail merge that links the excel sheet (Which summarise the bus booking) to the Bus Booking Form and Bus Voucher form, this has actually helps to save time.
suggestion is suitable for sharing with SPEs.NorwahidahS3 (N2)1107
17071004How to improve on our time sheet formatCurrently, we are using the default time sheet. We wouldn't be able to edit or insert rows and columns. Hence, there are restrictions.
It is best we have a manual time sheet whereby we fill in and fax to the company. Instead of doing multiple steps like email and fax.
Suggestion will not be implemented. Manual time sheet is not recommended.Yaw Sok ThengS6307
17071005Detailed Handover TemplateNew SPEs may lack clear direction of what to do. Handover of the leaving SPE may lack specific details

Leaving SPEs often just leave a list of task and deadline without explaining who to approach, what items needed and where to find them during their handover.
Create a standard detailed Handover Template with Task, Who to find, How to Do, Items & Where to Get and Deadline as headers. (Please feel free to add on to make it better). This will provide great direction for the new SPE without constantly bothering the SPE who has left the company.
These tasks, whether immediate or not, are then arranged by a yearly timeline template so that the new SPEs know when to do these tasks and will be given ample time to prepare beforehand and smoothen work processes.
Suggestion is suitable for implementation. Please approach your manager to develop your "template".Nur Khaliesah Binte ShawalriS72107
17071006Parent Care/Sibling Care LeaveSPEs are not entitled to Parent Care/Sibling Care Leave at the moment. Some of us have elderly parents or sick siblings but sometimes, our family members may not be available to take care of them.
If company is afraid that some SPEs will abuse this leave, then I suggest this leave can be given to those who have worked with Aspire for 3 years or 5 years and above. At least, allow us to have Parent Care Leave, maybe about 2 or 3 days per year.
We can consider "parent care leave" as an option in the new SPE project. To have parent care leave will add to costs. More funding support will faciliate the introduction of such leave.MagdaleneE7407
17071007Frequently Asked QuestionSUGGESTION:
Suggest to have Frequent Asked Question' link under the Aspire! Group website
This link can compile a whole lists of SPEs queries pertaining to their work. It could be questions about Cockpit, Height & Weight, Event Management and etc. It can be a one stop reference for SPE.D100
Suggestion is suitable for implementation. Please look out for new link in the Aspire website on this area in near future.NorwahidahS34107
17071008Medical Coverage Overall Benefits DetailsWe as the Employees do not know the full extent of our medical coverage that the company has provided for us. For example, hospitalisation claims and other medical subsidies.
Suggest to include the Medical insurance overall coverage on our company website exclusively for employees to view.
Under resources.
Thank you.
Suggestion is suitable for implementation. Please look out for it under Resources in the Aspire website.Yong Chee SeongS52107
17071009Have CLs & ACLs of 14 Cluster to Plan & Manage Major Company Event (i.e. Annual DnD & Work Plan)Selected clusters are given lead role to plan Annual DnD. Getting cluster members to attend the event meeting can be a challenge. Cluster given this role has this mind set that they will gain (in terms of points) from this involvement for the Cluster Award.
Having CL and ACL to lead and manage the event will also showcase their Leadership and planning skills. They will also be more in-tune with the company's objective of having these events.
By bringing leaders together on planning for these events will also enable management to have a better overall assessment on who is the leader among the leaders and potentially stepping up to take management role.
Also will ease Managers of having to play a lead role and oversee an event as the these role will be taken by the leaders.
We can start off with DnD being managed by CL & ACL of South Zone and Work Plan by East Zone or we can have it approach it as cross-clusters between the 2 zones.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Khairoman JumainHQ2107
17071010Checklist for Bus bookingTeacher forget and overlap schedule for bus booking. Went for learning journey without RAMs being done.
Do a bus booking checklist for teachers to keep track of what documents needed which include AOR form and RAMs, and also a reminder to them to give courtesy call to the bus vendor to check the confirmation booking.
Suggestion is suitable for sharing with SPEs. SPE can provide sample checklist for attachment here for sharing.Muhammad Raimi Bin RawiS1107
17071011Table of suggestions submitted by clustersCluster leaders don't have the number of suggestions submitted by the members.
A table of suggestions submitted by the members in the cluster to assist cluster leader to assist the members in submitting the suggestions on time
CLs can use search function under Suggestion in the Aspire wesbite for the information on their cluster members.Muhammad Raimi Bin RawiS1107
17071012Criteria for Cluster awards scoringThe Cluster will be penalised for members leaving the company.
Recommended to remove the turnover rate as judging criteria for best Cluster Awards as it is unfair for Cluster to be penalised for individual career perspectives. We do not have the justification to prevent a person from choosing his or her career path. It will also be unfair to Clusters who have been affected by constant turnover and demoralised them due to this. Please kindly consider. Thank you.
Suggestion is not recommended.

Best Cluster Award is a Recognition not a Competition.
It recognised the impact on Aspire, Schools & SPE community resulting from every member acting individually or collectively. With or without the awards, the best cluster is still there as all clusters are expected to do their best.
This award recognises that the act of others within the team can have an impact on the team though the act is beyond the control of other members.

Not all resignations are considered. Only the "No. of SPE in the cluster who resigned within six months of service in the year". Resignation within 6 months has negative impact on Aspire and Schools.
For 2016, no cluster is penalised under this criteria.
If 2 clusters with equal highest score and one has the highest rate of resignation within 6 months, which cluster is more deserving the recongition of Best Cluster Award?
Yong Chee SeongS5
17071013Link WMS system with generating Time sheetSPEs have to check WMS to see their latest updates of leaves and MC has taken throughout the month to tally with their time sheet submitted every month.
A system/ programme within WMS to generate SPE monthly time sheet with our Leaves Status.
Once generated ZM will have the unsigned notification.
The SPE have to print out and have Reporting Officer to acknowledge and sign.
The SPE will then scan the signed copy and submit via attachment through the WMS program. Benefits:
1) Any Leaves and MC taken will be accurately displayed on SPE's Time Sheet
2) Easier for Reporting Officer to verify our leaves taken and remaining.
3) Easier for SPE to report and submit the monthly Time sheet as the leaves will always tally with WMS.
4) Easier for HQ/ZM to retrieve and verify SPE's time sheet reports.
Suggestion is suitable for implementation. Please look out for new system to be introduced sometime in 2018.Yong Chee SeongS52107
17071014Using Google Drive for Cluster / Company Major InfoFor instance when a SPE needs to find certain info, they need to log into the portal to access it. It take time to log in and to search then download.
E3 as a cluster decided to have a google drive folder specifically to help us minimize time. We have our monthly calendar, panels of clinics. It has been a great help to us.
suggestion is suitable for sharing with other SPEs. This cluster demostrated taking "ownership" of any issue without having to wait for a solution from others.Muhd FairuzE3
17071015CSRCSR PROGRAMME - HQ have a fix idea on CSR event where cluster members just do it according to arrangement.
if a cluster is able to do their own CSR event incoperating other areas where HQ is looking at, perhaps HQ allow the cluster to either do base on arrangement or do at the own cluster accord.

For cluster who's able to do it at their own accord - perhaps a special point system should be given to the cluster as a reward of their own initiative
suggestion is suitable for further consideration.NAQIBS5207
17071016Company event & projectCurrently a large pool of SPE is organising and 'hosting' the HQ events.
I would like to see more of other grps from Capstone joining forces with the SPE's to plan for HQ functions - I believe it will benefit 'them' as well and help in their own appraisal in contributing to capstone.
Collation between SPE and HQ groups is welcomed where possible.NAQIBS5207
17071017Having Reps from clusters as event organisers instead of whole clusters.Not every cluster has equal amounts of SPEs that are enthusiastic about participating in organizing company activities.
Have reps from clusters volunteer. This way, you can have more engagement when planning and executing events. The more reps from that cluster, the more points the cluster gets.
suggestion is suitable for further consideration. Invite more suggestions on how we can engage every member.Syed AliffS5207
17071018Clusters to help school eventsThere are opportunities for clusters to volunteer helping school events.
This would gain the cluster experience in different events; also, it sparks initiative to find opportunities to learn and also strengthen ties between company, cluster and school.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration. SPEs are invited to discuss with managers and schools on such collaboration.Syed AliffS5207
17071019Inclusion of Summary of Past SPE Annual Performance Appraisal Reports & RatingsAspire does not include Summary of Past SPE Annual Performance Appraisal Report & Ratings for RO review. New RO will not know SPE past performance.
At the time of SPE Annual Performance Appraisal, Aspire shall attach Summary of Past SPE Annual Performance Appraisal Report & Ratings for RO review. This will give the new RO insight of SPE performance in the past year. Especially for VP (Admin) as SPE RO, most of jobs scope are from CCA & PE department. RO may not know the actual performance of SPE. SPE RO may change
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.RUDY LIM BOEN SENGS5207
17071020Notification to submit Monthly Report in SPEX appThere are cases in which SPEs forgot to send their montly reports, in the busy-ness of their schedule, and this affects not only the SPE during appraisal time but also Aspire! at the end of the day if there are many non-submissions.
Since the launch of the SPEx app to counter the inaccuracies and late submission of timesheet, I suggest that we expand the usage of the app to include a prompt notification every mid-month so as to alert the SPEs to hand in their monthly report. The prompt will appear daily when the SPE checks in to work and will only disappear for that particular month once the SPE acknowledges that he/she has submitted.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.ShahidahE3207
17071021Topics to test for JC School Cockpit UsersThis is a follow-up on suggestion # 1612903. Since the annual School Cockpit test is based on Secondary School, SPEs in JCs have difficulty to relate to the provided notes while doing the test. (See attachment )Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.WU YANPINGS5
17071022Tracking of Payment Voucher TemplateCCA teacher will submit coach/instructor payment voucher(PV)(hard copy) on a monthly basis to SPE. SPE will then make a photocopy, file and submit the PV to AM for payment. SPE will need to refer to the hard copies when the teacher requested for the balance CCA hours left.
I have prepared a template for SPE to keep track on the monthly CCA hours, user will only need to add the inputs and it will be calculated and the balance will also be shown in the excel. It is a best practice for SPE to indicate the hour monthly. SPE do not need to refer to the hardcopy should the teacher request for any information. I have been using this for a year and it has been very helpful.
Suggestion is suitabe for sharing with other SPEs.SalamahE4207
17071023Birthday LeaveCurrently, SPE is entitled to 18 days of Annual Leave or only 14 days of AL (for first year of working).
To include 'Birthday Leave' as one of the leave entitlements. The birthday leave is a day-off where the SPE takes over and above their annual leave to celebrate his/her birthday that can be taken up before/after their actual birthday.
We can consider "leave for birthday month" as an option in the new SPE project. Not manageable in terms of resources under current plan.NUR ATIQAH BTE MUSAE4407
17071024Hospitalization GiftsSUGGESTION:
In the event of the SPE being hospitalized, express concern for their health and well being by sending a hospitalization gift such as fruit/flower basket to cheer them up.
Suggestion is implemented.NadiahE44107
17081025Training for Specialists and FacilitatorsCurrently, SPE's specialists and facilitators are conducting courses like RAMs, Cockpit and Events Planning Management for the new potential SPEs. This specialists and facilitators are not certified trained and courses are conducted by them based on theories and experiences.
As such, I would like to suggest that they are given proper training/courses in order to equip themselves with the best knowledge and meet certain objectives to ensure that the courses are well conducted. A valid certification will be good for them as this will help them to set the standard on the appointment of becoming a specialist or facilitator.
Suggestion is implemented. All specialists attended the in house training by qualified trainer. Further training with certification will be considered.Jasri Bin BahariE42108
17081026Certification of TraineesTrainees have to go through the four mandatory courses as part of their Pre-Deployment Training. It is a requirement which they need to fulfill, base on assessment at the end of each course. However, once they are done with the training, there may still be doubts on the competency of the SPEs when they are eventually deployed, especially from school staff they have to work with.
To certify (literally, be it hard copy or e-certs) all trainees who have completed the mandatory courses as proof of having gone through the necessary training. This may help with the level of trust by ROs and school staff that they are given trained SPEs. Understandably, most of these courses focus on understanding of theories and applications, hence, the best way for SPEs to be efficient and well-versed in these areas will be to gain experience over time.

To get MOE-approved or WDA-standard certification will be the ideal outcome, however, that might require more planning and discussion with the relevant bodies before any implementation.

Apart from gaining schools' confidence, certified trainees/SPEs may also use the certifications as part of their resumes if they ever decide to look for pasture new. Going beyond the relationship of the company and SPEs, the value-addedness of such practice will enhance the 'employability' of SPEs and help bring up the image of Aspire! as a 'corporate institution' that equip staff with skills that will benefit them throughout their career.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration. Aspire does issue certificate for completion of Pre-Deployment Taining.Fong Sing HoE4208
17081027SPEX feedbackcheck in button is not activated unless I clicked some other function to 'trigger' it.
Let the check in/out button always be activated. Instead a warning notification will pop up and prevent check in/out if away from the designated location.
The team handling SPEX will study your suggestion further.Goh Chee HiongS1108
17081028SPEX feedbackAway function requires location at reporting area in order to activate.
why not remove location requirement and allow it as a 'check out' from the away location, so as to make it easier to indicate the hours?
SPEX is designed for on site check in and check out by SPE within designated location.Goh Chee HiongS1208
17081029overseas projectWe currently have project Wall-e as part of our csr project. However, I believe we can do more than what we are capable.
My suggestion is to do a different project like helping building a school overseas as part of csr project. we can also donate our unused items such as clothes , shoes to those in need in the rural country.
Corporate CSRs which more SPEs are interested can be recommended through their managers for further consideration.Siti nurshawallahS7208
17081030Napfa testeroften in school that some of the teachers have other duties thus cannot commit to help in napfa test. As for SPE, we would want to help them as much as possible instead of not having to help due to we are not certify napfa tester.
Can I suggest that to make SPE to go for napfa test course if they do have so that our role in school can be more helpful and mobile.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.siti nurshawallah rashidS7108
17081031Childcare LeaveThose with child below 7 years are entitled to max of 6 days of Child Care Leave
It would be good if the company could provide more days of child care leave especially for those with more than 1 child. As we have parents with young kids amongst the SPEs, it would be great if the company could increase the no of leave entitlement
suggestion is not recommended.Norashikin IshakS1208
17081032Pool of CCA instructors listCurrently, SPEs do not have access to Gebiz. Sometimes, teachers may approach us to provide a list of CCA instructors for them to ask for quotations especially for Small Value Purchaes.
A list of different types of CCA instructors so SPEs could refer to the list and provide the teacher i/c so they could ask for quotations and availability.
suggestion is suitable for further development by SPEsNorashikinS1208
17081033Add Grading Info to SME Payroll Employee ProfileThe employee profile (when viewed applying for leave) have all the relevant information except for the grading of the SPE.
Since Aspire! had started the grading for SPE last year, I think it is good to know the current grading an SPE at the moment. (SeeSample )
Suggestion is not suitable for implementation as system cannot be customised for the change.Qairil Fahri SapariE1208
17081034Healthy Work-Life BalanceExtended periods of time being in front of the computer can make someone feel sluggish and not motivated to continue doing work in the afternoon.
Maybe have a short period of time (about half an hour) to go out and have a short workout during the working hours- some sort of a PE period. This is just so that those who have been sitting in front of the computer the whole day would get to have a break and get energized to continue their work again. On top of that, it might also promote a healthier work-life balance.
suggestion is suitable for sharing with other SPEs.Fatiha EryaniE1308
17081035Corporate Video of Aspire! Group and SPE Project.There are no corporate/professional video to showcase Aspire! Group and our involvement in the SPE project.
We can engage external vendors to help us to create the video.
Ideas/samples that we can use for the videos are as follows.
Auston Brand Story :
Singapore Management University :
Breadtalk Corporate Video :
It will be good if we have the video to showcase what we have done so far in the past 5 years, and getting testimonials from VPs and HODs are strong selling points that we can include in our video during the MOE contract bidding.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Zeng ZhenhaoHQ3108
17081036Incorporating monthly report and timesheet into one portalHaving to submit monthly report and timesheet separately, via Microsoft Excel and emailing to Managers.
1) Incorporate timesheet submission into WMS system, as it is currently already being used to track our leaves. Reduce the traditional method of having RO to sign on timesheet. Instead, can use email prompter to be sent to RO to verify, to replace practice of RO 'signing' on timesheet itself (some ROs do not like to sign). This can be implemented for applying leave as well. Cut down on paper work, and just relying on one portal on all things relating to leaves and timesheet.

2) Same applies to monthly report. This can be incorporated in Aspire website hopefully. Maybe introduce one microsite to submit monthly report. For myself, I end up not remembering what I have done for the month, hence the report may not truly reflect what I have done. In the microsite, SPE can have the option to update it everyday, weekly, or monthly. This way, the report may be more accurate.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.NorashikinS24108
17081037Change of Employee suggestionEach year, every cluster is required to submit a specific number of individual and group suggestions under the Employee Suggestion Scheme. The main aim of the scheme is to allow employees to voice out any concerns or ideas that may be implemented for the benefit of those affected, or simply to create a more efficient system for current practices.

As the scheme also contributes to the overall cluster awards in terms of points, it is hard to ignore the fact that many clusters might aim to fulfil the minimum requirement, just so that they can achieve the points needed. Thus, suggestions that are submitted might be done in a rush, not well-thought through, or simply not feasible for implementation. The most common issue for this practice is that the management will be receiving several suggestions that are of the similar nature. Since every suggestion will be reviewed, it can be time consuming and perceived as unproductive, especially if most of the suggestions are rejected.
In order to streamline the process and to focus on the purpose of the scheme, E4 would like to propose a system in which all SPEs will still be required to come up with a suggestion, but the first cut will be discussed with respective managers at the cluster level. From there, each cluster will pick their best two suggestions, revise and improve if necessary, and submit them as a cluster. This will allow the management to focus on approximately 30 qualitative suggestions than to sieve out the best few from 300 vaguely considered ideas. In order to ensure the cluster points are given accordingly, clusters will have to monitor that all members from each cluster has contributed to the scheme. Revised below are the proposed scheme change:
Current: 17 individual suggestions (90% of members with at least 1), 1 group suggestion
Proposed: at least 1 individual suggestion per SPE, 2 to be selected from the individual pool for submission as “Cluster Suggestion”
Suggestion is suitable for sharing with other cluster leaders for implementation.SalamahE4
17091038Recommendation to use 2-wheel storage binsMesh bags for carrying PE balls are easily damaged
When bringing balls for PE lessons, most students would drag the mesh bags causing them to be damaged. Hence money are wasted in buying new replacements.

Suggest to use 2-wheel storage bins instead.
These plastic storage bins are highly durable. As they are also fitted with wheels, they can be move about easily. (See 2 Wheel Storage Bin)
Suitable for sharing with other SPEsRonnie TayE72109
17091039SPEX DirectoryCurrent directory only allow to search for SPE name
To include search for school name
The team handling SPEX will study your suggestion further.Sarah Azyantee ShukorS1109
17091040Birthday Cards for ROSince Zheng Hao has suggested to have birthday cards for SPEs, we should have birthday cards for ROs.
It is a very cost effective method to tighten the professional relationship between Aspiregroup and our partners in government schools.

suggestion is not suitable for implementation.Abdul Haqim Bin Mohd NasruddinS1109
17091041Toastmaster alternativeToastmaster program is the only company initiative in Aspiregroup.
Toastmaster may not be the one size fits all initiative for everybody as interests vary with every individual. Aspire should introduce a myriad of other company initiatives that cater to different interests.
Aspire Corporate Toastmasters program is continuously catering to all SPEs to develop as effective and confident communicators and leaders.Abdul Haqim Bin Mohd NasruddinS1209
17091042Monetary Reward for Winning During Toastmasters MeetingsThere is no monetary reward for winning Best Speech, Best Table Topic or Best Evaluator.
Offer small vouchers/tokens for winning in each of the categories. The person who wins Best Speech can get $30 worth of vouchers while winning Best Table Topic and Best Evaluator can get $20 worth of vouchers each. Offering actual prizes can actually motivate SPEs to prepare and put more effort into their speeches and also, more people will be willing to attend in.
Suggestion is suitable for further considerationA K M Mashuqur RahmanS54109
17091043School Collaboration/Engagement InitiativeSPEs have little or no involvement with School Staff Activities. From my personal experience, my school has been engaging external vendors to conduct staff engagement activities during Staff Retreat, Staff Learning Day, EAS Day, Dads For Life, etc.
As part of a school collaboration initiative, E4 has conducted a Baking Workshop lead by our own cluster member who is a skilled baker. This initiative was supported by the whole cluster who participated as facilitators to our clients, staff of Bedok North Secondary School which includes 2 Vice Principals as well as our family from HQ. Our baking workshop got positive feedbacks from our participants.

We would like to share and extend this idea to the rest of the SPE community to engage schools with skills like this that can benefit not only the SPE family in providing value added services (where SPEs are given the opportunities to showcase their talents/skills and take the lead) but also creating better rapport with partners in schools.
Suggestion is suitable for sharing with other SPEs and clustersHadi MulyonoE4
17091044Survey: School Engagement ActivitiesThere are no records of SPEs engaging schools for their School Staff Activities such as Staff Learning Day, Staff Retreat, EAS Day, etc.
I suggest that we engage SPEs in a survey that requires them to share ideas on feasible activities for school collaboration.

We can set the rubrics of the survey by;
Scale of Event: Small or Big
Type of Event: Outdoor or Indoor
Programme Type: Educational or Recreational
Benefit: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Life skills, Artistic,etc.
Suggestion is sutiable for further consideration.Hadi MulyonoE4209
17091045Minutes Writing CourseNo proper guideline in taking minutes
Taking minutes might be a challenge for some, so this course is to prepare SPEs in improving themselves in taking minutes with proper standard guidelines should they be tasked to sit in a meeting and take minutes by school.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Siti RahimahS6
17101046Project Proposal TemplateNot available.
It will be best that there is a standardized Project Proposal template. Where it incorporates the objective of the project, time-frame and project budget. Or with any other information relevant for Aspire! to note that SPEs may overlook. This would reduce the need for bouncing emails to and fro. It should also be applicable for SPEs who wants to collaborate with schools in simple projects.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.SyakirahE32010
17101047SPE's DAY - I love My SPE-Not receiving compliments/ appreciation letters from schools or colleagues because there is no platform to submit it to and unsure that they can do so.

Not a School Culture to email compliments. Verbal compliments only.
To encourage our RO's to disseminate a google form(created by LEADERS) / a generic email stating that they are appreciative of thier SPEs helping them(SPEs) and telling them their how awesome they(SPEs) are to the whole school.

SPEs not only work closely with PE Dept but at times we help out with the General Office, Parent Support Group, ICT Dept and Other Depts too.

More Compliments receive will boost up our energy to come to work everyday.

And receiving Cash vouchers from ASPIRE! at the end of the Year(WORKPLAN) for the most number of compliments received of the year....:)

Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Nurdiana KhalidE1
17101048SPEx APPTo Check in and Check Out for daily Attendance.
To include a reminder alarm to remind us to check out or check in on time.

and to include the Monthly Report section. So SPEs can enter what they have offloaded for the teachers on a daily basis/as and when needed. At the end of the Month we can download data from it.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Nurdiana KhalidE12010
17101049Individual Recreational Volunteerism Work Outside of Working HoursI believe that while we were still students in school, we had put in hours of involvement in Community Involvement Programmes (CIP) back in the day. Hours accumulated were then translated into service points. I would like to suggest an allowance for employees to dedicate their hours in volunteerism work on their spare time and in return, receive some form of recognition from Aspire!Group or forms of rewards for our efforts/contribution. Proof of involvement and etc should be obtained and provided for verification.
New suggestion which highlights an employees' effort to contribute back to society on his/her spare time and own time.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Nurul Shamira Binte SihabuddinE12010
17101050Workshop/Training Invites Based on Employees' InterestI understand that in a year, SPEs are required to attend workshops, courses or important trainings in order to improve the employees' capabilities and skills.
It would be interesting if there could be invitations to unique and out-of-the box classes, workshops or courses that would appeal to employees and quip their interest. This would mean employees are given a chance and choices to select from a list of classes/courses/workshops that would match their cup of tea and enhance their overall well-being, welfare or even present skills. For example, it could come in the form of trampoline-fitness classes, pottery making, belly-dancing classes, Beginner's Guide to Wedding Cakes, and so on and so forth. This could be an additional new supplement to an employees' lifestyle or create a new pastime for them. Well developed minds, attitude and personality could then produce better productivity or improve their work drive when at work.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Nurul Shamira Binte SihabuddinE12010
17101051Tracking of vendors expenditure for PAL,PE and Physical Sports CCASchool Guideline: Must not exceed $5k for purchases from the same vendor for the year.
Current Situation: PAL, PE, Physical Sports CCA buy sports equipment from the same pool of vendors. As purchases are done from various purchasing officer, no tracking was in placed to track the maximum $5k per vendor.
Thus resulted in questioning by the heads.
Created a google sheet for all the purchases for sports equipment.

CSO will share the related invoices to SPE and SPE will update the google sheet that was shared to the various purchasing officers.

The google sheet is maintained weekly and the officers find the data very effective.

Suggestion is suitable for sharing with other SPEsSuhaila Binte ShamsudeenE52010
17101052Coaches contract and Monthly Payment recordCCA Teacher I/C are not updated whether their coaches
1) has completed signing of monthly attendance
2) has sent invoice for the month
3) unaware of total clocked hours for the year (impt criteria: coaches must not exceed max no. of hours as per contract)

Created a google sheet with (mainted by SPE monthly)

1) Simple checklist for attendance and invoice received for the month
2) No. of hours clocked in per month and sub-total of no. of hours per month.
3) Also included simple coaches contact details with email addresses for easy retrieval.
With the doc,
1) Teachers help to send reminder to the coaches for payment.
2) Teachers able to plan their trainings according to the no. of hours available for the year.
Suggestion is sutiable for sharing with other SPEs.Suhaila Binte ShamsudeenE52010
17101053Digital Art and DesignSchool may need SPE expertise in designing brochures, pamphlets or flyers. However, not all SPE has any knowledge in it.
By going for such courses, SPE able to assist school as they are trained in it.
Courses need to be relevant to the work or personal development. RO can discuss with manager for SPE to attend such courses (eg Photoshop).RasyidahE22010
17101054Cluster Leaders and Specialists Sharing SessionAt the moment, cluster leaders only meet up for end of the year cluster leaders meeting at hq.
Every cluster have their own strength, creativity and ideas.
Therefore, it will be good to have a sharing session at least twice a year for all the cluster leaders and also specialist.
It will be good for the leaders to be bonded as it will help them in future events as some of the events may need to clusters working together.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideraton.RasyidahE21010
17101055More Exam Leave DaysI'm taking part time studies and I usually have 4 papers per term. That would total up to 8 days and I can only cover 2 days for official exam leave
Increase number of exam leaves as it would eat into my annual leave.
Suggestion is not recommended.SabrinaE22010
17101056Tracking of PE equipment and stopwatches loaningFor SPEs who are tasked in loaning out PE equipments and stopwatches to teachers. In order to keep track of item, a template should be prepared for teachers or staff to sign.
Template for loaning which includes name, PE items or stopwatch model no, quantity, purpose of loan and return date. This form will be helpful for SPEs as they can keep track of their inventory and stocks and also which staffs loan which equipment and what for. SeeLoan of Stopwatches & PE Equipment templates
Suggestion is suitable for sharing with other SPEsRaihanaE22010
17101057A monthly form to track E-invoice and coaches claims/attendanceSPEs who needs to keep track of CCA coaches attendance/claims and E-invoice submission. In order to email vendors or CCA coaches to send in E-invoice if they have not done so; a form to keep track of their hours per month is beneficial.
A template where the CCA, E-invoice received date, name of coaches, no. of training hours, last training date. This form is generated monthly. It helps SPEs to keep track of submissions and to follow up with either the teacher or coaches/vendors. In order to keep the processing within the 30 days payment term. See Template for Records of Instructors & Coaches Claims 2017
Suggestion is suitable for sharing with other SPEsRaihanaE221010
17101058Increase in HIWMost of SPEs have a sedentary work life. for those with school, it's hard to find time to keep fit.
have HIW after every meeting
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.SabrinaE2
17101059Date for Work Plan SeminarThe Work Plan Seminar has been held every 1st week of Dec for the last 2 years.
Bring forward the date to November when most likely the staff would not have planned their leaves. I am sure many would attend if it were held in November.
Suggestion is suitable for further considerationNor Hafiza Binte MehadE22010
17101060Award for the Most Improved StaffI don't think there is such an award for staff.
There should be an award based on their progression in their job. Their performance from their first day of work to the current year shows a great progress. This individual should be appreciated and boost their confidence in whatever they are doing.
Suggestion is already in line with what have been done. Some awards recognise "progression": eg. Consistent good results in performance or outstanding attendance are credited with a "STAR" to the awards. Nor Hafiza Binte MehadE22010
17101061Staff WelfareUsed to have full annual medical check up
We should propose to have annual medical checkup free/discounted price every year.
It could be an arranged concept like what we had before or at our own time at a clinic.
This welfare system is to encourage more care from the top and awareness for the staff
to make necessary lifestyle changes if necessary.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.RoushanE52010
17101062Staff TrainingWorkshops are given in survey form to SPEs to attend. No enough information about the workshops are given. For eg. Photography Workshop or Excel workshop, no information whether is is beginner level is given. With more specific information given, SPEs can choose more wisely which workshop they are interested to participate in before the confirmation can be made from the company side. More details are only given after confirmation has been made and when SPEs realised is something not they wanted, it is a bit difficult to change or cancel it.
Include more specific details like Dates of the workshop, Level of the workshop (is it for beginner, intermediate or Expert?), Venue of the workshop, Time, etc. This should allow SPEs to make decisions wisely on which workshop to participate based on their availability and interest.
Training department will consider the suggestion for improvement on the course information provided.Lionel TeoE22010
17101063Add 'Event/Competition' column to Clubs & Societies CCA LeadershipIn JCs, unlike Secondary Schools, the students organise school-wide events under teachers' supervision. For example, Interact Club students organised and invited their schoolmates to the blood donation drive. Saints Advocates (or Community Welfare Club) invited Simei Care Centre to sell the handicraft to schoolmates and teaching staff.

Because the JC School Cockpit followed the Secondary School system in terms of format, I had to enter the individual CCA (Clubs & Societies) organising committees under 'Other Involvement', which is the manual entry. When reflected on the CCA Records, it is in this format 'Other Leadership Post (within School/CCA): (Name of Event) - (Position within Organising Committee). For example, for the blood donation drive will be reflected as 'Other Leadership Post (within School/CCA): Blood Donation Drive - Chairman of Organising Committee. When there is a Vice-Chairman, I need to select the other student in another round and make another manual entry into the system.

The entries looked cluttered on the 'Involvement Name' in the CCA Records. The Involvement Name read like this with the exact formatting from the CCA Records:

Other Leadership Post (within School/CCA): Community
Builder Week: Vice-Chairperson of Organising Committee
Other Leadership (within School/CCA): Migrant Workers
Awareness: Vice-Chairperson
Other Leadership (within School/CCA): Christian Mission
Week - Participant

I suggest that the School Cockpit Team add in an 'Event' column at the Leadership row. CCA Records will be neater for prospective employers to read.
Suggestion is suitable for sharing with other SPEsWU YANPINGS51010
17101064Aspire! Best Manager AwardDuring work plan, the awards given are mostly focused on SPEs' achievement -individually or as a cluster.

Where, behind the scene, the managers also play an important role towards achieving those goals.

To introduce Aspire! Best Manager Award.
Each SPE is to vote 3 managers.
Top 3 managers with the highest vote from the SPEs will received the Best Manager Award.
Award will be given during work plan.

Suggestion is not recommended. One way for SPEs to show their appreciation for their managers is through the "compliments" they give to the respective managers in the Annual Employee Survey.AsilahliyanaE32010
17101065Parent Care LeaveNo Parent Care Leave

Give 2 days of parent care leave in a year for employee. Staff welfare at no additional cost to company.
We can consider "parent care leave" as an option in the new SPE project. To have parent care leave will add to costs. More funding support will faciliate the introduction of such leave.April LimS72010
17101066Compliments for StaffNo tracking system for staff compliments

Share Google document with cluster members within a cluster to post compliments given to SPE. Can also be used as a reference in yearly performance appraisal.
Selective compliments can be found in the Aspire website.
April LimS73010
17101067Create a family like atmosphere.We lack of bonding and cohesion in the cluster. we only get together when there is company events and cluster meeting.

we should have a potluck on some occasion. For example, Christmas we can do exchange gift or deepavali we can have some deepavali food.
Suggestion is suitable for implementation. Do check with managers on the funding available for such "get together" session by clusters Siti nurshawalah binte rashidS7
17101068Cease SuggestionsPresently, every employee must give suggestions. Therefore majority will give rubbish just to satisfy the criteria. This is a waste of manpower going through a lot of rubbish just to find something useful. Should we be spending the company's resources to do this? Take for example: even MOE has stopped its MIB programme; if suggestions were so useful and essential, would MOE stop it?

Encourage voluntary suggestions, with proper rewards for the suggestion, e.g. if suggestion reduces $1K of the company's cost, then the suggester should receive 10%.

Suggestions should not be tied to any KPI.

Benefits: This will free company's resources for more important things, and will save time for the examiner to easier identify only sincere suggestions.
Suggestion on rewards in terms of certain percentage of costs saved in suggestion implemented can be considered further.

In Aspire, quality of suggestions has improved over the years. The suggestion scheme has positive results: sharing of best practices; provide a platform to raise any issues for improvements and opportuntities to be creative. Where possible, Aspire provides responses to the suggestions.

Please refer to the Aspire website for the criteria for a good suggestion: (1) some form of research or survey done (2) suitable benchmarking with competitors (but not with civil servants) (3) cost of implementation or saving. (4) suggestions which have not been suggested before (5) suggestion which has been tested by the cluster or suggester (6) sample document or template (emailed separately to suitable for sharing.
Eric MitchellE53010
17101069Efficient Storage of PropsMany props & materials used in company activities are discarded, lost or damaged. This is against the company policy of reduce, reuse & recycle.

1. Designate a room or corner in company HQ, with reusable props/equipment to reuse at future events.

2. Encourage all banners to have no date, e.g. 'Bowling 2016' should be printed as 'Bowling' only so that the banner can be used in future years.

3. Have a catalog list & post online for event planners to know what props we have available.

This will show others that we actively practise the 3Rs.
Suggestion is suitable for consideration and implementation.Eric MitchellE521010
17101070New Staff Training in SchoolsNew staff are trained at HQ. They have no idea what schools are like. When they are finally posted, they might be shocked how school life is like.

Have a session in a school to see how they would like to work in a school environment.
This will help to orientate them and enable them to make up their minds whether they want to work as SPEs or not.
It will also weed out those who start work, and find out that schools are not for them.
Suggestion is already in line with what have been done. New SPEs have to attend School Orientation Programme conducted by SPE in school.Eric MitchellE52010
17101071Cluster's own CSRCurrently, various clusters are combining manpower to complete CSR projects. Despite it being an enriching experience, members who are not able to commit to the project or attend the event may

To allow Clusters to participate in respective small scale CSR events so as to encourage maximum involvement by all members of the cluster.
Corporate CSRs which more SPEs are interested can be recommended through their managers for further consideration.Sarah SaniE13010
17101072Gratitude Notes / Thank You Lettersrandomly (maybe) some cluster practice giving out thank you notes to their cluster members.

To get everyone involve in thanking any person that has impacted their life positively. This thank you notes can be given out not only within cluster, also across cluster or to HQ (and vice-versa). The number of thank you notes given out or received is unlimited.
Suggestion is recommended for implementation.Asilah LiyanaE331010
17101073Cluster Meeting or BondingWe only see our cluster members during certain events like example cluster meeting and during cluster meeting we dont talk much to each other,as the itinery is plan for us and further more each time cluster meeting ,we will go to a school.

Why not once a while we have cluster meeting or even bonding with our cluster at outdoor?
Like example Sentosa.
Suggestion is recommended for implementation.Nurul AzieraE121010
17101074Bonding with all clusterWhenever there are any meeting/bonding session, we tend to sit with our own cluster. I'd prefer bonding with Aspire! team rather than bonding within cluster.

Since there are many new faces in Aspire! (including myself), I'd love to make more friends with different cluster. Perhaps we can split the team and join another team to bond with each other for the day only. May consider to keep doing it so as in the future too! On a good note, our manager doesn't have to go around different places on different days for meetings.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Nur Ismaliah Binte IsmailE12010
17101075SME Payroll AppSME Payroll and WMS canonly be accessed through website.

To have SME Payroll/WMS accessible and SPEs are able to access and update leave system on the go; E.g. App
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Sarah SaniE12010
17101076Improvements for SPEx AppThere is no proper guide on how to use the app for first time users. Also, there are no notifications or reminders to tell the user that we have yet to clock in, etc. Lastly, even though our working hours have been set, each time when the user clocks out the pop up states something like 'Looks like you are leaving early' when in actual fact we are not.

It would be good to have an official guide for first time or new users like myself for the initial usage. For example, as the app is an external enterprise app, for iphone users they have to know how to go about establishing the 'trust' for enterprise apps like these which I feel that not many people will actually know how to do it. Also, having notifications to help serve as a reminder to the user that they have to clock in or out for the day, will be useful. This is because I believe that many of us, myself included - will tend to forget to clock in and out especially when we are in a rush, etc. Lastly, improving in the accuracy of the application in terms of aligning it to the timing that we clock out and also the leave status for each user so that we will know how much leaves we are left instead of having to login to the payroll portal. I personally feel that further improvements on the app should be done if the company decides to make this a permanent thing in the long run for tracking of SPEs attendance or in replacement of the time sheet.
The SPEx team will study your proposal.Michelle YeoE11010
17101077SPE Yearly Work CalendarAt times SPEs are unaware of the different events happening throughout the year, and some do not even know if such events exist.

At the start of each year, SPEs will get a calendar for the year, for reference so that SPEs are able to arrangements to attend work related events. This will benefit new SPEs as they will start asking about those events on the calendars and increase the awareness of such events. A brief description of the events will also be displayed in the calendar so everyone have a clear idea on what will be in store every year.
Suggestion is suitable for consideration and implementation.Syafiq ShariffE121010
17101078Applying leaveApply leave online through WMS

Can ride on the SPEx or an app that allows you to apply leave easily rather than logging into WMS.
SPEx team will consider your proposalMunirahE11010
17101079SPE Day or somethingSuggestion:
We can have an appreciation day for SPE. Like nurses day, we can have a day off or an event in the morning and can leave for the rest of the day 😀
Suggestion is not recommended.MunirahE13010
17101080Cluster Level DevelopmentCurrently we only heard of individual development courses, such as photography, etc.

It would be great to have a cluster level development, going to upgrade or enhance learning as a cluster by going through courses/workshops together. This helps to promote bonding among cluster members, and SPEs would be more motivated to go. Workshops/courses offered should be align with the interest of the cluster itself. For example, cluster E1 will discuss what are the possible workshops/courses that E1 would definitely be interested in and beneficial. On top of that, E1 will work with the management to make it happen. This helps to enhance learning as well, as the cluster is learning together, and benefit from such courses and workshops.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration and development. Please refer to manager.Syafiq ShariffE12010
17101081Humanitarian Volunteer ProjectCurrently the projects that clusters are handling / planning are based locally (PPIS) and sometimes within the company such as D&D.

It would be interesting if we could plan a project overseas to batam or JB orphanages.

We can donate food items or clothes that are in good condition, help them rebuild their classrooms or provide books for educational purposes. We can also benefit the children by teaching them Basic English too and organizing activities for the children to keep them entertained. Not sure if this is feasible but it will be interesting to have such an event.
Corporate CSRs which more SPEs are interested can be recommended through their managers for further consideration.Nur AfiqahE13010
17101082Aspire EventsThis year's D&D was my very first big event aside from the Workplan Award hosted by Aspire. I expected it to be very fun and have lots of interactions with other cluster members as we hardly meet despite being under one company. However, my very first D&D experience was basically mundane overall. I appreciate the fact that they invited great host like Fakkafuz and our local comedian, Kumar. Ironically, I felt that the D&D was more of dinner with no dance. It's rather pathetic that we only mingle with our own cluster and hardly any interactions with other clusters. It feels like there are huge gap and boundaries that overwhelmed the awkwardness throughout the function.
I should think there should have more interaction games / quizzes so that we can feel bonded during the function. This is to lessen the awkwardness that we already have before the function. This will also make us feel together as one company so that we know of one another's background a little bit. I also think that they should include the dancing in D&D, if not it'll be known as Dinner & Dinner. Overall, I feel that the cluster who managed the event did their best to make a successful one despite slight hiccups.
Suggestion is sutiable for further consideration for implementation.Amirah FatinS711010
17101083Anonymity of surveyThere are a few surveys that Aspire! has asked partners to do, no matter what the objective is. A few recent examples to give is Aspire! Employee Survey + Staff Survey on Medical Insurance.

In the email that is sent out together with the survey link, there will be messages saying that survey responses will be strictly confidential, etc. But when you open the link to the survey, at times, the first few questions are questions to identify yourself (Name and Cluster, mainly). And these questions are REQUIRED questions. Where’s the confidentiality of the surveys then, when you are REQUIRED to indicate your name and cluster as well in your survey.

This is especially so for the Aspire! Employee Survey. The first few questions can already streamline individuals based on the responses for position, age group, school zones, and length of service. These kind of required questions are still considered ok and uphold the confidentiality of the survey. But it totally defeats the purpose when required questions like specific clusters and name are also REQUIRED at the end of the survey. This is especially so for the name portion. Even with this disclaimer: Name is recommended. The survey is strictly confidential but if you wish to remain anonymous, you may put your name as NA. I strongly believe that Aspire! should put a halt to this ironic confidentiality claim that they have always said and used. I understand that Aspire! wants to make sure and aim to have full participation of this survey, but I truly believe that there are other means to get full participation than jeopardizing the confidentiality word. Of course, you can have a choice yourself to type in your name, but you wont know what your other cluster mates typed in. For all you know, they’d typed in their name and you’re the only one who doesn’t (for example). Then without any doubt, you know from whom that particular response is from.

Another close example would be MOE’s School Climate Survey. It is done with utmost confidentiality that even when it reaches the school leaders, the anonymity of the responses remains.

As above, remove the required portion for obvious identification, e.g. name, cluster on these surveys to uphold the anonymonity.
Suggestion will be considered further.

Confidentiality and amonymity are different. Whenever surveys are complusory, name is recommended. So far, majority has no issue in providing their name in the survey. With the name provided, management wlll be able to address any issues better which affect only specific SPEs.

Sri Amirah Binte SuhairiE52010
17101084Performance AppraisalEvery SPE would have to complete different parts of their appraisal with their RO at different times of the year. Constant reminders are given by our respective managers for SPEs to remind ROs to complete their appraisal.

It would be environmentally friendly, and also convenient if there was a Performance Appraisal portal that would prompt SPEs/ROs to complete the different parts of Performance Appraisal at different times of the year. Not sure if it is doable - but if every RO-SPE has their own account/common platform to access the Performance Appraisal, it could perhaps save some of the managers' time from having to send reminders.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.HazimahE52010
17101085Award for 'Best Event of the Year'The SPEs from different clusters have been organising events annually. To improve on the quality and participation of the events, it will be good if there's an award for the best event organised for that year so as to motivate the cluster or group to do better for every events.

Therefore, it will be good to have an Award to recognise the clusters effort in organising the events. We can come out with a rubrics of requirement that the organising committee need to achieve to earn that award thus that will inspired the cluster to do well and the events will be better than before. Example of the requirements to achieve the award will be based on Surveys/Feedback after the event = 30%, Team Coordination = 20%, Teamwork = 20%, Participation = 10%, Creativity = 20% etc.
Suggeseton is suitable for further consideration.RasyidahE2
17101086Parent Care LeaveThere is currently no leave given especially for caring of Parents similar to that of MOE's PCL.

Many elderly parents will require their children to accompany them to medical appointments. PCL can be implemented to support SPEs with such situations. To avoid the misuse of such leave, a medical chit can be requested with the parent's name to show as evidence.
We can consider "parent care leave" as an option in the new SPE project. To have parent care leave will add to costs. More funding support will faciliate the introduction of such leave.Nurasyikin Binte IshakE23010
17101087SPE Expertise Database Currently we only have a list of SPE Contact List but without their expertise and skills provided.

An SPE Expertise Database has proven to be useful in E2 as we are able to contact a member directly for specific help when needed. However, all members in a cluster may not have the same knowledge or experiences as other members in other clusters. By providing a database with all SPE's expertise, any SPE with difficulty may contact other SPEs of different clusters easily for assistance.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration for implementation.Nurasyikin Binte IshakE231010
17101088SPE Attachment / SPE ExchangeThere have been occasions of SPE Exchanges but done by school leaders. Our best practices are usually passive (shown by theory).
A SPE Attachment programme for new SPEs before they are deployed to a school can be beneficial for them to gain some knowledge before plunging into the new environment.

A SPE Exchange programme for new/old SPEs can be beneficial as we get to exchange ideas and practices and at the same time, we are not only learning from the SPE but the SPE's colleagues. As there may be some processes that (for example) SPE A handles in a school but SPE B does not, SPE B may not raise it as a best practice but SPE A may be able to observe while on the exchange and share it with his school.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration for implementation.Nurasyikin Binte IshakE221010
17101089Dental CareNIL

Add dental care plan to cover at least half payment.

Thank you
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.HeydaE52010
17101090Annual Health ScreeningSPEs are the workforce & their health is crucial to the company. Health screenings are not regular & SPEs may not be aware of any health problems, e.g. pre-diabetic, & could be too late if they find out later.

Have an annual basic health check to help SPEs know their condition so that they can take immediate action to preempt potential health problems.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.EricE52010
17101091SPE Workout DayFor this year, there isn't any outdoor event or sporty event except bowling.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, we can have a workout day. Clusters can have station Games relating to exercise workout. We can also have a mass zumba session. It helps to promote healthy lifestyle while our colleagues can also bond over this fun workout day. Although we used to have sports challenge, this event can be considered to be done at a low-risk, light workouts so that staff of all age are able to participate. E2 will probably be trying this out on a small scale with a small group of school staff next year.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Kamilah ZahriE22010
17101092Corporate National Steps Challengenil.

Company can consider in being part of the Corporate National Steps Challenge. It may encourage staff to stay healthy while counting their steps! 🙂
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration.Kamilah ZahriE22010
17111093Cluster Meetings-Ice BreakingCurrently, S2 practices ice breaking at the start of the meeting by answering random questions from the bowl. The questions are from each of us in the team.

There's a chewy sweets produced by the natural confectionery co. Each sweet have two questions. Example : 'What's one talent most people don't know you have?', ' What's your dream job?'. It is fun, and we can have a sweet at the same time!
Suggestion is suitable for SPE SharingNajihaS22011
17111094Psychometric TestDuring Workplan Seminar, the organiser brought in a speaker to speaks on productivity. Every year, I went back and realize, nothing that the speaker share can be applied personally or apply it at work or apply it in a cluster level.

In order for a cluster to work well with each other, firstly it is best to know each other strength and weaknesses. My school brought in a speaker and conduct a psychometric test for the individual (to know oneself better), department level (how we work as a team in a department), small committees and KPIs. These psychometric test increase personal awareness and also recognising each other strength and weakness. This possibility allows us to tackle group dynamic and organizational behaviour which something we can learn from Workplan Seminar.

The collective chart is also a feedback for the HQ personnel to understands the strength of the SPEs and how we can move as a company in a common objective and vision. To add on, a psychometric test also reduce the mundane 'boring' seminar as we will be engaged in strings of questionnaires and understanding oneself.

Cluster Leaders and Assistant Cluster Leaders will be able to understand the cluster dynamic in a working setting better.
Suggestion is suitable for further consideration. Please provide more information on your proposed "psychometri test" programme through your manager for management's consideration for 2018 Work Plan.Siti Nur SabrinaS22011
17121095Engaging with SchoolsROs may not know what SPEs do when company ask for release to attend events, meetings, retreat etc.

As the company is focusing on partnering and engaging with schools next year, we can consider writing a newsletter to schools to update them on what went on during the events that SPEs are significantly involved.
Example, for the recent Work Plan, we can write a newsletter based on what was shared during the event and attached photos of the award winners, clusters etc. This will benefit all the other ROs who did not attend the Work Plan.
The newsletter can also be a cluster based if it affects only the cluster for a certain event. Example, engaging with cluster schools through events.
It will also give them a better understanding of what SPEs do outside of school especially for schools who may have restrictions in releasing the SPEs for events.
This way, ROs will be more supportive in releasing the SPEs for company events and SPEs can also contribute to the company more.
We invite all SPEs interested to contact your manager if you are interested to make contibutions to this "newsletter" or similar publication.KamilahE231012
17121096 Add On to Others' Suggestion (Use same Title of Suggestion)Ref sno: 1606840; E2 (Nurhanisah Bte Jamil)

Currently, all SPEs are working at their own school and rarely move around to other schools to experience and learn from other SPEs. On the other hand, good practices by SPEs are hardly shared by other SPEs

1) To identify areas of concern
One day exchange programme might be sufficient to cover one or two related areas, we can short list SPEs' good practice as in Staff Suggestion Scheme or during cluster meeting. Next we can allow Schools' RO to select for their SPEs or fellow SPEs can select to join in the programme. E.g. PE Store management, How to organize a successful Sec 2/ P5 Camp?
2) To conduct the exchange programme during off-peak season so as not to affect SPEs daily work schedule.
We can encourage such "exchange programme" with the support from schools and SPEsTNG CHIN MENGS631012
17121097Suggestion scheme notificationWhen we did our suggestion, we are not sure whether it has been replied or token was given to our suggestion.

To get an email alert once administrator replied so that we are aware that our suggestion has been attended to.
All replies and results of suggestions are published in the Aspire! Website. SPEs are encouraged to check the website regularly for any update.Nur Shirah Binte RafidiS52012
17121098 Staff Training & DevelopmentDuring meetings, the role of the minute taker is usually given to those who are familiar with minutes taking. So the same members are doing it. The rest would decline as they are not familiar with it. It would be good to have a minutes taking course or training.

It would be good to have a minutes taking course or training. It could be provided during the SPE's training, together with cockpit, RAMS etc.
The training department will review the need for this course. If offered, it may be part of the enrichment course for SPEs.Mohamed QabeerS62012


C) Below are suggestions from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 with comments and rating.

Serial No.TitleSuggestionComment from Suggestion CommitteeFromDeptRatingTokenMTH
1601660Variety of training / courses availableTo provide a variety of courses which may not be related to work activity, but as an avenue to try out new things. Eg: baking class, sewing class, bag making, tshirt printing etc. It will also serve as a bonding session between SPEs as we will bond better around those with similar interest.SPEs can seek approval from their ROs and managers to release them from work to attend courses under Future Skills Credit to meet individual interests. See:
1601661Sharing of Cluster Award Results to ROsAll Cluster Award recipients' ROs be informed that their SPEs have achieved Cluster Award. It would be nice for ROs who missed the Workplan and Award Presentation to be informed that their SPEs have achieved the Cluster Awards as well. This helps to keep ROs in the loop and also know that SPEs' contributions are recognized at company level. In addition, it also helps to strengthen relationship between ROs and Aspire!. ROs will also be more understanding in releasing SPEs for future events knowing that they are all being recognized.Aspire! will resume the practice of notifying the objectives and winners of Best Cluster Awards to all ROs and to encourage ROs to support their SPEs. see: HQ Notification 7 Apr 2016Chia Hwee TzeE74Yes1
1601662MOE eRISA training session on the interactions and features of the eRIS portal. If not, a sharing session is also fine.SPEs to inform their managers if they wish to participate in the sharing session on eRIS portal.Goh Chee HiongS13Yes1
1601663Dental benefits for SPEsSet aside a sum of money for staff to go for annual dental check-up. Just simple cleaning and polishing. Since every 6 months, a visit to the dental is recommended. This can be optional for SPEs, where survey is sent to all for them to respond if they would like to go for this dental checkup as some might have their regular checkup with their dental clinic. This promotes dental hygiene too!Aspire! welcome the idea to promote dental care and will study the options available. Benchmark: In 2013 Budget, Govt subsidise 85 per cent of dental bills with annual cap of $120 for civil servant.Diyana Marina Bte JasmiE7201
1601664Monthly ReportTo make it every '2 months report' instead of every month so that we have lots of things to type downIt is more difficult to recall tasks completed 8 weeks ago as compared to 4 weeks ago.Siti Nurshawallah Binte RashidS7101
1601665House Practice Attendance SheetsGenerate house report from School Cockpit. Use MS Excel to create house attendance. Add column for 8 practice date. Separate attendance by levels, to ease marking of templateTan Chui MuiS3201
1602666Events to be handled by 1 cluster onlyTo leave the whole event to one cluster to plan will be easier for one to have consensus over timing and venue to meet. Since all of us are in the East, we won't mind opening up our schools for meetings if necessary. It's easier and nearer to our school and we can obviously save on travelling time. I don't think anyone of us will be willing to travel to the South and vice versa. Thus, i believe we can better work as one cluster than 2 together. The larger the group, the more different ideas there are, the more conflicts there will be.Different clusters worked together in organising events can promote bonding and learning opportunities at a wider scale. If 1 event is organised by only 1 cluster, half of our 14 clusters will not have any event to organise. Cluster members with travelling or other difficulties when organising events are encouraged to consult their managers.Yeo Jun Wen PamelaE1202
1602667Competency on Cockpit InputsA simple template will be created and given to the HODs. HODs will key in the programmes and courses attended by students by terms. HOD will also reflect TIC for the respective programmes. With template in hand, it will be a point of reference for SPE to liase with the TIC in order to get namelist from TIC.Nadiah HashimS7202
1602668Loaning of Equipment during RecessUsing a wooden pegs system to indicate what equipment the students borrowed when they submit their ez-link card for temporary exchange.Shared by Fadzila: Wooden Pegs SystemNUR FADZILAS5202
1602669Meeting Minutes WorkshopTo send SPE to minutes writing workshop.We had minutes writing workshop conducted in Dec 2015. The next minutes writing workshop will be held in Sep 2016.Nur Nadirah JamadiE1202
1602670Social media contest suggestion for company.Social Contests are a great way to increase engagement, reach, followers and leads. Target Audience must be clear- Management/ SPE 1) Contest- Photo Contest With a Vote Contest, you can gain interaction with your supporters by asking them their views, and your supporters get to take action by voting.- By doing this, you may introduce our Management Staff to the SPEs. Example XXX enjoyed drawing comic. Azizah may post one of her comical artwork and let the ground* vote who the owner of the art work. The answer shall review on 16th feb, at 2pm Stay Tune Guys . ( Prizes for the 1st correct voter you won yourself a pair of GV Tickets.) Answer: Cynthia Chua Our HR Manager. 2) Contest: Voting !!! You can gain interaction with your supporters by asking them their views, and your supporters get to take action by voting. Example Aspire is participating in Purple Parade. May you all give some ideas, how can we contribute to help the less fortunate. (Top 3 winners, will each won yourself a $20 NTUC Voucher) 3) Contest: Essay Contest Usually Involve more audience* and you may ask them to express their feeling in 30 to 50 words. Example a photo with an elderly pushing the cardbroad cart 4) Lastly- We are Aspirean, we believe in working argh ha ... ... NO... ... To make us feel proud and belong to this company. We may have a Aspire LOGO Contest/ T-shirt Contest. We a clear instruction, timeline and Excitement. Example The logo must be in Jpeg Format. 2 Colours and ASPIRE must be in Cap lock Format. Email to XXX@aspiregroup. com by 28th Feb 3pm. We will review the 3 judges soon on 18th Feb 2pm. Stay Tune for more updates. PRIZES: 1st Winner- $100 Cash and $100 Kampong Voucher 2nd - $100 Cash 3rd - $50 Cash +$50 Kampong Voucher Hope my suggestion helps 🙂Aspire! Social Contests trigger off other ideas of how we can reach out not only to SPEs but their colleagues in their working environment. Lets keep this idea developing further.Ng Chien WeiE13Yes2
1602671ASPIRE RESILIENCE WALKATON 2016WHY not we have a RESILIENCE WALKATON for ASPIRE ? Resilience is defined as an individual's ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. Everyone is able to walk regardless of age and even elderly with knee cap problem is able to walk ... ... Most importantly, it offering a wonderful opportunity to connect with others. To make the event an excitement ones and also a form of publicity to the public. 1) A TEAM You need SPE to Recruit Sponsor and brain storm the Theme for the Walkaton etc. 2) Resilience Walkaton must have a T-shirt for every Walker. 3) The Top 3 Walker will each received XXX Prizes. 3) The Walk must have a ASPIRE Mascot and the future in every of our event- Mascot represent ASPIRE Identity - Just like the Apple* on the i phone ha no no I not Steve Job supporter. 4) Engage every SPE in Social Media - Example- A) Stay Tune for the Update of ASPIRE RESILIENCE WALKATON 2016 Goodies Bag. B) Contest of Goodies Bag Items Winner with the best Goodies Bag Idea will walk away with a ASPIRE Exclusive Goodies Bag. 5) Other then HIW, it can be a CHARITY EVENT Too. For Every 10 Walker who can finishes the walk within 1 hour (must be reasonable and appropriate) ASPIRE will donate $100 to XXX Foundation. 6) During the event, consider having special prizes at each distance milestone. Just a suggestion 🙂You may wish to propose to your cluster and manager for this event to be taken up as Aspire! Sports Challenge 2017 or as your cluster activity.Ng Chien WeiE13Yes2
1602672Sports Heats Selection SheetTabulated Participants' Names and Events using MS Execl. House Master can view all the event taken by any participant in one line. Hence, participant will not be templateMay TanS32Yes2
1602673YOGA Retreat- Using Yoga to Teach Teamwork and Diversity AwarenessWhy Yoga Retreat? 1) Detox digitally- Yoga Retreat sound more o cell phone buzzing or boss wat app reminder you about deadlines etc. On retreats, it feels a lot more natural to breathe deeply and be present in the moment. 2) Practice HIW- Health is Wealth FACILITATES TEAMWORK- From Management to SPEs work out together allows them to get to know their HQ Management and SPEs. 3) Relax and de-stress + Improve Staff engagement. 4) May look as an individual but Teamwork breathing exercises, meditation and partner poses are but three means by which yoga develops teamwork. When doing yoga, the principle aim is to join your body, breath and mind to produce positive change physically, emotionally and spiritually. This sense of union will benefit the individual as well as the group. Lastly here a website- Aspire can work with them to customise one 🙂We are not ready for Yoga Retreat but would like to keep the subject open for further review and feedback.Ng Chien WeiE1102
1602674Program Booklet for all major school eventsAll these information will be compiled and bind into a little booklet and given to teachers running the camp. I started off with each teacher given a file with all these information but decided on the booklet to minimize carbon footprint. This booklet is also extended to other events such as school cross country, commendation day awardShared by Vincent Goh: Program Booklet for CampVincent GohS62Yes2
1602675To include- MFA link under Travel DeclarationMFA link for SPE to register as well as to check the latest news update by MFA.Implemented: Link is provided after submission of Aspire! Travel Declaration.Ng Chien WeiE14Yes2
1602676AIA Medical Benefits/CoverageTo upload the list of benefits similar to the list of panel of doctors in the website. This way, we can download and refer to the medical coverage.Implemented: download guideFirdausE74Yes2
1602677Staff Contact List SearchInclude SPE's area of specialty in search/Specialist SPEs. e.g. for SPEs inquiring about Cockpit can look for those few trainers/SPEs who are more knowledgeable about it.Implemented: Once the list is compiled, it can be uploaded.NUR FAIEZAH BINTE OSMANS44Yes2
1602678A voting system on employees' suggestionsJust like how we can upvote or downvote comments on certain sites like YouTube, employees would be given rights to vote or comment on suggestions that they believe will be beneficial, or that they agree with and wish to be implemented. An alternative would be to create a thread with each suggestion (if possible) and employees can add on to the suggestions on the thread itself.Implemented: the links are provided in the suggestion page in the Aspire! website. In addition, SPEs will be able to view the results of the voting.NUR FAIEZAH BINTE OSMANS44Yes2
1602679Improvement to website in areas as mentioned in the emails dated 22 and 23 Feb 2016 to Aspire! Operations DirectorImprovement to website in areas as mentioned in the emails dated 22 and 23 Feb 2016 to Aspire! Operations DirectorImplemented: Most of the suggested areas for improvement have been implemented. The lists of areas of improvement can be viewed upon request emailed to Operations Director.Peh Kian ChaiS24Yes2
1602680To create a system for staff- HQ and SPE recordsWith the SPE Profile system within aspire new website ( only for HQ) Shankar or even the management could update accordingly by cluster. Every single details are capture in the SPE profile system n its a plus point for future audit too.Implemented: We are continually looking into how we can increase productivity with given resources.Ng Chien WeiE14Yes2
1602681Have an automated acknowledgement reply upon sending Attendance/Monthly ReportTo have an automated reply stating that the email has been received. This is similar to the Out of Office reply that can be set when being out of the office temporarily. This would allow the SPE to acknowledge that the mail has been successfully sent and received on the other end.ImplementedMohammad ZhafrieS74Yes2
1602682Symbol of Aspire!In case the company wants to have a flower symbol that signifies aspirations, they can use the Stargazer Lily. See description from Stargazer Lilies Known for the stunning appearance of their star-shaped blooms and their distinctly sweet fragrance, stargazer lilies are a majestic masterpiece. The flower meanings traditionally associated with Stargazer Lilies are innocence and purity, but the more modern connotations are honor and ASPIRATION.Thanks for the suggestion.Eric MitchellE5102
1602683Use of the word AspirantsI recommend the word 'ASPIRERS' because it sounds more active and go-getting. Defined in the online dictionaries as 'one who aspires'.Thanks for the suggestion.Eric MitchellE5102
1603684Let Cluster Leaders know an hour after Timesheet and Monthly report submisssion deadline: Which SPE have not submit.Hence Let Cluster Leaders know about an hour after Timesheet and Monthly report submisssion deadline: Which SPE have not submited. By doing so, the leaders can help the ZM to call up the mentioned SPE and help remind them with their submission.Thanks for the suggestion.Yong Chee SeongS5203
1603685Conditions to use leaveIt will be great to include the info on the WMS portal or the Aspire website.Implemented:download Guide to Leave MatterGoh Chee HiongS14Yes3
1603686Course for Handling School Parents Inquiries.Hope HQ could find whether there is a course that teaches us how to effectively communicate with problematic or unruly parents. Because unlike the course 'effective communication at workplace', it does not address the problem SPE may face with parents.We will study the needs of SPEs in this area and conduct workshop if necessary. SPEs may also read up on the topice in internet: suggested guideYong Chee SeongS5203
1603687MOE Mergers Series1) ASPIRE as a People Company, should start to send Manager to talk to affected school. 2) ASPIRE as a People Company, should start to talk to individual SPE. 3) As to avoid high turn over rate, ASPIRE, too facing a lot of pressure, should reassure SPE that they will try their best to cater the School- to their Current Job Scope. 4) When Company are accountable, this means that Aspire have made the decision to assume responsibility and take the required steps to problem solve before the situation gets out of hand. 5) If company set the tone for the organization , A positive attitude can neutralize chaos and allow employee to course correct through any negativity.Implemented: See email from Operations Director to affected SPEs HQ NoticeNg Chien WeiE14Yes3
1603688Aspire Envelop template Printout-For Submitting MCs & other relevant docsInstead of HQ providing envelopes and SPE need to constantly track their envelope stock level, might as well make it that when SPE need to submit any documents. They just need to go to a link, download then print the required envelopes. I have a sample of the envelope, complete with instructions and Aspire address.We are checking with Post Office on the specific requirements before we can implement it.Mohammad Syah Iskandar Bin MuslimS53Yes3
1603689Skillfuture CreditsIn line with the Skillfuture credit movements, with support and approval from the school, I would like to suggest Company to be in support of the movement without affecting our leaves. As the government is encouraging individuals ownership of skill and upgrade our personal development.SPEs can seek approval from their ROs and managers to release them from work to attend courses under Future Skills Credit to meet individual interests. See: HashimS73Yes3
1603690Induction ProgrammeAllow them to do reliefs and give them a permanent spot as soon as the Induction Programme ended.We are appreciate all SPEs who are waiting for placement in schools. The opportunity for placement or relief assignment depend on availability in schools, travelling distance, schools' acceptance and factors beyond Aspire!'s control. We do not require any SPEs to wait beyond 1 month after end of Induction programme so that they do not miss out on other job opportunities.Amirah FatinS7103
1603691PROVIDE DENTAL BENEFITSIt will be best if the company current insurance can cover a little of basic dental cleaning. Basic cleaning and whitening.Dental Costs are not covered by medical scheme. We are studying how dental care can be part of Aspire! welfare benefit.Nabilah SalimS7203
1603692Re-schedule of cluster retreatTo schedule retreat during school holidays and also to do it a one day thing in Singapore since different SPEs have different school schedule. places of suggestions: amped trampoline park, baseball cage, rock climbing, sentosa activitiesWe are considering the need to hold a SPE retreat every year in Singapore without overnight stay to benefit those who are unable to travel overseas due to family or personal commitments. SPE overseas retreat can still continue.Shawallah RashidS73Yes3
1603693Staff RetreatIt is best if it could be local & not overnight event. As we have personal commitments especially for married / person with responsibilities such as caring for someone who is incapable of caring themselves.We are considering holding a SPE retreat every year in Singapore without overnight stay to benefit those who are unable to travel overseas due to family or personal commitments. SPE overseas retreat can still continue.Siti SuhailahS73Yes3
1603694Induction ProgrammeThe managers may want to keep in touch with the trainees as and when there are available schools for relief.We are appreciate all SPEs who are waiting for placement in schools. The opportunity for placement or relief assignment depend on availability in schools, travelling distance, schools' acceptance and factors beyond Aspire!'s control. We do not require any SPEs to wait beyond 1 month after end of Induction programme so that they do not miss out on other job opportunities.Nur Khaliesah Bte ShawalriS7203
1603695To Organize Retreat for SPE's in Singapore setting.To have retreats during the day so that we do not need to stay away from home and we can attend to our loved ones.We are considering the need to hold a SPE retreat every year in Singapore without overnight stay to benefit those who are unable to travel overseas due to family or personal commitments. SPE overseas retreat can still continue.Pramela D/O SukumaranS73Yes3
1603696The website of end submission.At the end of the page kindly input the home button.It appears not possible to have the "home button" under the current website system.Nur FatihahS7203
1603697Eldercare LeaveStaff WelfareWhen considering any increase in leave entitlement, we need to consider whether (1) we are allowed to bill on days when leave are taken (2) extent of costs incurred in relief provision in during leave taken.
Eldercare Leave is not recognised for billing purpose and it will be at Aspire!'s own costs if it is implemented. Aspire! will continue to monitor the situation on the need for Eldercare Leave.
April LimS7203
1603698Aspire WebsiteI think it will be helpful if the SPEs can update their own information into the website on their own & the website will alert the company / update automatically to the company rather than updating it to the RO / CL / ACL which might overwhelm them or risks of info not updating.Any direct update by SPEs is welcome. The currently website system does not have such rights. Aspire! reassures that the website is updated with information provided by SPEs.Siti SuhailahS7203
1603699CCA Attendance TemplateI have come up with an attendance template whereby from each individual CCA, CCA attendance for each level, CCA transfers in/out for each term is reflected. It is easier for SPEs to cross check and input it into Cockpit.Shared: templateNadiah HashimS72Yes3
1603700Subsidised Dental CareStaff WelfareDental Costs are not covered by medical scheme. We are studying how dental care can be part of Aspire! welfare benefit.April LimS7203
1603701To Create a Nominal Roll Template for Coaches /Instructors in schoolsTo create a template for Coaches /Instructors to contact.Shared: pending template to be provided by SPE.Pramela D/O SukumaranS7203
1603702WMSIt is best if we could just apply online & have the RO to approve our leave on the system to avoid us having to submit a hardcopy as it is already 'live' on the system & transparent for both the ZM & RO.Hard Copy is to meet MOE's requirement to have a written confirmation that no stand is required.Siti SuhailahS7203
1603703Mindfulness CourseStaff WelfareMore specific information is required on whether ROs or MOE will consider mindfulness course is useful in the work of SPEs.April LimS7103
1603704Sports IncentivePut aside an amount, $150-200 for sports incentive. Partners to come out with list of proposed activity based on niche sports group. To submit namelist and proposed dates. Left over money to be rolled over monthly or can be used to buy equipments (balls, bibs, sports drinks) for the next sports activity.Please check with managers on the type of funding available for HIW activity at cluster/company level. We encourage all SPEs to participate in all company Health is Wealth (HIW) activities funded by the company.WanaS1203
1603705Open links in new tabsOpen LINKS in new page, so can continue browsing the portal webpage while doing other things e.g. staff suggestions, WMS, etc.It appears not possible to have Links in new page under the current website system.WanaS1203
1603706Aspire TshirtAll staff to be given corporate polo T shirt for special events, CSR, etc. A common identity for all partners, not only HQ staff to represent our company. Financially, partners can fork out small fee ($5-10) for a tee. There will be a sense of belonging in a way. Like how MOE PE teachers have their own set of tshirts to wear. Will make us feel unique and known to public about our company. Will help in publicity, like walking ambassadors!All SPEs are issued with corporate T shirt in 2016 (logo iXcellence)WanaS14Yes3
1603707Aspire website- Homepage to include Newsfeeds/ Important Announcements from Aspire"Firstly, 'Aspire News' can relate to important announcements or newsfeeds which create awareness among the Aspire peers. That part area after the icon 'Aspireans Portal' can also act as a newsfeed which just require a small space for announcement (eg in format of scrolling texts) so we are aware the important newsfeeds announced by the Aspire. The announcement news can be such as of following few examples of newsfeeds: . 1) Announce any new opening/ closure or promotions' of Kampong Cafe2) Important news passed down from MOEs that need to make known to SPEs3) Aspire Major events - D & D etc"We need to set up more delicated team of newswriters / contributors to have regular postings on current matters. We welcome SPEs to contribute any news they wish to be posted in the website.Geok LingS63Yes3
1603708Aspire website- Predefined Textfields' entry box for ‘Present Situation and Suggestion for ImprovementTo increase the size box for Present Situation’ and ‘Suggestion for Improvement in terms of width and height (there are lots of space at the right hand) especially the “broader part of textfield entry box so the user can see their typed in texts clearly without squeezing their eyeballs into the small little space box. It also concern the website user-friendly interface with aspect to our some of our ‘older’ users who have far-sighted eye sight.The current size of column is automatic and it is at its best proportion for viewing.Geok LingS6 (Group)203
1603709Events Catering- Welfare for vegetariansIn respect to all of its employees and their religion as far as it concern not just halal, a professional catering should have what is catered for not only halal but also include strict vegetarian or even indian vegetarian for every events if meal is provided. Would suggest a separate bento vegetarian set from the main buffet line for strict vegetarian (a bento set is still very cheap!) so it doesn’t have to bring inconvenience to the kitchen chef who have to matter its food ingredients what needs and what not to be include for example one of dish - Vegetarian meehoon. This also encourage participants to the event (if is compulsory event) if every welfare of its participants’ request (even very small ones) is regarded and she /he can feel closer bond with the entire big family.We will study it on how we can do better in our food ordering to cater to the special needs of our guests in any of our company events.Geok LingS63Yes3
1603710Cluster RetreatOrganise a Cluster Retreat, regardless the proximity of the venue.We try not to increase the frequency and duration of SPEs being taken out from school during work. We do not exclude the possibiity of such event in the future.Aziz Abdul RazakS1203
1603711Overtime transportation claim for school (major) events with SPE involvement"As such situation to work late overtime is beyond SPE control (due to the event’s role and needs), if Aspire can provide this reasonable welfare for SPE who have to work very late for school events held outside of school. With company strict policy applied for overtime transport claim. For example as followed: 1) Only of certain timing for transport claims, (eg. after 10pm) 2) Only with RO/ HOD’s approval to witness our valid reason for staying late tied to transport claim (if require RO blk & wh written*)3) With statement of overtime in our monthly timesheet with RO’s approval"SPEs can inform managers if they had incurred such overtime transport costs which are not reimbursed by the schools or ROs. We will study what appropriate steps can be taken for a long term solutation to protect Aspire! and SPEs' interests.Geok LingS6203
1603712Stationary for new SPEA starter pack for newly posted SPEs as some schools do not provide stationery. The starter pack may include pens, pencils, stapler, hole puncher, etc.Schools are aware that they have to provide stationery to SPEs deployed to their schools. SPEs can seek assistance from managers if they encounter any problem with provision of stationery (which are school's property).Goh Chee HiongS1103
1603713Photos of Sports equipment for PE storeTo come up with a PDF file containing all the commonly used PE equipment and their names, along side with pictorial guides to help current/new SPE's identify the PE store items. We welcome the idea. We invite suggester or any SPEs to email to photographs of the PE equipment in their schools or to provide the list of PE items (from stock taking list). This list can be added on by other SPEs.Kenny LeowS63Yes3
1603714Aspire Website- Forum network (work related only not for casual entertainment discussion)"It will be useful to implement a discussion forum section in Aspire website. It will act as a central resource forum portal for all SPEs needs so they can source from there and find its best solution that suits its own individual needs. Not only that but also for the benefits of the involvement of entire Aspire group members who are able to contribute their ideas, problem-solving etc as well as foster a closer network bond, bridging a wider network platform all under one roof. It will also enrich the SPEs with wider resource if need help, not restricting within its own known network or resource, reduce the downtime waiting and limited solutions. What will be the content of this forum section can be suggested as followed: • Work ideas/ best practices/ methods/ enhancements to contribute or share topic like cockpit, rams, gebiz etc which have proven successful results in their respective working place. (can contributed by all SPEs, Trainers, Aspire Group members (eg. managers) ) • Q & As submitted by SPE who seek help in work related matters (can be replied by Aspire Group members (eg. managers) , trainers and experienced SPE) Subject resource such as cockpit, rams, events, software program etc cover tips & tricks, new add-ons/ teaching materials (contributed by respective trainers or experts which know the subject well)"Forum is created in the AG website under Staff folder on 15 July 2016.Geok LingS64Yes3
1603715Master List for courses takenTo provide for individual SPE the list of courses attended. This information can be obtained from the Master List which includes the courses each SPE has taken and the courses to attend for the year.We welcome the idea and will look into how it be best implemented.QabeerS63Yes3
1603716Staff Corporate Pass"It would be good if the company can offer corporate staff pass to visit places of interest like Zoo, Sentosa, Night Safari, Universal Studios Singapore etc.. This could add on to the current HR benefits/privileges. This way you can entice new employers with the privilege given and at the same time promote work/family balance in life for all staffs. Indirectly, staff welfare is taken care of."We can review it again if there is a demand for such corporate staff pass.Nur Diyana YacobS2103
1603717Instantaneous Information Cascading To SPEs"To cascade information to SPEs immediately for necessary action. eg. Corp service like handphone special rate/offer, special package outlets for SPEs etc"We will review how information can be better communicated effectively and timely to the SPEs.Koh Sia EngS2203
1603718WMS-Printing and viewing of monthly PayrollThe viewing of payroll can be expanded to show or display all the months and years with a selection box besides every lines instead of a single line presently. Suggest to remove the crystal report portion. Just show the option to 'save as' or 'print' or even 'email'.We cant make the changes to the WMS as it is not customised system.Sam TanE6103
1603719eRIS roleHave common role for all SPEs across the board. So when one encounters problem, we are able to assist them when need arises.We welcome the idea and will be collating the information for common sharing in the Aspire! Website.Mohamed Azmi bin DasiminE63Yes3
1603720Limited medical claim panelsI highly suggest if AG is able to widen/expand the medical claim panels to all hospitals as well.The panel of clinic or type of medical claims are not determined by Aspire! but by our insurance company. The medical benefits are comparable to what offered by other companies.Mohamed Azmi bin DasiminE6103
1603721SPE Training For Special Needs KidsSend new SPEs for MOE courses, e.g. FTGP on how to handle special needs kids.MOE Courses are not open to SPEs in general. SPEs who need to attend any specific courses can consult their ROs and managers.Eric MitchellE5203
1603722Rubrics for ITQ evaluation for Instructors registered with MOEAs there are currently no official rubrics of assessment by MOE. I decide make one base of the table to aid in evaluation and assessment of the vendor.Shared: pending template to be provided by SPE.Amir BohariE52Yes3
1603723Annual Dinner ChangeChange annual dinner to annual lunch instead, so that more Aspirants can attend, and we can have better participation. Have an option to extend later into the night for those who like to dance and party.We welcome more feedback from other SPEs on the subject matter. We are mindful that some schools may not release SPEs for the day event.Eric MitchellE5203
1603724Peer ObservationI would like to suggest, between their own clusters, cluster members can spend a few hours in another school to observe their peers on their daily job scope. This will help to exchange ideas and hopefully to streamline certain processes in their daily workload. Probably we can start off, peer observation between same level, primary with primary and secondary with secondary.We welcome the idea.Nadiah HashimS73Yes3
1603725SPE Retreat"Suggest to alternate the annual SPE Retreat between an overseas and local venue on separate year, with the local event being non stay-in.We are considering holding a SPE retreat every year in Singapore without overnight stay to benefit those who are unable to travel overseas due to family or personal commitments. SPE overseas retreat can still continue.Ronnie Tay Tian BinE73Yes3
1603726Corporate Discount from major Sports companyWould like Aspire! HQ to approach/request those major sports company to grant SPEs/HQ staffs, similar discount that they presently extend to school teachers, for the purchase of apparel/sports equipment.We have emailed to some major sports companies to find out more about it. We will review their replies for further recommendation.Ronnie TayE73Yes3
1603727Dental CareTo subsidies a certain amount for maximum of two dental visit per year.Aspire! welcome the idea to promote dental care and will study the options available. Benchmark: In 2013 Budget, Govt subsidise 85 per cent of dental bills with annual cap of $120 for civil servant.NUR FADZILAS5203
1603728Aspire HR Policy for Employee1) May come out with a simple booklet for New SPE. 2) Indicate in our Aspire Website Portal for all to view. Below are what I know of : Aspire! HR Policy 2016 Monthly Attendance Records 1) All employees are reminded to submit their Monthly Attendance Timesheet to Zone Manager.HQ through email by the 14th of every month. 2) All employees are also reminded to submit their endorsed Monthly Attendance Timesheet to HQ through fax by noon on 15th of every month. 3) Late submission of monthly Attendance Timesheet will affect the entire salary payment as well as personal SPE grading. 4) Punctuality in submission will also help to improve the overall cluster ranking. Monthly Reports 1) All Employees are reminded to submit their Monthly Report to Zone Manager and HQ through email by the 15th of every month. 2) Punctuality in submission of monthly report will help to improve their personal grading and the overall cluster ranking. To submit report to correct Email address: 1) Attendance Record: 2) Monthly report: Leave Clearance Form 1) All employees are advised to discuss with Zone Manager first before submission of the Leave Clearance Form, especially when relief is required. 2) All employees are reminded to submit the Leave Clearance Form reflecting the RO'’s signature, the school stamp and the dates that require relief if any. 3) All employees are reminded to fax to Zone Manger the endorsed Leave Clearance Form. 4) The date of approval indicated on the Leave Clearance Form must be before the date of leave taken. 5) As the Leave Clearance Forms will be submitted to MOE according to the respective record periods, only 1 record period should be ticked on the Leave Clearance Form. For example, if leave is taken on 13th April & 22nd April, 2 separate Leave Clearance Forms should be submitted. Leave Policy 1) All employees after faxing theleave forms, should login to WMS portal to apply for any type of leave, which they are entitled to. 2) Annual leaves are based on entitlement and no longer based on earned leave. 3) Leaves applied in the WMS portal must tally with the Leave Clearance Form and the monthly Attendance Timesheet. Sick Leave 1) All Sick Leave to be applied as soon as you report to work. 2) Sick Leave will be approved only with medical cert uploaded into the WMS portal 3) or upon receipt of the original 4) Sick Leave not supported with medical cert as evidence within 3 work days will be cancelled and replaced as Annual Leave. 5) Repeat of no. 3 will lead to a verbal warning. 6) All planned leave to be applied in WMS portal accompanied with faxed/emailed copy of the leave clearance form. Paternity Leave 1) All working fathers are eligible for 2 weeks of paternity leave if you served the company for a continuous period of at least 3 months before the birth of your child. Exam Leave 1) All are eligible for 2 days exam leave and Please attached the Exam timetable in WMS portal for the management to refer to. Telco Corporate Discount M1 10% Mobile Phone Subscription Fee Singtel 20% to 25% Mobile Phone Subscription Fee • Letter from HR to certify your employment • 2 Year Contract Caution: Check with telco before signing any contract Employee’s Suggestion Scheme 1) All Aspire! Employees are to contribute at least 3 'individual' suggestions per year. 2) School Programmes Executives (SPEs) can submit 'group suggestions' via Cluster Leader. 3) The outcome of the suggestion(s) will be made known by end of the following month of the submission. 4) All suggestions stand a chance to win the 'Top Suggestion Award' to be presented during our annual Work Plan Presentation & Awards. 5) Past suggestions can be viewed at Aspire Website at . Cluster'’s Goals 1) In order for a Cluster to achieve their Goal what is required? At least 1 Company Event or Project + 1 internal HIW event, 1 internal CSR project and come up a Cluster Best Practice. 2) In order to achieve Best Cluster Award, a Cluster will have to meet these criteria; - Punctual submission of attendance timesheet and monthly report - Minimum quota for the Employee Suggestion Scheme (1 per employee and 1 Group Suggestion) - Cluster involvements in company events and projectsAspire! will have an updated Employee Handbook for SPEs to cover the points raised. We target it to be ready by end April. Guide on Leave matter is in Resource: Guide to Leave Matter 2016Ng Chien WeiE13Yes3
1603729WSQ courses for SPEsApart from the current courses such as Microsoft Excel, Photography, Photoshop etc, we could also develop the SPE's soft skills such as the WSQ Display Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills and many others to help develop critical and outside of the box. This would also add value to the SPE's to the schools and reflect greatly on Aspire! as truly 'The People's Company'.We are open to the suggestion and will study it further on how it can be aligned with our training & development strategies working with MOE, schools, training providers and SPEs. Kenny LeowS63Yes3
1603730Aspire Website: Gallery for Notice Board/PE RoomMy school depend highly on me to decorate and have a creative notice board along school's linkway regarding Healthy Lifestyle. This includes CCA Notice Board. Pinterest and Google only provide as much idea but most of the pictures they show are not compatible for Primary Schools. Same issue as PE Room. I am out of ideas on how to organize my School PE Room.
Maybe we can have a Gallery in Aspire Website to share the ideas of how different school design their Notice Board. [some information maybe sensitive if there is any students information. Maybe that part we can blur it]. This goes the same with PE Room.
We welcome the idea.Nur Nadirah JamadiE13Yes3
1603731Track students weight category as a cohort from Sec 1 to Sec 4E teacher approached and asked me whether we could track students weight category ie acceptable, overweight and slightly overweight when they are in Sec 1 till Sec 4 as a cohort. The idea is to see whether the weight over the 4 years has improved or declined for each cohort. This chart revealed the weight of incoming students over the years and at each semester. This exercise was implemented in 2010 and is currently on-going.Suitable for sharing at cluster level. We welcome sharing of template, if available.Vincent GohS62Yes3
1603732JC SPE Get Together-Sharing & Implementing of Best PracticeJC SPE expertise is somewhat similar but different than Pri & Sec Schools. Example like JCs will have DSA, JAE, etc. Furthermore, there are only a handful of JC SPEs.
Upon the situation above, I believe it is ideal to gather us for at least once/twice every year (of course with permission of RO) with intention of sharing and implementing our best practice together.
We welcome the idea. We will study how it can best be implemented.SyahS53Yes3
1603733Reporting Officer's Compliments to SPEThe managers should send an email to notify the reporting officer of SPE that their compliments or any of the school staff are most welcome and to show their appreciation to their SPE who has worked hard in getting the job done.ROs have been notified on 7 Apr 2016 on compliments can contribute to the Best Cluster Awards. See HQ Notification to RO 7 Apr 2016Nor Hafiza Binte MehadE23Yes3
1603734More Volunteering Opportunities (SPCA)Being a SPCA volunteer myself, I would like to suggest Aspire! to have a corporate Volunteering event at SPCA. This would cater to any animal lovers who would want to make a difference in the animal's lives and create that spirit of volunteerism within the SPE's. As it is an volunteering activity, the amount of people participating would be strictly voluntary. However, SPCA would require a minimal of 8 people and a maximum of 12 people to take part. More information can be found on the SPCA site at can put up more information in the Aspire! Facebook to create awareness to others and possibly lead to more sharing on the common interest.Kenny LeowS62Yes3
1603735Sports Day Items PackingBefore the start of Sports Day, there are many teachers collecting programme booklets, walkie talkies, clipboards, equipment etc. Distributing of these items is consuming and messyPack all items for the chief (IC of task group). The chief collected them will then distribute their items to teachers in their groupShared Best Practice, see Sports Day Packing ItemsTan Chui MuiS3203
1604736Outdoor ActivityPropose activities such as kayaking as an activity.Can introduce the activity to the clsuter for consideration.MD RIDHWAN SURIANS1204
1604737Send email to remind SPEs to vote for the best suggestionAn email can be sent to remind SPEs to login to the Aspire website and vote for the best suggestion (to show their online presence and support in favour of the suggestions they think is the best).A revised Voting System will be introduced at later stage.Diyana Marina Bte JasmiE7204
1604738Reward for Most Active VoterAdmin can monitor the most active voter for the best suggestion of the year and also monitor the most active voter in general? Can have a lucky draw for these active voters or can rank them and award them accordingly.A revised Voting System will be introduced at later stage.Diyana Marina Bte JasmiE7204
1604739Birthday Off-DayHave our birthday given as a day-off work. It's a simple way that brings that the human element in us and no one should be working on their birthdays as they should be out celebrating with their families and friends.Birthday off is a good way of celebrating an important date for employees. Aspire! celebrates employees' birthay on regular basis. Unfortunately, Birthday off is not feasible for employees working under outsource government projects. For schools, even taking leave of absence during the school terms is not allowed for all staff working in schools. Kenny LeowS6104
1604740Aspire! Running GroupTo form a running group where like minded individuals interested in running could get together (SPE and HQ staff alike) and keep fit on a once a week basis after office hours. This could also help build better relations between them and sustaining/encouraging a healthier lifestyle among staffs. This idea can also involve other sports and encourage SPE's from all clusters to come together.There are currently interest group on soccer led by Fairuz. We welcome having more "interest groups".Kenny LeowS6204
1604741A 401(K) Retirement Savings PlanA strong retirement benefit can help recruit employees and reduce turnover. Yet these programs are somewhat rare at private companies.

A 401(k) is a voluntary retirement savings plan into which employees can contribute a portion of their pre-tax earnings. Employers administer and control the plan, and many companies match 401(k) contributions on a tax-deductible basis.

Employees can borrow against the value of a 401(k) plan, withdraw funds at a penalty prior to retirement, or wait for tax-free distributions when the retire. When employees move from one company to another, rollovers are common. Given the care you must take to administer a 401(k), it's a capital- and time-intensive way to reward workers. But it is appreciated by employees, largely because it offers them greater financial independence.
The 401(k) plan requires careful evaluation on its suitability for our company and employees.Kenny LeowS6204
1604742Peer ComplimentsAside from the current compliments received from RO, cluster leaders, cluster members or even members from other cluster can compliments SPE that they feel have been a role model, motivator, mentor to them that they benefited from.

This is also served as recognizing and appreciating their partners contributions and assistance that provide them with positive impact on their work ethics and work efficiency.
Peer compliments are welcome and would be encouraged.khairoman JumainHQ4Yes4
1604743Manager Feedback on SPETo write congratulatory letter that will go into the employee's file by the Manager. This could have been done bi-annually or annually and could help the SPE access on things that he can improve on in the company level. This letter could also be used as part of a testimonial in the SPE's resume and help improve the SPE's work performance in and out of the school/company. An all-rounder.Aspire! may introduce a system to capture feedback on SPE or Aspire!Kenny LeowS64Yes4
1604744Nominate an outstanding employee to spend a day with or have lunch with the CEOSPEs whom are top performers can be selected to have a 1-1 or a group lunch session/get together with the CEO to better understand the company's direction and a general understanding how the company operates, future goals etc. This might just inspire them to work towards leveling themselves up to the management level, taking on more managerial positions and jobscope.Aspire! will start this by May 2016Kenny LeowS64Yes4
1604745Write a letter or email thanking staff members for specific efforts and achievementsA simple thank you email/letter could help motivate the SPE to work harder the next time round and encourage them to be more pro-active. The letter/email could also be used as part of their references in resumes as well since it describes the SPE's character.This had already been done for all the awards and incentives given.Kenny LeowS6204
1604746Company Yearbook/Magazine (Monthly/Annual)Very much like the school's year book, the company yearbook would bond SPE's from all cluster and the management level together. Aspire! could also involve the goals for the years ahead and this would further instill a sense of identity from the SPE towards the company. Currently cluster leaders are involved in strategic planning for the companies when goals are set for clusters and SPEs. SPEs' goals are set with their ROs.Kenny LeowS6204
1604747Video Editing for Beginners (CRS-N-0024891) for SPETo have Aspire! send SPE's to Video Editing for Beginners through SkillsFuture. The course would also help the SPE develop a soft skill.All courses relating to skills future are welcome as long as Ros and company have given their endorsement.Kenny LeowS6204
16047485 Strategies to Win with People (CRS-N-0031382) for SPEThe Skillfuture course 5 Strategies to Win with People would help SPE's develop and gain an understanding of connecting to different people, how to be a great leader and getting things done effectively and efficiently.All courses relating to skills future are welcome as long as Ros and company have given their endorsement.Kenny LeowS6204
1604749Bloond Donation Drive for Aspire!To bring the blood donation drive back and have it conducted every bi-annually or annually. This CSR would be more cost efficient and helps save lives too.We can reintroduce blood donation driveKenny LeowS63Yes4
1604750Offering coaching training to SPEsOn top of existing courses offered during the school holidays, Aspire could send interested SPEs to attend coaching courses for various sports. These could include football and basketball coaching badges. On top of having an additional skill, schools could benefit already having a staff who knows how to coach instead of hiring external coaches every year. It is not the job scope of SPE to coach pupils. However, we can review the training needs for SPEs to know more about certain sports in consultation with SPEs, MOE and schoolsKhaleed SulaimanE6204
1604751Offering Refresher Courses to Current SPEsOffer introductory courses given to new SPEs to existing SPEs as a refresher.We welcome SPEs identifying any refresher courses they may need. We will be introducing Event Planning workshop in Sep 2016 as some SPEs may find such workshop beneficial to their work.Khaleed SulaimanE6204
1604752Using google forms, google add-ons & excel formulas to automate requestsWhat I did was for teachers to fill up a google forms which has been imbued with google add-ons & using excel formulas to pre-calculate certain answers (like bus amount, no of bus, etc). After the teachers submit the form, it will then send an email to me, the necessary teachers and the bus vendor directly.

Using excel formulas, it also created a unique subject title that is used to identify every request. After their event has completed, the system will prompt the teachers in charge to submit their feedback form plus their payment details. Upon submission of their feedback form, the system will then send an email to me and the teacher in charge of the comments as well as a copy of the payment voucher to be printed and to request the various parties to sign.

So far I've implemented the above (except for the payment voucher part) for about 1 year and has been successful. I also intend to share the feedback to the vendor as well so that they may know their service rate.
Best Practice can be shared with other SPEs.Mohammad Syah Iskandar Bin MuslimS52Yes4
1604753Family DayIf not, plan a family day for a get-together with staffs and family. A good bonding experience it shall be.Aspire! is considering a family day concept to replace this year DnD in celebration of the 10th anniversary. Please look out for further notification.Nur Diyana YacobS23Yes4
1604754Leave Application in WMSTo be able to select different dates under 1 application for 1 time sheet period. It does not flood manager email when various dates are selected when applying for leave.WMS cannot be modified as suggested.Simone GohE7204
1604755MS Access CourseAttending workshop in creating simple database and managing data using MS accessSPEs are encouraged to alert their managers of any special training needs they may require to perform their new tasks.NorashikinS12Yes4
1604756Performance of website.Fix it.Thanks for your compliment on the website. We have studied the issue and are determined the matter can be resolved by end May 2016.Abdul HaqimS1204
1604757Include Aspire! Employee Suggestion Scheme link on websiteInclude the suggestion ink on the Aspire! Employee Suggestion Scheme page.Once you log into the Aspire! website, the link to submit suggestion is provided under "Link". Please contact your manager if you can't find it.Abdul HaqimS1204
1604758Kayaking ExpeditionJust to add some activities that the company and SPE's can benefits through a demanding session.You may want to discuss this further with your manager on how others may come together for KayakingMD RIDHWAN SURIANS1204
1604759Name tag for SPEProvide a standard name tag for SPE to use in schoolSPEs may not use the name tag when other staff in school do not usually wear name tag as they would have known each other. We had distributed lanyard to SPEs for use but not all wear them.Aziz Abdul RazakS1204
1604760Common First Aid Treatments e-booklet for Staff/StudentsTo come up with a e-booklet that would consist of the most commonly faced injuries in the school environment (how to bandage a fractured arm, foot, apply general first aid treatments etc) to be shared by all SPE's.The idea is worth considering in depth. Please contact your manager if you wish to make further contribution in this area.Kenny LeowS62Yes4
1604761Aspire! Family DayIn conjunction with Aspire! 10th Anniversary, may I suggest to have a Aspire! Family Day.

This event can foster staff-bonding and preferably be held on a Saturday morning, either at Kampong Cafe @Bukit Merah or a picnic at East Coast Park or Marina Barrage.
The DnD committee to consider your suggestion if it can be implemented in their programme for 2016.Ronnie TayE73Yes4
1604762Temperature Taking ExerciseFaster way to key in Via mobile phone through the ASKnLearn apps but there are still room for improvement on this system. The data from the ASKnLearn is being compiled into a report.Thanks for your sharing. If there is an app you think we can develop, please discuss with your manager.Mohammed Faizal Bin IthninS52Yes4
1604763School Cockpit Training - For Traineesintroduce a 1/2 day training with SPEs. This will give opportunity for SPEs to teach the new trainees. This will increase their confidence level in imparting knowledge and also have a bond with the new cluster mates. The person whom they are attached to is preferably their cluster mates.More hand-on training in using cockpit system will be a welcomed by the new SPEs.Muhd FairuzE33Yes4
1604764Amazing RaceTo have an Amazing Race Challenge. This can cater to all age group as i've done it before for my school teachers. All age group can participate in it.The Sports Challenge committee to consider your suggestion if it can be implemented as part of their programme.Muhd FairuzE33Yes4
1604765EXAM LEAVEI think the EXAM & STUDY Leave should be granted as long the SPE is required to take an Exam. Of course, the company should be provided with the required document when SPEs take such leaves. When all our company HR policies are in line with MOE. Aren’t we supposed to be entitled to exam leave since we are representing the Education Industry ourselves? Furthermore, the government has provided us with Skill Future funding to upgrade ourselves. I think this should be implemented for the benefit of the SPE’s upgrading so we don’t use up our Annual Leave or Sick Leave for such situation. If it is cost effective, we would like to have company HR policies that can be better than policies for MOE staff. Some types of leave are paid leave for SPEs but not claimable by Aspire! under the SPE Project. Exam Leave is not claimable by Aspire! Cost added due to relief requirements need to be considered. All these factors make it costly to raise the cap of 2 days Exam Leave.

As for Skill Future courses, SPEs can seek prior approval from ROs to attend these courses without taking own leave. Please discuss with manager if you need more clarifciation.
1604766Monthly report suggestionI would like to suggest that Aspire! Group is able to setup an enhanced WMS portal whereby SPEs are able to key in their timesheet/monthly report online. The online timesheet/monthly report sheet will also record leaves taken during submission. This will not only reduce back end work at HQ but also decrease inaccuracy.

I hope my suggestion is strongly considered as we would like to offload our Zone Managers to do their best in whatever they strive.

Productivity is achieved if there is a system that can replace unnecessary man hours in deadling with the process. speX is a system programme which Aspire! is developing with our sister company to handle timesheet and other matters.Mohamed Azmi bin DasiminE63Yes4
1604767Training Course on Microsoft Word advanced feature using form tools to create interactive formAs schools are moving forward to electronic softcopy update entries form for bus booking and CCA cockpit updates, Microsoft word is required to create interactive form, firstly it is free built-in software which every schools can afford, yet it can achieve similar form desired result as it creates in Adobe LiveCycle Designer (a 3rd party software from Adobe acrobat family). Only thing is it requires some in-dept scripting knowledge when apply ‘form’ tools (Developer adds-in) in Microsoft word in order to create an interactive form. It will be essential to have course training to specifically conduct on How to create electronic form using Microsoft word” as believe many school SPEs can benefit by learning it and apply in their work in various needy aspects not limit to CCA cockpit entry and bus booking submission forms. It will definitely benefit them in terms of the software proficiency knowledge, not to mention efficiency of the work process, contributing to saving our planet earth by going paperless.SPEs who have certain training needs are requested to discuss with manager and RO as part of our continuous learning and development programme for SPEs.Geok LingS63Yes4
1604768Monitoring of Lightning at locations without LWS alarmSPEs may install Lightning@SG app into the smartphones. They can select their desired location at the three lines button which is next to the lightning picture at the top left. Lightning@SG will alert the user of lightning within the 6 or 8 km radius depending on the settings.Thanks for the sharing which other SPEs may wish to take note of.WU YANPINGs52Yes4
1605769I want Extra Space1) It would be a great idea if SPEs are given an external hard drive as a token of appreciation / confirmation of status or just because. It would definitely be beneficial as in case there are any sudden software updates or sudden crash of our laptops or PC, most if not all of our documents are kept safe. Our documents will all be kept at one place and not in many different thumb-drives. It will be our responsibility to ensure that our hard drive is taken care of properly. 2) Other alternative would be having a 'staff price' whenever we require to buy something for work. (Eg, external hard drive). Me and my hard drive. Haha. Thank you!The idea for external hard drive can be considered.Amirah AyobE3205
1605770SPE Retreat - ThanksgivingIndividual photos were collected right before the event. Realized it was utilized for 1) grouping purposes and 2)printed on worksheet for one of the event. It'll be great and can bring much convenience for all participants if all photos were collage together and put up on the board for us to identify better. (the one used to paste our envelopes).We will implement the idea for the next retreat.TAN YONG SIANGE43Yes5
1605771Aspire! to come out with black and white clause stating SPEs are allowed to go for local camps.Aspire! to come out with black and white clause stating SPEs are allowed to go for local camps.The general guide line for SPEs going on any local outing will apply to all outing including local camp.Mohamed AzmiE6205
1605772Aspire Monthly Newsletter- Email MarketingBenefit of a company newsletter is to keep your brand in front of customers. Who and Where SPE come from? 1) Send monthly newsletters with do-it-yourself by aspire SPE or Admin Personnel . 2) While he/she may not get immediate responses from many of them (ROs etc), Our Aspire name remains in the minds of customer* who also may forward the newsletter to friends/ Colleagues. 3) This provides a word-of-mouth or referral marketing bonus. Email Marketing and also update the SPE new and existing the event in the company and in SPE community. A simple Newsletter will connect all together , why not ?:)The idea is good. We are open to any suggestion in setting up any focus group to assist in the newsletter.Ng Chien WeiE1205
1605773Ntuc or Giant/Cold Storage vouchers instead of CapitaVoucherWould like to suggest that the current token reward of Capitaland vouchers be changed instead to Ntuc or Giant/Cold Storage gift vouchers, as they can be used more widely and easily.We will try out with NTUC vouchers for coming tokens for all tokens.Ronnie TayE74Yes5
1605774TimesheetThere should be a cell for us to key in our Annual leave (eg, CYL=Current Year Leaves *LYCF=Last Year Carry Forward *CYLE=Current Year Leaves Earned) in the timesheet so that we do not have to include the table that was given in the email monthly for tracking. It should be able to auto calculate the leave that we took.We will review how the information can be best presented.Nur ShirahS5205
1605775Leave tracking templateAt the bottom right corner of the current monthly timesheet, there is a section for tracking leaves taken and what type it is for the reporting month. Perhaps the new template we are required to use can be merged with this section. SPEs can input the total amount and type of leaves under the personal data tab. After which, SPEs can use the timesheet as per usual and have the timesheet do the rest of the calculations.We will review how the information can be best presented.Goh Chee HiongS1205
1605776Optical AllowanceTo set aside a amount of money to encourage SPE's and office staff alike to visit a Optician at least twice a year to get their eyes checked, and if necessary, a new pair of glasses made.We will consider it under staff welfare subject to budget consideration.Kenny LeowS6205
1605777Incorporating the new table of balance leave and leave table into the monthly attendance sheetIncorporate the details of Anual Leave and sick leave that we are entitled to for the year and the number of days taken in the template. Easier for employee, RO and managers to track our leave used and remaining for the yearWe will review how the information can be best presented.Salemah AriffinE2205
1605778Most Caring Reporting Officer AwardAs this year's theme is Evolving Partnership. I would like to suggest that, we can introduce this new award during our annual work plan and awards ceremony, where our SPEs can nominate their Reporting Officers by writing a short dedication/example of why their reporting officer should be receiving this award. HQ side will then assess the write up submitted by the SPEs. The Most Caring/Best Reporting Officer Award can then be given out during our Work Plan and Awards Presentation, where we can invite the RO to come and receive the award.We will recommend it for this year.Zeng ZhenhaoHQ3Yes5
1605779Standard protocol for rest days/time offTo have a standard SOP across the board, stating in black and white how these time offs are being calculated - if work is required on weekends, 1 day off will be compensated. It shouldnt be based on the school as we are employees of the company, and in a way, the school should consider the SOPs of the company when approving time offs. When the schools have a standard guideline on giving time offs/rest days, they will know what can be approved and what not. In a way it is better for us as employees, and easier for the school to execute such plans and for the company to better track the time offs and day offs being claimed.RO Guide under Aspire! Website (Resources) provides that RO should grant SPE a day off if SPE is required to work on any Sat or Sun in excess of 4 hours. SPE can approach managers for assistance.Pamela YeoE1105
1605780Have a retention bonus after years of serviceIn line with the new grading system of SPE, to have a retention bonus similar to the MHA Retention bonus scheme or the MOE Teachers CONNECT plan which rewards substantially for staying in the service. It may not necessarily follow the exact remuneration, but it should be a strong incentive for SPEs to look forward to.
For example, a teacher serving 3 years already will look forward to 5 years of service which will allow them to obtain the CONNECT plan amount. This in itself incentivises the teacher to stay in the service and give his/her best to the job. It increases their productivity knowing that there is a extrinsic 'reward' in the future.
To have a retention bonus similar to the bonus schemes under the government bodies is not financially viable for SPE Project.
We can learn from other organisations' retention models that can be more "cost effective" and "realistic" suitable to outsource manpower service providers.
Mohammad ZhafrieS7105
1606781Vouchers Given to SPEs for Birthdays, Incentives, etcAs much as it is a good marketing strategy to promote Kampong Café, SPEs under utilise the vouchers making the move to promote our sister company, redundant. Perhaps SPEs could have a choice of vouchers that they want like maybe from NTUC, Popular, Harris, Mall vouchers, Yamaha, Canon, Nikon, Red Man, Phoon Huat, etc. This would enable SPEs to pursue their hobbies better and would also boost SPEs morale.

Thank you.
We have given out NTUC vouchers and Capitaland vouchers in support of Suggestion Scheme, Compliments/Confirmation of Service and Awards at Work Plan. We had withdrawn Popular vouchers many years ago following feedback that they preferred other vouchers.
We welcome suggestions on how we can promote the use of Kampong vouchers.
NurJannah ZakariaS4 (Group)106
1606782Retention Payout for Long ServiceTo introduce a retention payout/bonus for certain number of service years.
Taken as an example, SPF and MOE has the Invest and Connect schemes respectively for their teachers at certain service points like 3, 5 , 8 years, etc and at these points, they are remunerated for their service. This results in the staff looking forward explicitly to the remuneration in their service years. This can lead to heightened productivity as it takes off one thing off their minds in terms of career satisfaction.
Our retention rate is within the KPI set by MOE. SPEs are aware of the financial constraints placed on us by the nature of the outsourced manpower service under the SPE Project. We will continuously review the strategy for retention. We should benchmark against other competitors instead of MOE teachers who are not outsourced.Mohammad ZhafrieS7106
1606783Allow Transportation Claim for Vehicle use for school mattersTo work with MOE to allow transport claiming for SPE should the need arise. Teachers can be too bogged down to send such items so it is a great help for them if the SPE can assist the teacher in this way.
It works both ways for the SPE and the school in ensuring school events run smoothly.
Under the SPE Project and as non-MOE Staff, there is no provision for transports claim and MOE will not authorise such claim or reimbursement.
Any transportation required in the course of work should be provided by the requesters (which are the schools).
Mohammad ZhafrieS7106
1606784Dental ClaimsTo include dental claims for all staff.Full dental coverage for all staff is very costly to any organisation and staff as such costs are not covered by any company medical scheme. We will review it under staff welfare.Rehana NE6106
1606785Enrichment CoursesMore courses for personal development like Editing Essentials and Email Writting (how to response and reply email)It is best for Managers, Reporting Officers and SPEs to work together in determining what kind of enrichment courses should be made available to the SPEs.Rehana NE6106
1606786Sample Bus Booking FormsProvide a compilation of different bus booking forms and allow SPEs to select the ones that may suit their operational requirements. Also the SPEs may modify the forms based on their needs.Suitable to start with own cluster then extend to other clusters. Please seek your cluster leader or manager for assistance in the compilation.Abbas KarimE6106
1606787Leave Balance and DeadlinesAs I already have to update in WMS,I don't mind going one step further to create a doc shared between me and her. The document can include things like my leave balance, or any upcoming deadlines, such as the appraisal. You may wish to share the template you have used.SabrinaE22Yes6
1606788Work PrioritiesHave a shared file with my RO where I can constantly update my tasks and deadlines. That way,she can track what I'm doing and also give me work accordingly. You may wish to share the template you have used.SabrinaE2206
1606789Dental ClaimsProvision of dental claims for employeesFull dental coverage for all staff is very costly to any organisation and staff as such costs are not covered by any company medical scheme. We will review it under staff welfare.Sarah SaniE1106
1606790Merging of monthly staff attendance into WMSMaybe we can have the monthly attendance/reports on the website or WMS system for easier submission, easier access y managers etc. So everyone will just have to access one site for everything attendance, leave, report related matters.Ideal is good. Hope SPEx application when developed can provide what you need.Sarah SaniE1206
1606791Practical Skills CoursesWe need courses that make us think and develop skills that are practical. As SPEs, we need to turn ourselves into creative individuals that not only are we able to adapt to the ever changing work environment but also value add to the skills we have and turn it into something useful eg. Analytical Skills, Organizational Skills, Handicrafts, Website Programming and etc.It is best for Managers, Reporting Officers and SPEs to work together in determining what kind of courses should be made available to the SPEs.Nor Hafiza Binte MehadE2106
1606792SPEs Overseas Community Involvement RetreatShould include CIP activity in SPE retreat or a separate retreat focusing on helping those less fortunate countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Philippines. We can help build schools in their community and teach them some valuable skills. Not only are we benefit them in the long run but also developing a sense of humbleness and thanksgiving in ourselves too.If you are able to develop the idea of CSR in other countries, you can approach our management for a discussion. We are open to new idea within the time and resources available.Nor Hafiza Binte MehadE2106
1606793Roles within clusterNew roles assigned to cluster members so every member can contribute to the cluster fairly. Eg of roles that can be assign within a cluster: Minute Taker IC, HIW IC, Refreshments IC, Art & Design IC.

CL and ACL can decide on how they wish to appoint their members as minute taker etc on rotation basis. We can consider a more structured appointments if the SPEs welcome the idea.Rasyidah RosdiE2 (Group)206
1606794Photographers for External eventSPEs with talents in photography skills can be official photographer for MOE/National Events. It will be a volunteering job and spe can get recognition for that.

Eg. National school games competition assigned a group of Aspire SPEs to be 'photographer for the day' for the event.
You may wish to discuss with your manager on how you can contribute to a Photography Club for SPEs to share and develop their common interest in photography.Rasyidah RosdiE22Yes6
1606795DnD decorationEvery cluster to submit at least one innovative/creative sculpture, design etc using recycle item.

Eg. Making pretty vases using bottles and can be part of the table deco.
You may wish to discuss with your manager on how you can develop your idea further.Rasyidah RosdiE2206
1606796ASPIRE! Overseas Community Involvement RetreatThere should include CIP activity in SPE retreat or a separate retreat focusing on helping those less fortunate countries like Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Philippines. We can help build schools in their community and teach them some valuable skills. Not only are we benefit them in the long run but also developing a sense of humbleness and thanksgiving in ourselves too.If you are able to develop the idea of CSR in other countries, you can approach our management for a discussion. We are open to new idea within the time and recources available.Nor Hafiza Binte MehadE2106
1606797Aspiregroup Staff portal appMake a staff portal app where staff can gain easy access to the portal and resources wherever they are. The portal can also come with calendar that could give notification of events.SPEx app that is under development may provide some of the features you have raised.Kamilah Bte ZahriE2206
1606798Corporate IncentiveCorporate tie up between Aspire and another organization that will provide corporate rates in hotels,chalets etc for SPEsYou may wish to make recommendations on which specific corporate rates that are available to the company.Salemah AriffinE2106
1606799Purple Parade E2Suggest to purchase purple bags to place the jellys in, so it is easier to carry for those people buying more than 1 jelly.The suggestion is best considered at the organising committee level.RaihanaE2106
1606800Printable Envelope for Submission of MCProvide a link where we can print the business company envelope at our convenience.According to Singapore Post, such envelopes cannot be self printed.Qairil FahriE1106
1606801Providing Gebiz Courses for New SPEsIn order to portray a better professional and reliable image, i believe its best for future SPEs to go for basic/intermediate Gebiz course so they could implement that in their daily practice. With this knowledge, it could also help meet the expectations of school interviewers for potential school candidates.Please discuss with your manager if there is a need to train you on Gebiz. We will look into how other new SPEs can be adequately trained in GeBiz if there is a need to do so.Elly AmythiaE62Yes6
1606802Selection for entry into CockpitTo do away with this cumbersome procedure, a simple tick/dot is needed to denote that the selection has been made. This will saves time particularly if the work is massive and need to be done on an urgent basis. Point to share with SPEs.Abdul Kader bin Mohd IbrahimS7206
1606803Notification to no. of leaves left to ROThere could be an application to keep RO in the loop and notifications such as the type and no. of leaves taken and left by SPE will be notified to RO. This is to keep RO informed so that he/she would know and could keep track of it.With the new app known as SPEx under development, it will allow RO access to the information on leave.Siti MohamedE1206
1606804Mobile App for SPEThere could be a mobile application created for SPEs. This app will allow all SPEs to be able to access the app anytime, anywhere. SPEs would be able to communicate with other SPEs of different clusters. This would also be a great opportunity in tightening the bond between SPEs. Instead of having the need to log in to WMS to upload leave forms etc, SPE can upload via this app. In WMS, we are to upload the document, but I believe this can be done through this app in simpler way. SPE could capture the photo of the form and attach the photo from their phone's gallery immediately. By implementing this application, I hope, it will be more efficient for all of us. With the new app known as SPEx under development, it will allow upload of document when applying leave.Siti MohamedE12Yes6
1606805Compilation of suggested HIW activitiesI would like to suggest a google doc template that can be shared among SPE partners of some of the ideas or suggested fun activities that can be rolled out. With this template, ideas shared can be used by organizing partners and they can pick an activity suited best for their individual cluster. It will be interesting to know and see what fun, engaging activities that our fellow SPEs can come out with. For starters, I have created a basic template with a few examples, if this is well received, then this template can be put up at google doc and be shared among our SPE communities. We can also share what clusters have done for their previous HIWs.You may wish to share the template you have proposed with your cluster leader and manager and drive the implementation of your suggestion. See attached template submitted HIW TemplateNadiah HashimS72Yes6
1606806Review and retention of recordsI trust other schools may treat their records differently and I look forward where we can share information and hopefully adopt an enhanced coordinated practise. Ordinary / routine records may just be ordinary but once they are required and for whatever reasons could not be presented, the consequence could be adverse / grave.

In the course of our work we are required to maintain a number of files containing not only the records of our work as an SPE but also records of work done by the PE / CCA Dept. With the accumulation of records over the years and also due to constraint of space, there is a need to review these records to ensure that only those that are essential are kept.

I have discussed with my RO on this and he has consented that the retention periods for the common group of records / files as follows:-
(1) PFT Data and NAPFA targets – 3 years
(2) PE Accounts – 3 Years
(3) Submissions on CCA Attendances - 3 years
(4) Submissions on CCA Events - 3 years
(5) Submissions on Non-CCA Events - 3 years
(6) Submissions on Student / Class / CCA Leadership - 3years
(7) Draft CCA Certificates – 3 years
(8) Students Camps – 2 years
(9) PE Programmes – 1 year
(10) South Zone Badminton records (Convenor) – 1 year
Thanks for sharing the retention periods of documents for sharing with other SPEs.Abdul Kader bin Mohd IbrahimS72Yes6
1606807Professional Skills course ( Organizing, Scheduling and Planning)Attend professional skills courses such as event planning courses to further polish and gain more knowledge in planning an event. This will help SPE not only in contributing to the company but also to the school that they work in.We are planning an event planning workshop sometime in Sep as we believe there is a demand for such workshop to improve on this area of work.Nadiah HashimS72Yes6
1606808Partially fund Courses of SPE Choice.Aspire should have a system to partially fund deserving SPE's choice of course. Even if it is not the complete amount, any amount would be hugely helpful and motivate the SPEs to take classes outside office hours.Please discuss with your manager if you have any specific course in mind which requires co-funding for further considerationSyed AliffS5106
1606810STAFF PASS FOR TRAINERS NOW BUT EVERYONE LATERMAYBE ASPIRE COULD COME OUT WITH A PASS FOR EMPLOYERS LIKE SPE'S IN A FORM OF AN EZLINK CARD WHERE IT CAN BE USED AS A DAILY PRODUCT.We have requested for more information on the cost of EZLink card with photograph which can be used as employee's pass.MD RIDHWAN SURIANS12Yes6
1606811Family DayI would suggest that maybe we could implement family day and substitute it to D&D. I feel that it can be better because this allows better bonding among each other. This could also introduce our sister's company, Kampong Group. People might want to cater foods from Kampong Group through this event? The suggestion is under consideration. For 2016, we will be replacing D&D with 10th Anniversary Bash.Siti MohamedE12Yes6
1606812Allow non-MC medical leaveAllow up to between 3 to 6 days (1/4 to 1/2) of the annual allocated medical leave to be allowed for self-medicating conditions (e.g slight fever, migraines, non-risk conditions). Such a leave has been implemented in the Ministry of Education which allows the staff to utilise them. It will be a good move to be more inculsive for conditions that require rest rather than seeing the doctor each time (no doubt it is covered by the Medicard). Under SPE Project, MOE does not recognise any Sick Leave without MC.Mohammad ZhafrieS7106
1606813Inserting photographs of SPEs in the Contact ListI would like to suggest that a photograph of each SPE be inserted against his name in the SPE Contact List. I understand there would be reservations by some but rest assured that all this is done for a good purpose – after all we are professionals with credibility (our core values). Trust Administration has our photographs but if others wish to submit recent photographs to their liking, this should be welcomed. And for those who disagree with the idea, they can be excluded – no photographs.

Presently the SPE Contact List provides information and nothing more –Imagine with the photographs and better still if the page is aesthetically decorated, it will not only be just information but a beautiful presentation of lives – the graceful people of the people’s company of Aspire!

We support your suggestion.Abdul Kader bin Mohd IbrahimS72Yes6
1606814Template Guideline for CockpitUse a template for standardize CCA Participation Achievement Leadership Guidelines so that it helps to standardize the process of keying in the necessary details into cockpit.If you can provide me with the sample template, I can upload in the Aspire! website folder.Amirah FatinS7106
1606815Template Guideline for CockpitUse a template such as CCA Participation Achievement Leadership Guideline to have a standardize form for teachers to key in the details so that it will be easier for SPE to key-in into the cockpit. This is a form of systematic way.If you can provide me with the sample template, I can upload in the Aspire! website folder.Amirah FatinS7206
1606816Staff Training & Development (School & Staff Requirement)Provide option for School and SPE to indicate the type of training and development needed and required. E.g. during yearly SPE PAR, HQ can request RO & SPE to indicate their choice.It is best for Managers, Reporting Officers and SPEs to work together in determining what kind of courses should be made available to the SPEs.TNG CHIN MENGS6206
1606817Breaking fast with all SPEsOrganise the above session [Breaks fast with some Moslem SPEs] once in Ramadhan, for those who canWe can consider it for 2017.Aziz Abdul RazakS1206
1606818Survey on Corporate Pass to Spore's attractionsSetup a simple survey (asking staffs whether they are keen) to find out whether there is a demand for the corporate staff pass to show that you take the staff's suggestion seriously.We had written in and obtained information that the Corporate Pass is available only for 4 Singapore's Attractions (Zoo, Bird Park, Night Safari and River Safari with Zoo). The corporate pass packet ranges from $6,000 to $18,000 per annum. For example: $6,000 per annum pre-paid will allow the company to have 2 corporate passes for visit to the ZOO ONLY on each day. Each pass is for 1 staff with up to 3 guests. If the pass is to be used by 1 staff on Sat and other on Sun, it is not praticable for the pass holder to collect and return the pass to the company for use by another immediately on the following day.
For $6,000, you can get 214 online adult tickets for visit to the Zoo on any day. We find the corporate pass not cost-effective and impractical for use.
Nur Diyana YacobS2106
1606819Monthly ReportThere is no need for to many lines for each area and the page should incorporate a space for SPE to do reflection, highlight the events , people that took place in their respective schools and what is their take for that period. This mini journal section should spur individual to have a sense of their working environment and ZMs can better understand them better.You may wish to provide a sample of the your proposed monthly report for further consideration.Yeo Han Yong PeterE2106
1606820Staff AppraisalHQ should come out with a survey form to inform SPE school leaders to disseminate this survey to the departments the SPE is supporting and gathering of information on SPE 's performance. These surveys will be more accurate in awarding the staff and identify areas that Spe is lacking that needs further measures to improve their performance.RO is known to have conducted informal checks with SPE's colleagues to get feedback on the SPE's performance when preparing the appraisal report. RO can be provided with additional "survey form" as a tool to gether such feedback in a more systematic approach. We invite you to develop this survey form further for our consideration.Yeo Han Yong PeterE2106
1606821SPE CardAs SPEs are one of the importance staff in all schools, if every SPE is issued with SPE Card will provide a good image as well as recognition to identify we are authorized staff. It also add security and eliminate any doubt from curious public.We have requested for more information on the cost of EZLink card with photograph which can be used as employee's pass.TNG CHIN MENGS62Yes6
1606822Aspire AppIf it's possible have a 'go-to' app for WMS. Can easily check/update leave and payroll.WMS is a stand alone platform for leave application.MunirahE1106
1606823Sharing PlatformCreate a forum, where you can share ideas or have a QnA that can help you to do your work as an SPE better. For example, you can ask questions like, 'What kind of activities does other Sec school students do for VIA' to get new ideas to suggest to your own school/ help you with planning the VIA. and you can search for similar questions that you want answers to etc.In AG website the Forum under "Staff" folder is created on 15 Jul 2016.MunirahE14Yes6
1606824Photos of Events/ Course in a Centralized WebpageTo subscribe to an online Photo Management and Sharing application Such as SmugMug.
SPEs can get Links trough Mobile whatsapp or Emails.
Access to upload to be given to CL or ACL to upload of their own memories of their own Cluster.
If u want i'm gladly to share one of the Links from my school events all safely saved from years that ive started 2007 till 2016.
The idea of such a platform for sharing of photographs can be considered.Nurdiana KhalidE1 (Group)2Yes6
1606825SPE DayTo have a SPE day.
Suggestion 1 : To have an entitlement of a day leave. (no harm asking... :p)
Suggestion 2: to have a SPE day where Aspire! Encourage every RO to send in compliments and Mass email to members of the school to give compliments too to their respective SPEs. By creating a Survey like this one.
By doing so all SPEs will feel appreciated, motivated and enthusiastic to do even better IN FUTURE.
We will keep this suggestion open to get more feedback.Nurdiana KhalidE1206
1606826Suggestion Rewards SchemeI was wondering if the the Suggestion Reward Scheme criteria could be posted somewhere accessible and apt such as the suggestion portal page and also perhaps shared during the upcoming Cluster Meetings. This will also encourage SPEs to give quality suggestions with an end in mind. Perhaps, rating criteria and accompanying rewards could be clearly spelt out for greater clarity for all SPEs.The criteria for good suggestions can be further explained.Chia Hwee TzeE7206
1606827Final Day Induction Test & Mock InterviewConduct Mock interview first in the morning and test later in the day as it can be stressful for some.Thanks for your feedback.Annisa AzmiE7106
1606828Adobe Illustrator CourseProvide staff training course for Adobe Illustrator which has good software flexibility and demand. Allow for simple graphic designing such as templates and booklets. Has greater printing quality and improves individual SPE technical skill and efficiency. Increases SPE's value-addedness in the school.It is best for Managers, Reporting Officers and SPEs to work together in determining what kind of courses should be made available to the SPEs.Annisa AzmiE7106
1606829Maximum 1 training or workshop per termCourses should be spanned out more carefully. Maybe 1 course (maximum) per term, instead of rushing to complete all.Thanks for your feedback.Elyn YioE1206
1606830The SPE Guidebook (Yearly)A yearly guidebook for SPEs, that will include SOPs, contact numbers, reminders, calenders, etc. Outgoing SPEs can also pass down the current year book to incoming SPES, and serves as guide to the new SPEs.We would explore this suggestion further.Mohammad Syafiq Bin Shariff HudinE1206
1606831Simpler Monthly ReportProvide a list of what we actually did in school and eliminating the hours.We would explore this suggestion further.Nur AfiqahE1206
1606832Accuracy of SPE TimesheetIn improving our current processes, my suggestion is this.
1) Our current practise-
Every Approved Leave Forms by ROs, is to fax to HQ, apply in WMS online portal and update on timesheet.
Problem: Our ROs may not know, whether we apply in our WMS Portal.
We can also attach the endorsed Leave Forms on Our time sheet and fax both copies to HQ on every 15th of month.
2) Solution to Accuracy of Timesheet.
Every SPE have to kept their Endorse timesheet + Approved Leave Forms+ (only in June- WMS Portal Leave Status.)
At Every 6 months/ Half a year- Scan and Email to HQ Manager and CC ROs.
3) Solution to HQ Manager workload on Leave Accuracy (2)
Cluster Manager could delegate their job to Cluster Leader and Assistant Cluster Leader in checking their members of (2)-Email.
If there are any decrepancies, CL & ACL could give feedback and highlight to the Manager.
Hope my above solution will solved the inaccuracy problem.
Thanks for your suggestion. We need SPEs to be very careful in the leave reporting and in timely submission of accurate timesheet. It will be too late if discrepancy is detected by the school or manager as such leave records would have been forwarded to MOE.Ng Chien WeiE1106
1606833Access to WMS, Aspire! Website given to new SPE promptlyAdmin support in HQ should look into the timeline and process in which the username and password has been prepared for the new SPE to access when they enter the school.Sign up for Aspire! website is based on moe email address of SPEs for consistency and better monitoring when SPE resigns. As for WMS, SPEs normally will not be able to take any leave except for UPL. We will review the process if earlier access to Aspire! website and WMS is preferred.Diyana Marina Bte JasmiE7206
1606834Retention Payout for Long ServiceTo introduce a retention payout/bonus for certain number of service years.

Taking an example, SPF and MOE has the Invest and Connect schemes respectively for their teachers at certain service points like 3, 5 , 8 years, etc and at these points, they are remunerated for their service. This results in the staff looking forward explicitly to the remuneration in their service years. This can lead to heightened productivity as it takes off one thing off their minds in terms of career satisfaction.
Our retention rate is within the KPI set by MOE. SPEs are aware of the financial constraints placed on us by the nature of the outsourced manpower service under the SPE Project. We will continuously review the strategy for retention. We should benchmark against other competitors instead of MOE teachers who are not outsourced.Mohammad ZhafrieS7106
1606835Cluster initiativesE4 embarks on a 4 activity framework to fulfill several points to make a cluster effective in progressing as a team by appointing different pairs of members to lead one of the 4 activities. This allow every member the opportunity to take lead regardless of seniority. This is a further enhancement of the current mentorship practice. Now the leaders can receive tips from other than their mentor-buddy too. This is after reviewing past years progress where the cluster is united as a cluster and are now we are grooming one another.Thanks for sharing your cluster initiatives.SalamahE4 (Group)2Yes6
1606836Sick LeavesUnused sick leaves can be converted to annual leave, or bonus leave. Maybe a block of unused sick leave e.g 3 days of unused sick leaves, can be converted to 1 day of annual leave or bonus leave, in addition to our official annual leaves. The idea can be an administrative nightmare for the HR and the WMS on leave tracking for the MOE. More cost will be incurred as such converted leave will not be supported by MOE.MagdaleneE7106
1606837WMS SystemWMS should be user friendly. When clicking on payroll, the month should be can change to the next month selected, instead of clicking the back page or going back to payroll and print my payslip again, after every month checked. Also at every page need to insert the print button so that can print easily.We will not be able to make any changes to the WMS as it is not customised.Amirah FatinS7106
1606838DISC and/or Jung Profile/Personality testsPeriodically, such tests should be conducted bi-annually for all staff to assess what are the areas that SPEs should look out for to improve their productivity for their respective Schools and to see where training needs are more relevant to the individual. DISC and personality test are not relevant in determining training needs.Yeo Han Yong PeterE2106
1606839Dental BenefitsTo promote a healthy lifestyle and teeth, providing dental benefits to employees will encourage them to visit the dentist and take care of their teeth.Full dental coverage for all staff is very costly to any organisation and staff as such costs are not covered by any company medical scheme. We will review it under staff welfare.Nurasyikin IshakE2106
1606840The Buddy ExperienceA one day immersive exchange programme between buddies(could be from same or different cluster- but preferably same level -secondary/primary) could broaden the perspective- learning / sharing from one another, the SPE when he or she returns to own school may be inspired to implement the better practice he/she seen or even produce new, creative, innovative ways to get work done productively. We will like to develop your idea further.Nurhanisah Bte JamilE22Yes6
1606841Course related to Planning of eventsA course for events planning to better manage on planning an event. Priority and flow of event. Event can be a camp or school events.We are planning an event planning workshop sometime in Sep as we believe there is a demand for such workshop to improve on this area of work.Kamilah Bte ZahriE2206
1606842Staff Retreat Redefinedpossibly allocate more time for SPEs to actually rest and relax, bond and learn together as a team. the training / refresher course could be shortened or done separate day/place. Thanks for your feedback.Nurhanisah Bte JamilE2206
1606843New members to meet cluster leader during first month of deploymentTo have a meet up with cluster leader and new cluster member during 1st month of deployment. New member can have a better understanding of cluster activity and goals. During induction / training, there are minimum mention of cluster events / goal. Induction and training mainly brief about jobscope in school environment but seldom touch on cluster goal and activity. For new members to meet up with cluster leader, new SPE will feel more comfortable while getting help from fellow SPE and better understanding of Aspire. We can look into how cluster leaders can best support new members once they are deployed to schools.Simone GohE72Yes6
1607844Allow Trainers to attend MOE conducted workshops on respective competenciesTo work with MOE to allow trainers to attend workshops/briefings of their specialization. This allows the trainers to be better equipped when training the new SPEs and are kept abreast of the recent developments in their processes which are applicable in schools.It is best for Managers, Reporting Officers and SPEs to work together in determining what kind of MOE courses can be made available to the SPEs with the support from MOE.Mohammad ZhafrieS7207
1607844Allow Trainers to attend MOE conducted workshops on respective competenciesTo work with MOE to allow trainers to attend workshops/briefings of their specialization. This allows the trainers to be better equipped when training the new SPEs and are kept abreast of the recent developments in their processes which are applicable in schools.Until we have more support from MOE, the schools are the best source to keep them informed of the recent developments in their processes. SPEs can inform the mangement on any specific training areas which require MOE's assistance where schools cannot provide.Mohammad ZhafrieS7207
1607845Renaming of Manager's DesignationAs we are very inclined towards employee engagement and our theme for the coming years is evolving partnerships, the managers as frontline contact person may consider to be called Relationship Managers as we handle more than just operational needs but more as Aspire! prides itself on our handling of employees and customers. Relationship Manager will give a good hint to our commitment than a Zone Manager.The management team has studied the proposal and decided not to make any change of the title of Zone Manager to Relationship Manager.AzizahHQ2Y7
1607846Constant update of MOE policy and systemSPEs to be continually updated of these changes, e.g. RAMS matrix, procurement procedures, despite their job scope (i.e. even if the SPE is not heavily involved with RAMS or procurement, they should still be updated). If there are changes or updates for pre-deployment training, it would be best to forward the training guide to current SPEs as well, so they are aware. I realised that the only RAMS guide I have is that from 2013 where risk level = severity + livelihood (instead of severity x livelihood)We will share under the resources in the Aspire! Website on any known changes in training materials that can benefit the current SPEs at their work.NUR FAIEZAH BINTE OSMANS43Y7
1607847ProcurementMaybe within the SPE, there could be a contact info (email) of SPEs who are very familiar with the process, who we could seek help when required.The suggestion is aligned to "Specialist List" built up at cluster level. The contact list can be expanded to include such specialist list once the data are collated from the SPEs.NorashikinS13Y7
1607848Online Update/Tracking (Google Doc) of SPE Movements in SchoolCreate a Google Doc to collate all excess hrs earned, excess hours cleared, leave requests and movements (activation for competitions, Learning Journeys etc). This way, RO will have one-stop access to all information. She will also be able to check on my availability (in cases where teachers need assistance), will be able to track my whereabouts and be updated of the external activities that I am involved in.For sharing.NurmulianeeS23Y7
1607849Facility BookingTo have an outlet/website that is transparent viewing for all under the same company to book a meeting room or training room located in HQ. Cluster whom require to held a meeting in HQ are able to view the availability slot and submit booking request. When the request is approved, the person who request the booking will receive an e-mail. This is to avoid clash of facility booking and able to do work effectively according to the time scheduled.Venue should be booked via manager for proper control. We will continue to monitor on how the process can be improved further to facilitate scheduling.Siti Nur SabrinaS2 (Group)107
1607850Leave Status and time sheetCan we use one document where we can update our attendance and also have auto update leave status so that it wont look messy neither confusing. At the same time, our RO can see the picture clearly and track clearly too. The idea is good. We are open to SPE coming up with the excel template to develop this idea to next level.Siti NurshawallahS73Y7
1607851T-Shirts for Organisers at eventsSponsor T-Shirts for Organisers at eventsOrganisers at events are encouraged to use the Aspire! corporate T shirts that have been distributed to all SPEs in 2016 for use during Aspire! corporate/cluster events.Aziz Bin Abdul RazakS1107
1607852Staff Learning JourneySince there are suggestions on having 'In-stay' Retreat instead of going overseas, perhaps you may want to implement Full Day Learning Journey which will end at 5.30pm which is much manageable for SPE with small children or staying with elderly parents.
The Whole-Day Learning Journey should encompass on learning outcomes for example going to Toastbox and learn on how they managed customer service and uphold training and consistency of taste and beverages throughout all other outlets.
Or a learning journey to Gardens by the Bay and learn behind the technology of GBTB with tour-guides. This new information and learning outcomes contributes to heighten new knowledge on environments and increase our awareness of Singapore's Government plans on building and fostering infrastructure.
A retreat shouldn't be viewed stereotypically as R&R or lectures after lectures. It has to be hands-on and/or generally do not necessarily need a 'force-nature' building. Retreat should retrieve away from normal routine and do something at a slower pace timing that helps to generate better well-being.
Objectives of learning journey are different from the objectives of Aspire! Retreat. We do see the need to continuously seek improvement in the Aspire! Retreat programme to have more fun while still meeting its objectives.Siti Nur SabrinaS2107
1607853Health is WealthHave fortnightly exercise classes at HQ for all SPE. The yoga, pilates etc held in 2015 were excellent for bonding and benefit health of staff.Currently, all SPEs can inform manager if they wish to join in for Babboom exercise on every Wed @ 5pm at HQ Training Room. As for other exercise classes, please form your interest group and discuss it with your manager for funding.Jenny SengS6207
1607854Aspire WebsiteSituation: Login takes about 5 - 10mins. Even when i try to key in the website , i can't even login. i have check with my TA maybe due to the school server but he says is not. kindly do the checked. thank you.If SPEs are having access problem to Aspire! website using Google Chrome, the problems are known to have been resolved when using Internet Explorer instead.
Aspire! technical team is working on issue relating to the system lagging as experienced by some SPEs.
Nur FatihahS7207
1607855Corporate PlanTo consider corporate plan for Starhub users as well.We have enquired with Starhub and understands that we do not qualify for its corporate plan.NorwahidahS3207
1607856Updating of Procurement SlidesTo update slides accordingly.The Slides are for pre-deployment training on Procurement.Simone GohE73Y7
1607858Staff Travel DeclarationHRMS is portal for Government staff to apply, check and cancel their leave. In addition, the portal is used for staff to do their work review and submit their travel declaration.
Suggest to include travel declaration function to the WMS portal so that we don't have to look everywhere for the survey link (though it's available in the Aspire! website, but sometimes login in to the website takes longer time than login in to WMS. 🙂
Aspire! Travel Declaration link can be inserted in the Timesheet template in future.NorwahidahS3207
1607859Submission of Claims (If Any)Could consider implementing 'claim' function for staffs to submit their claim (if any) documents via WMS. Especially if they are not able to make their way down to HQ to submit the original receipt.Submission of claim with original receipt is necessary for audit purpose.NorwahidahS3107
1607860Tracking of RAMS submissionUse Microsoft Excel as a platform with built-in formulaes and formatting to capture information and reminders to do up RAMS.
This Excel spreadsheet will automatically open up once the PC is on.
Please see attached sample documents.
See template.
Risk Assessment Management Tracking
Auto Start Daily Job template
Jacqueline ThamS43Y7
1607861(1) Alert notification (2) More user-friendly Image Upload feature (3) Ask Question interface button enhancement function features in forum postings1) It will be preferable and user-friendly to add an alert notification check box function in the posting thread page (Words suggested here can Eg: Watch forum / Email Notification) so that upon posting the Q & A, the user can check the box function if he/she wish to receive alert via email notification if there’s any new message(s) alert to its original post.
2) With concern for primary user like us, it will be preferable to pre-define the ‘insert image’ feature by just clicking into the destination to locate/select the image source to upload than manually define the image source by URL. With this image added, it helps to better explains the query raised by the user if image is required to upload to better understand the situation faced and at same time easily understood by other viewers as words sometimes can be hard to be explain. Resolution of the image should not be self-defined by user, it should auto defined upon successfully uploaded. As far as file size is concerned with the server storage space, the user can choose image upload by below 2 options to choose from;
i) Thumbnail’ image size (this will be attached as a link for bigger image resolution, when viewers would like to view bigger image, it will be download to the local desktop for view instead of view online as ‘loading’ image can be slow.
ii) ‘Normal’ image size for view online with the posting , with pre-defined size not exceeded within certain limit range Eg: Max 1 Mb or 600 by 600 pixels) for file uploading
3) ‘Ask Question’ button should be placed at the top of the forum page (along the line with the ‘Sort by’ feature), with addition another button at the bottom of the forum page (at the end of all thread postings) so it will not be easily be missed on the page regardless how long is the forum page over ahead. It will be preferable to give a colour tone to the button (instead of current plain colourless state) to better enhance its visibility and shows the importance of its status as a button that can be click on.
The platform for Forum is not customised and features could not be changed.Lim Geok LingS62Y7
1607862Staff Recognition (Exemplary Award Winners)"For Exemplary Award Winners (Past and Present) to have a specially designed coat for them to wear at official Aspire! Group functions and events like HR Award Ceremony and Work Plan. It should also include a special designed collar-pin to signify their service excellence that they can put on to distinguish themselves as exemplary award winner at other company events or functions. During Work plan this year and since it's Aspire! Group 10th Anniversary, we should invite past winners and present to be on stage to receive their coats and the designed collar-pin. "Idea is good. Exemplary Awards will be changed to iXcellence Award for 2016 onwards.Khairoman JumainHQ3Y7
1607863Healthy Fruits DayIt will be great to introduce a healthy lifestyle well-being annual event known as “Healthy Fruits Day”. This day comes when Aspire company (under staff welfare) can give away every SPE (can include the HQ staff) a box of fresh mixed fruits Free! Inside consists of 3 to 4 variety of fruit items such as apple, grape, mango, pear, prune etc. This not only reminds SPE to maintain a healthy lifestyle, healthy well-balanced diet in midst of busy work, not forgetting to eat more fruits and water especially with our SG hot climate! Coming from the staff welfare of Aspire company, its brings the SPE and the Aspire a closer bond to another level, sending the message to every individual of us that Aspire never forget about us even though we are all station island wide. It helps to send a sweet message from a ‘Parent’ company that Aspire still cares its child and its health. It acts as a small appreciation to SPEs for their hard work for the past half a year and can motivate us to stay positive ahead. It doesn’t have to wait for too long till end of year for a company dinner to show appreciation means. The best timing for a ‘Healthy Fruits Day’ can fall under the mid-year term (May to July) during hot summer day. Last but not least, with the ‘Fruits Day’, if can get to receive such colourful sweetie treats at times can brighten up the SPE’s day with a smile, it do make a little difference to kick-start the day with a positive sense of well-being.Idea is good. There will be logistic issue to be managed.Lim Geok LingS63Y7
1608864SPE and Zone Manager meetingIn a year there are 2 meetings with the ZM. Either one of the meeting it is good to allow SPEs to come over to the HQ to meet up with their Zone Managers instead of vice versa. Meeting can commence around 4-5pm. It would be a good bonding session and allow SPEs to express their thoughts to their ZM freely without any tension from the schools.We have arranged for SPEs to attend at HQ in Sep 2016 for Dialogue session with the Aspire! Management. This may repalce Sep 16 cluster meeting.SujathaS13Y8
1608865Games Scoring Template"1. Designed different Point system scoring list base on the game. Helped Teachers/Student helper score and check easily.
2. Movement list state the station pupils have to move next and they can't skip the game station. (No bottleneck will happen), This list also helps us to tabulate the scores easier and faster. (We used to key in score station by station, which takes us longer time to get the results)"
Good for sharing.Scoring Sheet Game Carnival template (1)
Game Carnival Score Template (2)
Carinn SimS32Y8
1608866Remove the number of hours spent in the monthly reportHowever we won't be able to match up with the hours worked for the month. Thus it looks as though we have not worked enough according to the monthly report. But we do some minute things which might not be reflected on the monthly report. So is there a way to get rid of the hours and just state the work we have done for the month.The idea of doing away with recording of hours in the monthly report is under consideration as long as the objectives are not compromised.SujathaS12Y8
1608867Co-Curricular Activites Achievement formImplement Co-Curricular Activities Achievement form whereby teachers can filled up all the required details and attached the name of pupils together with the form.Good for sharing. CCA Achievement FormMuhammad Raimi Bin RawiS12Y8
1608868Recognition of individual SPE within or across Cluster(s)To recognize individual SPEs efforts and contributions within or across Cluster(s) during the Work Plan Awards Presentation. With such award, it gives an additional chance for these SPEs to receive an award for their contribution to Aspire/Cluster/Other Clusters. These SPEs may have performed well within Cluster or across other clusters which may have given an impact to others by lending a support or contribution. Each Cluster can have a Best Cluster Member. Nominations can be done within or across clusters. SPEs must give an example of action that impact them for the nomination. Nomination can be based on Aspire Values where the example should relate back to the values. With such award, SPEs can be motivated to work towards a better Aspireans. Idea will be considered further for implementation in 2017.Kamilah Bte ZahriE23Y8
1608869EXSA Award for SPEsIt would be good for SPEs to go for EXSA Award courses as we are working with schools and meeting up with vendors as well. For now SSDs in school are unable to send SPEs for EXSA courses as we are not entitled. Perhaps in future, we may want to look into this matter and allow SPEs to attend EXSA courses. EXSA is an national award which recognize individuals who have delivered quality service and seeks to develop service models for staff to emulate and create service champions.We are open to any possibities of SPEs pursuing such courses in the future.sujathaS1208
1609870PE Equipment Loaning SystemMS Excel sheet with Pupils' class, name, reg # (can be down load from cockpit system) follow by school dates (in terms and weeks), type of PE equipment for loading, Event date (e.g. SA1) so that we know why loaning activity is drop, loaning status (R-return, N-no return), Summary page to measure the loaning activity.

Requirement: Notebook or PC at the site of loaning e.g. PE room.
Suitable for sharing see atttachedPE Equipment Loan SystemTNG CHIN MENGS62Y9
1609871Back up venue for eventsFor outdoor locations, instead of having a wet weather plan, because of these unpredictable situations, we should consider having a plan B location to activate should there be haze etc. And ROs will be informed at the beginning of planning phase. So that when the situation happens, there would not be a need to inform ROs last minute as they would have already been informed that their school may be used as a back up. So at least the event can still go on in a safer environment without causing any problems with our ROs. Good point for sharing with SPEs in planning of eventsNoorasyakirah Binte RahmatS4109
1609872Sick LeaveOut of the 14 days sick leave, we should be able to take 2 days sick leave with no MC, cause sometimes we will have the previous medicine with us and we dont have to go and see the doc again. They have this scheme for MOE teachersFor speedy recovery, SPEs are encouraged to seek medical care provided by company's panel of medical clinics at no costs.GayathriE5109
1609873Include school activities in cluster meeting, company event & projectTo improve this, we can consider to introduce more school related activities during SPEs cluster meeting, company events and projects.

First, to identify what are the school activities that SLs & ROs would like their SPEs to get involved as a Group (Note this is the key point) during SPEs cluster meeting, company events and projects. Next, SPEs involved to work together, work out the objectives and goals and work plan inline with schools' needs. Most importance is to keep SLs & ROs updated on the progress (e.g. via meeting minutes) and lastly we must show the end result will benefit all the schools involved. When schools related activities are engaged and involved in our cluster meeting, company events and project, SLs & ROs will more willing to see their SPEs attend and contribute. E.g. Sports CCA promotion is one of the areas concern in the cluster. SPEs will gather what their school's needs or can contribute (School goals and objectives). Usually primary schools wish secondary school to help them to improve their skill by playing friendly match and secondary school pupils earn VIA hours. SPEs come out with the work plan & time frame (e.g. arrange friendly match, coaching, etc.). Finally, SPEs will review together with SLs & ROs the end result and evaluate the benefit that the schools get, does this events meeting the schools goals and objectives, etc. Once we have a few successful events or activities in the cluster, we can later expend to involve more clusters as well as become a continue event. When SLs & ROs view the events had benefit the schools, the attendance issue will become history.

Good points on how we can work together to benefit the schools.TNG CHIN MENGS63Y9
1609874Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming( NLP) course for SPEsNLP is an extremely powerful concept used to enhance self development and move towards personal transformation. SPEs are able to benefit from this programme as it teaches us techniques can be used to help us change negative behavior/thinking into positive ones. Training team, may consider this programme as part of our retreat or even as a course programme where SPEs can attend during school holidays.No immediate plan to re-introduce NLP programme which we had in 2010.Nadiah HashimS7109
1609875Template to capture CCA Enrichment in school cockpitTemplate helps to ensure mandatory information are given by teachersSuitable for sharing see atttachedCCA Enrichment TemplateJenny Seng Gek ImmS62Y9
1609876Dinner and DanceMust conduct D & D yearly without failD & D 2016 was not cancelled due to Zika. It was changed to Aspire! 10 year Bash.Aziz Abdul RazakS1109
1609877Healthy Food for Healthy LifestyleTo include at least 50% of the food cater with a healthy food and with fresh fruits.

a company which is well concerned with healthy lifestyle should practice clean eating.
We will work with our caterers to provide more healthy food with fresh fruits.Ben Danial SalleS14Y9
1609878Apply Leave on timely basisTo help all our HQ Managers.
We should come out with a system.
1st time offence- 1st Warning Letter.
2nd time offence- 2nd Warning Letter and Email to School.
3rd time offence- Deduct from Monthly Salary.
This will also affect their appraisal and grading.
Non-compliance of timely and accurate submission of timesheets may merit some of the consequences suggested.Ng Chien WeiE1109
1609879Interest GroupsIn an effort to bond SPEs closer, Interest Groups (IG), which essentially work like CCAs can be implemented for SPEs under the Aspire! umbrella. These Interest Groups can bring together SPEs with common interest and they can independently plan and carry out their respective activities.
For example, the Health & Fitness IG can schedule a fun workout session at East Coast Park or a gym session at a public gym and the IC of the IG will spread the word out using social media platforms such as facebook, instagram or even whatsapp groups. The Aspire! facebook page can also be of assistance. The activities of the IGs can also be posted to the Aspire! facebook page to show that we are a company with strong camaraderie, thus potentially attracting and interesting new prospect employees or investors.
The possibilities of IGs are endless. IGs can range from small scale community bonding sessions such as Football IG, Acoustic Jamming IG or Pokemon Go IG etc or in a larger scale a Mountaineering IG that can schedule a hiking session to mt kinabalu or a Riding IG that can schedule bike trips to Thailand.
The aim of the IGs are to bond SPEs closer and meet up with SPEs who have a common interest. It will also solidify the relationships of SPEs as for most of the year, each individual SPE works in an individualized setting. IGs can also help to encourage and spur on individuals who have always been wanting to do an activity, but do not have the platform or the community to do so.
We welcome more ideas on how we can coordinate and sustain the Interest Groups. Look out for Aspire! Photography Club set up by Fairus (E3).Abdul HaqimS14Y9
1609880Ways to ensure Timely Monthly Report and Accuracy of Attendance2 ways.
1) SPE Score Cards- 15% of Appraisal
A simple cards for Manager to indicate SPE scoring.
Quality of work-15% of Appraisal
1) Timely and Accuracy of time sheet- /5
2) Timely Monthly Report- /5
3) Initiative/ Communication/Attitude- /5
Every 3 months- Manager will do review with Every SPE.
2) Cluster Leader and Assistant Cluster Leader will take turns (1 year rotate) to collate Monthly Report, while Manager will coll
Monthly Report will be chased by CL or ACL and will email Manager after all Members submitted.
TEAM- Together Everyone Achieve More 🙂
Managers will work with CL/ACLs on how we can improve on the timely submission of monthly timesheets etc.Ng Chien WeiE12Y9
1609881Following up with suggestions made by cluster member.Cluster leader can look up on these suggestions and work with members on the next course of action. The results and process taken will be documented and share with HQ for further implementation across the bigger SPE community.Suggestions can be viewed at the Aspire! website for Cluster Leaders to develop some of these suggestions with the members as cluster's project or goal.FirdausE74Y9
1609882Monthly Attendance via Phone ApplicationCreate an application that enable SPE's to take attendance via phone.Thanks for your suggestion which is incorporated in the SPEX application under development with the use of mobile phone.MD RIDHWANS14Y9
1609883Sports Taping CourseValue added service for the school to know the basic sports taping skills. Can help pupils to temporary relief pains during activities or competitions.Current first aid course may not cover "taping skills". Your suggestion is suitable for sharing with other SPEs.Carinn SimS32Y9
1609884Monthly reportI would suggest that the number of hours for each classification is to be omitted. Description for the areas of responsibility is suffice enough to be reported. This may save time on spending to think on how many hours spent for each area.We will continue to review the monthly report template based on your feedback.Nurlina DiyanahS1109
1609885To install phones in interview roomsto install phones inside the interview rooms, so that calls can be made privately in the roomsFor mangement's consideration.zhenhaoHQ109
1609886Cockpit - Monthly GuidelineTo have a photo guide for SPE to refer and place on our table so that we know what to expect in coming months.See attached Cockpit Timeline Guide for Jan to June Timeline
Jul to Dec Timeline
Muhd FairuzE34Y9
1609887Birthday CelebrationIt be great we could receive something that we can actually enjoy for our birthday. etc movie vc, sporting vc =) we can even head down to hq to collect if need be. Management will make some changes to the birthday celebration tokens.Muhd FairuzE34Y9
1610888Allow a component for Cluster Leader's assessment in SPE appraisalAllow a component in the SPE appraisal for CLs/ACLs to have an input in the SPE appraisal. It must be objective to remove any bias or ambiguity. This allows the CLs to exercise their leadership role and hopefully encourage members to be more responsive and effective as a whole cluster. In turn, this will help to bring up the cluster involvements. We will study how CL/CLs can have more impact on their cluster members.Mohammad ZhafrieS73Y10
1610889Names of Winners for Exemplary AwardI see this award as the highest recognition a SPE can achieve. It be great honour if the company could publish past winners. We should be proud of those who has achieve this.The namelist of winners of Exemplary Awards since 2012 is now uploaded in the Aspire! Website with a photo of the "Award". From 2016, it will be renamed as "iXcellence Awards".FairuzE34Y10
1610890Annual Cluster Bonding ActivityIt is good to have an annual cluster bonding activity which can be done in conjunction with one of the cluster meetings or on own timing. For eg, a movie night together or escape room or any other activity that can help to bond the cluster (outside of official work). It will be great if the company can help to subsidise part of the costs to ensure cluster cohesion and opportunities for us to bond together.We recognise the importance of bonding within the cluster and will work with cluster leaders on how this can be achieved.Chia Hwee TzeE74Y10
1610891CSR projectCSR project to be done after exams period. (mid Oct onwards)Feedback is given to organisers of CSR.Siti nurshawallah binte rashidS72010
1611892Allow exam leave to cover pre-exam day (one day before the exam)Allow the 2 day exam leave allocated for each SPE to be utilised for pre-exam day. This allows the SPE to have one full day of final concentration for their exams and allow them a day away from work to give the opportunity to do well in their exams. This translates into higher morale for the SPEs and better work satisfaction, knowing that their ambitions are catered for. Furthermore, working in the school environment, the school management fully understand the need for pre-exam day off as well as exam leave (applicable to civil servants). The suggestion is to replace Exam Leave with "Study/Exam Leave". We have extended Exam Leave for exam taken during the night. We appreciate if SPEs can update their managers if their schools grant day off to SPEs for pre-exam day. With such "day off" granted by the school, would SPE take Study Leave using the Exam Leave.Mohammad ZhafrieS71011
1611893Annual School Cockpit Proficiency TestA suggestion that I can think of is to prepare different set of test catering to the different group of SPEs that manages CCM with LEAPS 2.0 practices and NON-LEAPS 2.0 SPEs.The sch cockpit proficiency test specially set for SPEs in primary school has been introduced subsequently.
We encourage all SPEs to take the tests which will help to improve their cockpit proficiency for both primary and secondary levels.
Qairil Fahri SapariE14Y11
1611894Download NEA App (myENV) for Haze ManagementWith the NEA App (myENV), I am able to get accurate PSI readings (app uses my phone's location) and access real-time information on Singapore's air-quality quickly. I will also be alerted via push-notifications should the PSI/PM2.5 reading reaches 'Unhealthy' range. This allows me to take proactive measures efficiently when required. The app also has other information like weather forecast and dengue clusters which could be useful during Learning Journeys/Outdoor Camps etc. Your suggestion is suitable to be shared with the rest.NurmulianeeS22Y11
1611895Date of Survey SubmittedSurvey site should automatically have the submission date available whenever we submit the survey.All survey should have the submission date. It will be helpful if you email to to alert on which survey did not come with submission date.Eric MitchellE51011
1611896Best Manager AwardTo open voting for 'Best Manager Award' - to give recognition to managers for all their hard work.The number of candidates for "Best Manager Award" is too small, only 4 managers are eligible. Best Manager Award will not be sustainable. We have also reviewed the "Best SPE Award" and have decided on a more appropriate title.Rasyidah Bte RosdiE21011
1611897Tracking of daily workThe company used to give us planner but they have lots of redundant ads and things which we don't required. A simple A5 planner with daily page would really help SPE to pen down what they have done for the day and when the time comes to submit their monthly report it would be a breeze as they just have to refer to it.Your idea of A5 planner is a way to help SPEs to prepare their monthly reports. We will consider how we can introduce this as a pilot project for those with problem in doing their monthly report.FairuzE32011
1611898Softstoys/ teddybear with Customized Aspire ShirtTo have a customised Soft toy/ teddy bear wearing Aspire! Shirt.
To be presented to Long service award SPEs or Best SPE Cluster Member.
Ps: I would love to have one...:)
Thanks for your group's idea. We will keep your suggestion open to receive more feedback from other SPEs.NurdianaE1 (Group)2011
1612899Motivational and Self Improvement talk at Annual Work Plan ConferenceMorning session to include a section on SPE self improvement with inspirational and motivational talk by a guest; or Inviting the Toast Master experts to give a demo on what a Toastmaster session is like. Also, to Aspire can share with SPE MOE's 2017 direction and goals especially in CCA areas. Hope that these could help as items for next Workplan.Thanks, we can consider the proposed programme in Work Plan & Awards Presentation 2017. We had speakers in the past for such event and can consider if suitable speakers can be arranged.Vincent ChanS52$1012
1612900Monthly Update on Cluster PerformanceTo have a Monthly Performance Report on Each Cluster made available, where SPE can access to know their current performance & standing. This can benefit the company. 1)By knowing their current performance & standing, individual cluster can buckle up & feel motivated to improve their performance in areas which they are lacking. Thus it will increase productivity & company performance as a whole. To keep the mode in suspense during the announcement of the winner, final month performance(e.g Nov) will not be disclosed. 2) in this way, the process is more transparent.This relates to Best Cluster Awards. We will publish as much information on cluster performance on periodic basis but not on monthly basis as most activities pick up after June.Ben Danial SalleS13$1012
1612901Eye Care SupportIt be good if we can have a rebate when we make our new spectacles or lens.This will be considered together with other benefits for the SPEs subject to budget.Muhd FairuzE32$1012
1612902‘Exit’ Information for MRT station in websiteIt will be preferable if the website can kindly display the exits information under the “NEAREST MRT STATION” as well, similar to bottom information for consistency. It not only helps the users who click into this page tab to find the information easily from here (in case they miss the bottom part). In addition, by having a pictional (static) route map using ‘arrows indication’ in the map from respective bus stops/ MRT station location point to the company location point, it shows a clearer self-explained route map. It can be in a pdf format which can download from word link in the page so we can print out conveniently from there and bring along. it also helps a lot to ease first timer or the unfamiliar visitors from confusion after come out from control station, to avoid walking unnecessary routes in mid st of ‘lost’ and save the hassle of calling the main line asking for directional assistance. It also ease them to easily locate the pictorial route map with the arrows indicators from respective bus stops / MRT station points and can plan the shortest convenient route from their home to reach the destination by any transportation mode with more efficient time saving.We have as recommended inserted "Exit A" in the Contact Us page. We do distribute map to show the direction to walk from Braddell MRT to our office for those visiting our office for the first time. We are studying if we can extend it to the website.Lim Geok LingS62$1012
1612903Administration of Sch Cockpit Test to JCs1) Administer to JC SPEs the test meant for Primary School SPEs instead of Secondary ones. Similar to JCs, Primary School cockpit do not award points for CCA participation.
2)Give information about where to generate SPI and the differing access to School Cockpit by school personnel.
We will conduct more study with SPEs in JCs before the next proficiency test taking into account various matters raised.WU YANPINGS52$1012
1612904Birthday VouchersReplace Kampong vouchers with Gift Vouchers from NTUC so that they can buy other things, not just food.SPEs will no longer received Kampong Vouchers as birthday's gift individually. Managers will update SPEs on how the birthday for SPEs will be celebrated.Aziz Bin Abdul RazakS11$012
1612905Sending actual Aspire! workplan timing information for ROAs I believe some ROs may forget and new to this. Like my incident, my RO was informed via email that the workplan is in the morning only. And does not know that it is a full day event. Thank you.Feedback is given to the organiser of the work plan to prevent similar situation.AzmiE61$012
1612906The Aspire! 2016 desktop calender was indeed very useful.Not only does the Aspire! 2016 desktop calender indicates upcoming company events, we can also pen down important school activities/events/schedules and other useful informations. Suggest our company to provide SPEs/ROs with next year desktop calender.Every year we made a change to the corporate gift but will reconsider if there is demand for the calendar.Ronnie TayE71$012
1612907Administration of Sch Cockpit Test to JCs1) Distribute the Quick Guide: PFT Sports Participation Index among all SPEs. My school removed my access to the 'School Management' module under Reports Portal even though I am a Super-User. Without any hands-on experience generating the SPI Report, the questions on SPI (Questions No. 7 & 12) unduly penalise SPEs who do not have access to School Management module. I can produce a softcopy upon request.
2) Remove the question on 'Compute CCA results'. It is under Question No. 4. JCs do not need to Compute CCA Results as the School Cockpit system do not have the button. I generated CCA Records without computing CCA results.
Suggestion is considered together with other related suggestion on issue of Sch Cockpit Proficiency Test for SPEs in JCs.WU YANPINGS51$012

D) Below are suggestions from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015 with comments and rating.

Serial No.MTHFromDeptSuggestionRating
15014931Nur FauzunE1Template of Monthly Attendance 20151
15014941Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3Use of Google Doc1
15014951Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3Activity Sheet1
15014961Phang Choon Phuay PatsyE3Leave Plan1
15014971Shahidah Binte ShiddikE3Company Annual Event1
15014981Farah Tiara CharlesE3Cockpit1
15014991Farah Tiara CharlesE3Management of PE Store1
15025002FairuzE3Identificaton for Staff1
15035013Cynthia NgE1Gebiz Procurement Workflow 2015- (After 31st March)2
15035023Nur Nadirah JamadiE1SPE Focus Group1
15035033Nur FauzunE1RAMS Course2
15035043Lee Kok LeongE1Handbook for SPE2
15035053Pamela YeoE1Have representatives from each department/cluster to plan events2
15035063Nur FauzunE1Cluster Leaders Retreat2
15035073Tita Emelia Dila Bte HamdanE1Online Template Platform2
15035083Dex GohS1Photography1
15035093Dex GohS1Google calendar1
15035103RaimiS1Electronic Registry of Instructors for Schools (eRIS)2
15035113GayathriE5Medical leave convert to annual leave1
15035123Noorasyakirah Binte RahmatS4Care Platform for SPE1
15035133Carinn SimS3Parent Care Leave1
15035143Nurdiana KhalidE1Links given to all SPEs or HQ Staff1
15035153Mardiah JamaludinE7Positition Title2
15035163Nur ZawanahS4Claim Form2
15035173Lee Ern Wen DanielE2Improve productivity using To-do Lists1
15035183Lee Ern Wen DanielE2Using of Email Labels to segregate Emails into various categories1
15035193Saratha DeviS2Sharing Session1
15035203Lee Ern Wen DanielE2Training of SPEs Specific to Needs of Each School1
15035213Farah Tiara CharlesE3RAMS Filing System1
15035223Farah Tiara CharlesE3First Aid2
15035233FairuzE3EOY 13th Month AWS1
15035243Shahidah bte ShiddikE3Introduce more leaves1
15035253Rini EzadoraE3More Leaves1
15035263E3-Group (Fairuz)E3Change of Report format2
15035273Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3Standardize attendance format (CCAs)1
15035283Yem HasliiE3Bonus1
15035303Asilah LiyanaE2Exam Leave2
15045314Asilah LiyanaE2Health Screening2
15045324Dex GohS1Vouchers1
15045334Muhamad Firdaus Bin JamalludinE7Cluster Meeting Minute-taking2
15045344Vincent GohS6Pupil's Medical Record for CCA2
15045354DiyanaE7SPE Day2
15045364Suhaylah Binte Mohamad YasinS6School Cockpit Training for Teachers1
15045374Mohamed Qabeer Bin SulaimanS6Staff Wellbeing1
15045384Yeo Han Yong PeterE2On-the-Job attachment training for potential SPEs1
15045404Siti Sarah Binte Che SaniE1A different approach toward work events2
15045414Jenny Seng Gek ImmS6Saving paper and time when processing Employee Leave Form1
15045434Abdul Yazid Bin SaimE1Course (Handling Children)2
15045444Nor Hafiza Binte MehadE2Online Travel Declaration Form2
15045454Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3Activity Sheet2
15055465Rasyidah RosdiE2Online Attendance Record - Sign In & Sign Out using Apps2
15055475Pamela YeoE1Examination leave1
15055485Pamela SandanasamyS6Welfare of SPE1
15055495Tita Emelia Dila Bte HamdanE1Platform for Recommended Vendors1
15055505Tng Chin MengS6SPE Monthly Report (Upcoming School Programmes)1
15055515Vincent GohS6Year End CCA Report2
15055525Bazli Bin Abdul RahimE3Collation of Feedbacks/Particulars2
15055535ZhafrieS7New Monthly Report Template1
15055545Dex GohS1Scanning of documents2
15065556NadiahS7Minute Taking Course2
15065566Pramela d/o SukumaranS7Aspire Performing Arts Group2
15065576SankariS7Conducting Training2
15065586April LimS7Budget Tracking1
15065596Nur ShawallahS7Corporate Scheme for Gym Membership1
15065606Nilam NirwanaS7Photoshop course1
15065616Kader IbrahimS7Organizing the PE store1
15065626ZhafrieS7Allow provisions for early payday for Festive Celebrations2
15065636ZhafrieS7Individual Training Plan for SPEs2
15065646ZhafrieS7Multiple Leave Form entries1
15065656ZhafrieS7EXSA Service Award for SPEs1
15065666FaiezahS4Travel Declaration1
15065676Asilah LiyanaE2NEA Hygiene Course1
15065686Asilah LiyanaE2Cooee Messenger2
15065696Asilah LiyanaE2SPE's BENEFIT1
15065706ZhafrieS7SG50 special bonus1
15065716 Rasyidah RosdiE2 Use of Exam Leave1
15065726 SalamahE4 Exam leave matters1
15065736 ShuhazamE5 Games For SPE Retreat1
15065746 ShuhazamE5 (Group) Courses for upgrade1
15065756 Muhammad Riduan Bin RamliE5 Proper exposure of Aspire! CCS group products to SPEs1
15065766 Nur Fauzun B JohanE1 Cluster Base 1D Training & Development Seminar Retreat1
15065776 ShuhazamE5 Calendar of Events1
15065786 Kamilah ZahriE2 SPE Calendar of Events1
15065796 Eric MitchellE5 Instruction manual for recurring events1
15065806 Eric MitchellE5 Peer Mentoring1
15075817ZhafrieS7List of schools under Aspire SPE Project2
15075827Suhaila Bte ShamsudeenE5Official Website for Aspire Group Pte Ltd2
15075837Suhaila Bte ShamsudeenE5Eliminate repeat data, hence increase productivity1
15075847Fadilah OsmanE7Rewards for Low MC Rate1
15075857Suhaila Bte ShamsudeenE5SUGGESTIONS' GRADING AND REWARD1
15075867ShankarHQErgonomically Friendly Work chairs2
15075877ZhafrieS7Advanced planning of Training courses2
15075887NadirahE1Theme for DND1
15075897Sri Amirah Binte SuhairiE5New SPE's Internship2
15075907NurhanisahE2SPE Contact List1
15075917Cynthia NgE1Corporate Image VS Corporate Identity of SPE2
15085928KayyathiriS2Leadership Enhancement2
15085938KayyathiriS2Enhancement of WMS Portal1
15085948KayyathiriS2WSQ Adobe Photoshop Course2
15085958KamilahE2Recognition of compliments2
15085968RoushanE5Staff Training2
15085978RoushanE5Food catering for our own events and meeting1
15085988Amir Bin BohariE5Do away with Leave Form1
15085998GayathriE5Birthday Time off1
15086008GayathriE5SPE Exchange Programme2
15086018Radiah RosliE5Detailed events management workshop1
15086028Radiah RosliE5Platform to ask questions in certain areas eg: Cockpit, Gebiz, procurement etc2
15086038NorwahidahN1Corporate Cards1
15086048NorwahidahN1Flexi Benefit Scheme2
15086058Lionel TeoE2Online Transport Booking for Ad-Hoc Excursions2
15086078NuratikahE2Leave matters, Monthly Report, Attendance sheet2
15086088Yeo Han Yong, PeterE2Health Checkup1
15086098Yeo Han Yong, PeterE2Work Management2
15086108ZhafrieS7WMS Leave Status Columns1
15086118NuratikahE2Monthly Report template1
15086128Nor Hafiza Binte MehadE2Organised Monthly Report and Attendance Sheet Title for Submission1
15086138Nur Sabrina Binte Muhammad IsmaeilE2Important Deadlines2
15086148ZhafrieS7Suggestion Portal - Added Dynamism2
15086158Dex GohS1Training for relief SPE2
15086168Salemah AriffinE2Charity Bake Sale1
15086178HadiE4Conversational Mandarin Course2
15086188Cynthia NgE1ASPIRE ( As mentioned in Retreat)2
15096199Mohammed Faizal Bin IthninS5Aspire Group Credo2
15096209Wu YanpingS5Standardise the budget proposal template.1
15096219Wu YanpingS5Additional Itemised Budget1
15096229NurhanisahE2Data Entry for School Cockpit2
15096239Jenny Seng Gek ImmS6Staff Welfare1
15096249Nurasyikin IshakE2Request Forms for GeBiz2
15096259Nurasyikin IshakE2School Google Calendar2
15096269Zeng ZhenhaoHQSPE Mentorship Track2
15096279ZhafrieS7Promotional Grades for SPEs2
151062810Jacqueline ThamS4CCA Attendance taking via Smartphones2
151062910Suhaila Bte ShamsudeenE5Performances for Workplan Award and Presentation 2015 - 9Dec 20152
151063010NuratikahE2Leave Portal1
151063110Mohammed Faizal Bin IthninS5SAFETY IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES2
151063210Mohammed Faizal Bin IthninS5Refresher CPR & AED workshop1
151063310Cynthia NgE1Aspire Work Plan Retreat 20162
151063410Zeng ZhenhaoHQProfessional Photograph for all Aspire! Staff2
151063510Cynthia NgE1Improve Performance in School- Issue- Prevent the Lost of Important hard copies document.2
151063610ZhafrieS7Extended Paternity Leave for Newborns wef Jan 20152
151063710Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3Overseas Expedition Particulars2
151063810Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3Advanced Pay during Festive Season1
151063910Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3RAMS Filing System1
151064010Nur Syakirah Binte MalikE3Events Keyed Into School Cockpit2
151064110Cynthia NgE1Table Calendar/ A4 Calendar Note Book2
151064211Carinn SimS3HIW Form for Cluster Leaders1
151164311Diyana Marina Bte JasmiE7Train staff on the use of positive social media3
151164412Qairil FahriE7Use of Google Form to collect survey response.1
151164512Simone GohE7CCA coach fees monthly tracking2
151164612AzreenE7Sec 4 & 5 CCA Certificate & Grade Verification2
151164711RidhwanS1Staff Identity Pass2
151164811S3 Cluster membersS3 (Group)Corporate Mobile Plan2
151164911EzzatiS3Online Monthly report submission3
151165011Carinn SimS3Team Bonding activities3
151165111Julianey binte A. RahmanS3Limited company events3
151165211Nur Amirah Bte. Abdul KadirS6Enrichment Courses During School Holidays2
151265312Nor Hafiza Binte MehadE2Online Survey in school2
151265412Peh Kian ChaiS2Submission of CCA School Holidays’ Activities List using online Google Spreadsheet3
151265512Cynthia NgE1CCA Statement of Expenditure3
151265612ZhafrieS7Using Dropbox app to send documents of meeting for viewing3
151265712NuratikahE2Aspire Workplan2
151265812Cynthia NgE110 Ways to Manage Emotional Employees3
151265912Dex GohS1Bulk input of events in iconnect calendar
Shared Template

E) Below are suggestions received from 2008 to 2014

Serial No.MTHFromDeptSuggestionRating
20080111Sarimah SarifS3Projects to be carried out by cluster1
20080211Sarimah SarifS3Perf Appraisal with work review1
20080312Tong Jee ChengE7Not to post CCPEs during Dec1
2009011FarhanHQto link leave application to Website1
2009022Tan Boon ChuanHQto install anti virus software for all HQ laptops4
2009032ZubaidahHQImprove HQ working office environment1
2009042Andrew TanE5Sailing for all1
2009052Andrew TanE5Petty Cash float for ATN1
2009062Andrew TanE5CCPE's profile on Face book style "members only"4
2009072Alan TeoHQto include the last two weeks of Dec calendar in our Exec Planner1
2009082Tan Boon ChuanHQto use Job Credits Scheme to fund HQ staff bonus1
2009092Hazel NgSouthto combine all websites into one1
2009102Jason ChenHQto use Trg Assist Scheme to claim fund for in house staff trg1
2009112NorlishamE5to run a commercialised publishing business unit1
2009122Jee ChengE7to train CCPE in portable defribrillator as part of 1st Aid Course1
2009132Wilson LimSSSImprovement to daily attendance taking in school1
2009142Muhd IskandarS5checklist for Handing and taking over1
2009152Tan Boon ChuanHQto have a fruit day for HQ in line for healthy living1
2009162Denise PintoSouthsuggestions for Boot Camp1
2009172Tan Boon ChuanHQincentive for providing referrals for school projects1
2009182Tan Boon ChuanHQto sign Employers' Pledge of Fair Empolyment Practices with Centre for Fair Employment4
2009193Muhd KamitSouthto track Internal and external CCP activities in Central location using google calendar4
2009203Nur FaradilahS2Enhancement for CCPE wedsite1
2009213Muhd IshamSouthImprovement for Exec Planner 20101
2009223SuriyanaHQto install a remote for door access in HQ office1
2009233Pansy TanS5attachment of CCPE1
2009243Muhd IskandarS5Increase submission of suggestion1
2009254Hazel NgSouthOrganised Physical activities1
2009265Wilson LimSSSimprovement to the Form for daily absentees verification1
2009276Peh Kian ChaiS2Compulsory Training course1
2009286Peh Kian ChaiS2review job scope1
2009296Peh Kian ChaiS2Auto calculation of hrs worked in Monthly Attendance Record form1
2009306Peh Kian ChaiS2Appraisal guidelines1
2009316Peh Kian ChaiS2Networking & Bonding opportunities1
2009326Peh Kian ChaiS2Inform Staff of their benefits1
2009336Peh Kian ChaiS2enhancement of staff benefits1
2009346Peh Kian ChaiS2contact list of vendors/suppliers for events1
2009356Peh Kian ChaiS2support for CCPEs1
2009366Peh Kian ChaiS2specialist CCPEs1
2009376Peh Kian ChaiS2career path and promotion prospect1
2009386Peh Kian ChaiS2SMS messaging system4
2009396Peh Kian ChaiS2Increase Training hours1
2009406Nur AffizahS7Bonding day between CCPEs and ROs1
2009417Ong Zhen Ling'E1Linking of Aspire! Websites1
2009427FauzunE1Revamp of CCPE Main website1
2009437Joan TeoEastBoot Camp to be held on weekdays or during school holidays1
2009447Jerome TeoHQVirtual office-working from home4
2009457Jerome TeoHQCompany events/activities/training schedule on goggle calender4
2009467Tan Boon ChuanHQTemplate for CCPE Attachment report4
2009477Lawrence LowSouthEquip CCPEs on skills to handle children1
2009488NoraHQuse of individual filing of CCPEs MCs and monthly attendance report1
2009498NoraHQuse of Co Mediguard card to get 50% discount for Aziz's Dream and steve's Wonder4
2009508Alan TeoHQto put up notice board at HQ for corporate news etc1
2009518AudreyHQto issue Certificate of Employment4
10010011HirwanE2Aspire! Namecards1
10010021HirwanE2Calendar for CCPE activities2
10010031HirwanE2Set up Official CCPE sports team1
10010041E2 Group (Hirwan)E2 (Group)Set up CCPE Welfare Committee2
10010051E2 Group (Hirwan)E2 (Group)Set Up E-Training Website for CCPE1
10010061E2 Group (Hirwan)E2 (Group)Cluster overseas activities/trip incentives1
10010071E2 Group (Hirwan)E2 (Group)Reward CCPE with No MC2
10010081E2 Group (Hirwan)E2 (Group)Communication with Reporting Officers1
10010091E1 Group (Ong Zhen Ling)E1 (Group)E-payslip1
10010101E1 Group (Ong Zhen Ling)E1 (Group)Overseas CIP1
10020112GayathriE5Minutes Meeting writing course2
10020122Nur AffizahS7Acknowledgement for Monthly Report1
10020132Nur AffizahS7Interactive forms of communication in CCPE Website2
10020142Nurul NishaE7Prize selection - Complimentary Spa Treatment1
10030153Nurul NishaE7Payment of Overtime Hours1
10040164Lisa TangE4School Cockpit Self-Pace Learning Materials2
10040174Lisa TangE4Auto-reply message to acknowledge receipt of Monthly Report to HQ1
10040184AzizahHQT shirt for AES HQ Personnel2
10040194AzizahHQPeople Management Workshop - WDA courses1
10040204Pamela SandanasamyS6Meet up with Reporting Officers1
10040214Cheris TanS2Namecards for CCPEs1
10040224Christine Chan Lay PengS2Dental Welfare1
10050235Lisa TangE4Reward CCPE with No MC/Medical Fees incurred2
10060246Lisa TangE4Improved RSVP Form for Family Day1
10060256Lisa TangE4Note to RO on Awards2
10060266NorimahE6Fixed Salary Payment Day1
10070277Farah Izzah ImranE3Collation of Past Event Information2
10070287NasrudyE3CCPE training1
10070297Kader IbrahimE3Training in interaction with pupils2
10070307FairuzE3Different submission dates for Attendance Sheet1
10070317S3 Group (Hazel)S3 (Group)CCPE T shirts2
10070327S3 Group (Hazel)S3 (Group)Notification for Events1
10070337Lisa TangE4Job Matching for CCPEs and Schools1
10070347S7 Group (Nurfidawati)S7 (Group)Rollover function for monthly report1
10070357S7 Group (Nurfidawati)S7 (Group)Change of Rule for Best Cluster Competition - resignation of CCPEs1
10070367Nurul HanomE6Exchange program between schools to identify new/enhance SOP in schools1
10080378Chua Siew HoonHQSimplied Process for Submission of Monthly Report2
10080388Lisa TangE4Update ESS status in CCPE Website2
10080398Lisa TangE4Accept Verbal Staff Suggestion1
10090409Lisa TangE4Note to RO on completion of Understudy/Attachment with School2
10090419Lisa TangE4Simplified Task Details in Monthly Report2
101004210Lisa TangE4T shirt for CCPEs for Aspire! Events1
101004310Lisa TangE4Best Practices shared through CCPE's Yahoo Group2
101004410Lisa TangE4Standard Form format for entry of CIP Hours2
101104511Mohd Zahir Abdul LatifE6Introduction to keyboard shortcuts1
101104611Lisa TangE4A closing meeting to conclude the project1
101104711Nur FaradilahS2Monthly Payslip1
101104811Lisa TangE4To get feedback from School Users on design and requirement of the Executive Planner (EP).1
101104911Chalice Lin LongjieS6Template for Attendance Sheet2
101205012Tng Chin MengS6CCPE Monthly Report (Total Hours)1
101205112Peh Kian ChaiS2Company's Vision and Mission statement in the website1
101205212Peh Kian ChaiS2Awards Received by the Company1
101205312Peh Kian ChaiS2Link company related videos to the Aspire! Websites1
101205412Peh Kian ChaiS2Create hyperlinks to CCPE Monthly Report portal and SMEPayRoll site1
101205512Peh Kian ChaiS2Create hyperlinks to CCPE aspireatplay.blogspot.com1
101205612Peh Kian ChaiS2Company's Credo in CCPE Website1
101205712Peh Kian ChaiS2Project Management Template in the Executive Planner (EP)1
101205812Peh Kian ChaiS2Card sized Pocket Calendar in EP1
101205912Peh Kian ChaiS2Compartment for placing name cards in EP1
101206012Peh Kian ChaiS2Provide small stickers in the EP1
101206112Peh Kian ChaiS2Competencies and Learning Form1
101206212Peh Kian ChaiS2Learning Account1
101206312Peh Kian ChaiS2Staff Learning Award1
101206412Peh Kian ChaiS2Excellence in Service Award2
101206512Peh Kian ChaiS2Aspire! Monthly Highlights (document)2
101206612Peh Kian ChaiS2Policy changes1
101206712Peh Kian ChaiS2CCPE Administrative Instructions1
101206812Peh Kian ChaiS2Mediguard Panel List1
101206912Peh Kian ChaiS2Acknowledgement Email for Company's Event Registration1
101207012Peh Kian ChaiS2Suggestion Form (1)(benefit)1
101207112Peh Kian ChaiS2Suggestion Form (2)(email address)1
11010721Lisa TangE4Courtesy visit to School Key Personnel at least once a year1
11010731Lisa TangE4Publish the Main Score Card Result of Best CCPE Cluster Competition1
11010741Nurlina Diyanah Binte SallehS1Partner Birthday1
11010751Dex GohS1CCPE websites1
11010761Dex GohS1ITQ vendor instructions1
11020772Cynthia NgE1Games1
11020782Dex GohS1Taxi Booking1
11020792HirwanE2 (Group)Certificate2
11020802Nurhani Bte HassanE2Aspire Sports & Games Carnival1
11020812HirwanE2Aspire Games Challenge Trophy1
11020822HirwanE2 (Group)Review on the utilisation rate / effectiveness of the executive planner as whether it met the objective.1
11020832HirwanE2 (Group)To allocate an annual budget for all the Clusters.1
11020842HirwanE2To reward CCPE who have been consistently having outstanding performance for the minimum 2 years1
11020852HirwanE2 (Group)To recognise the contribution of Outgoing CCPEs leaving Aspire.1
11020862Lionel TeoE2ID Card1
11020872Lisa TangE4EP planner new year2
11020882NazlinE2Blog, website IT1
11020892FasihahE5cluster bonding1
11020902Dex GohS1Sch Annual Budget Plan1
11020912JamunaE7Time Sheet1
11020922Lisa TangE4DnD Timing for Grand Prize1
11020932Yap Chat LamE1Monthly Report - other acheivement category1
11020942Lisa TangE4Higher Achiever Awards2
11020952Eric MitchellE1Additional Leave1
11020962Eric MitchellE1CCPE White Board2
11020972Eric MitchellE1Dinner Events1
11020982Eric MitchellE1Invitation to Food Tasting1
11020992Eric MitchellE1Monthly Reports Feedback1
11021002Eric MitchellE1Photos of Activity1
11021012Eric MitchellE1Useful Gifts1
11021022Eric MitchellE1CIP Involvement1
11021032Eric MitchellE1Broken Links1
11021042Eric MitchellE1How to write minutes1
11021052Eric MitchellE1List of CCPE skills1
11021062Eric MitchellE1Photo courses1
11021072Eric MitchellE1Reduce issuing of cert1
11031083JamunaE7CCPE Enrichment/Training1
11031093JamunaE7CCPE Roadshows/Recruitment Drive1
11031103Lisa TangE4Useful Quick Guides available in School Cockpit Information Website1
11031113Lisa TangE4Publish the outcome of Workplan on career progression and retention of CCPEs1
11031123Lisa TangE4Good Practice for CCA Selection and Allocation Process for Sec One students1
11031133Lisa TangE4Template for Service Satisfaction Feedback1
11031143Singaram ChandrasekarS6Work Place Health Promotion Grant (Grant Awarded by Health Promotion Board )1
11031153Quak Soon MengE3Online Executive Planner1
11031163MahfuzahE3Online leave portal1
11031173Farah Izzah ImranE3Weekly report to assist monthly report1
11031183Seri HidayuE3General Feedback on CCPE matters1
11031193FairuzE3Aspire Credo1
11031203Quak Soon MengE3Oversea Trip Expenses1
11031213Shaifulbahri bin AbharE3Minute writing1
11041224Tan Suan Nee WilliamS3Comprehensive 3 Days Checklist On OJT for new CCPE (attachment)2
11041234Lisa TangE4Sent "Thank You" note to sch after event1
11051245Ong Zhen LingE1 (Group)Suggestions for Monthly Report System1
11051255Ong Zhen LingE1 (Group)Cluster Leaders Portal for relevant documents1
11061266Nur Farhanah AyobS1Cockpit Training - User Interface Video1
11061276Nur Farhanah AyobS1Online HIW Logcard1
11061286Nur Farhanah AyobS1Leisure Aerobics1
11061296Nur Farhanah AyobS1Increased Attendance for Cluster Meetings1
11061306Nur Farhanah AyobS1Automated SMS to ROs to Notify on Cluster Meetings1
11061316Nur Farhanah AyobS1Event Photos Archiving1
11061326Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)Online Submission for Timesheet1
11061336Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)S1 Book of Best Practices1
11061346Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)Best Beginner Award1
11061356Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)ESS Submission Via Online4
11061366Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)Interest Groups1
11061376Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)Dress Code for CCPEs1
11061386Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)Polo Tee for CCPEs1
11061396Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)Reminder to Submit ESS1
11061406Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)Annual Leaves1
11061416Nur Farhanah AyobS1 (Group)Checklist for Beginning CCPEs1
11061426Lisa TangE4 (Group)Announce the score or result of Awardee during the award presentation1
11061436Lisa TangE4 (Group)To allow more user friendier browsers/software application to access Leave System1
11071447Lisa TangE4Aspire! Retreat -3D 2N Kukup Fishing Village Stay cum Visits to Mushroom and Durian Farms1
11071457Lisa TangE4Useful information and learning guides from MOE Intranet-School Cockpit Plus (wef 1 April 2011)1
11071467Lisa TangE4Performance Appraisal System with assessment result from Aspire's Management on Appraisal Report1
11081478NazlinE2Book Bulk Purchase - 5 Language of Appreciation at Work Place1
11081488Lisa TangE4Job match for deployment of CCPE to meet school needs1
11081498Lisa TangE4Aspire is to send notification and "thank you" note to Schools after announcement of Best CCPE Cluster Award1
11081508Lisa TangE4To issue Certificate of Achievement for Best CCPE Cluster Award1
11091519Dex GohS1Free GooCal to sync sch calendar in ICONNECT1
111015210Dex GohS1Monthly Report to allow mass tasks update & upload of offline template1
111015310Dex GohS1To enable dowload portal for monthly payslip1
111115411Sopiah MahmudE1To record attendance in SME Payroll1
111215512Sopiah MahmudE1conduct  Microsoft Office Excel 2010 course for CCPEs1
111215612Peh Kian ChaiS2Company website to have community project's photos and articles1
111215712Peh Kian ChaiS2Allow employees to choose from list of short courses1
111215812Peh Kian ChaiS2Name plate for trainees at courses1
111215912Peh Kian ChaiS2To have PC available for work related use by trainees attending courses at HQ1
111216012Peh Kian ChaiS2Lamination of Certificates for courses1
111216112Peh Kian ChaiS2FAQ on HR matters2
111216212Peh Kian ChaiS2Annual optional health screening for CCPEs at clinic(s)1
111216312Peh Kian ChaiS2 Revised the criteria for determining the success of events1
111216412Peh Kian ChaiS2 Improve the process of Post Event Documentation1
111216512Peh Kian ChaiS2Name Plate for Workstation1
111216612Peh Kian ChaiS2Freeware that can reduce the memory size of photos-
12011671Sopiah MahmudE1Self-retrieval of  EPayslip in CCPE SMEPayroll1
12011681Nur Farhanah AyobS1Improve on Attendance Sheet auto-calculation for  'Total working hours' to include excess working hours2
12011691Vincent GohS6CCPE monthly report - to have multiple periods for selection1
12011701Seri HidayuS3Provide bonus annually1
12011711ChandrasekarS6Training for ICONnect Email System2
12011721JasriE4 (Group)E4 to lead in community project for Aspire in Project11-Collect Ring Tabs. Refer to
12021742NuratikahE2Outdoor bonding activity for new CCPEs2
12021752Leong Huai XinE6New Programme for Company - Skating1
12021762Salinah SallehE4 (Group)Ways to award Best Cluster prize1
12031773Cynthia NgE1Update of CCA Record Form (Secondary)2
12031783 Koe Tien HongHQFormula for calculation of age3
12031793Yeo Han Yong PeterE7More relevant courses for Staff Training and Development1
12031803 Paul LowHQBooking of Training Room at HQ3
12031813 Dave DingHQLunch & Learn Programme for HQ3
12031823Dex GohS1Photography Course1
12041834Wong Wei JieE4Revealing of ranking results and improvisation of the ranking system1
12041844Wong Wei JieE4'Health is Wealth' card by fax4
12041854Wong Wei JieE4Upgrading scheme for staff for lifelong learning1
12041864ShankarS5Discussion of Appraisal with CCPE1
12041875NikmanE4 E4 Cluster T-shirt Design4
12041884Lionel TeoE2Period for Events to be held1
12041894Nurhazimah SainiE5CCPE portal1
12041904Mohamed Azmi bin DasiminE2Vegetarian Refreshment provision for training1
12041914FadzilaE63rd Language Course1
12041924SuriahE5Venue of Training - Outdoor1
12041934Tan Chui MuiS3Instructions for use of walkie-talkie2
12041944Tan Chui MuiS3Converting BMI into easy read for pupils2
12041954Tan Chui MuiS3Improvement to CCA attendance file1
12041964Tan Chui MuiS3Reorganizing of PE Store1
12051975Rasyidah RosdiE2Aspire! Sports Carnival1
12051985Shamshul HanizE2Know your sports courses1
12051995Rasyidah RosdiE2Aspire! (CCPE) Staff Pass1
12052005NazlinE2Parent Care Leave or Elder Care Leave1
12052015Mohamed Azmi bin DasiminE2Cluster meeting before or after DSA period for autonomous schools. Etc. and not during DSA.1
12052025ShankarS5 (Group)Notification of Official Cluster Meeting & Employee Involvement2
12052035ShankarS5Frequent Meeting with RO and CCPE1
12052045Carinn SimS3CapitaVouchers for Outstanding Attendance Award - 3 years of no MC or hospitalisation leave1
12052055Sng Siok Bee CarolS6Updates of personnel in the Aspire Group2
12052065HirwanE2To incorporate a few company events on the same day4
12052075NuratikahE2Courses for staff1
12052085Wong Wei JieE4Aspire! Website1
12052095John AstonS6A Visual Helpdesk2
12052105Mohamed Azmi bin DasiminE2Cockpit1
12052115Reena IrdianaE6Provide transportation1
12052125Singaram ChandrasekarS6Introducing Organisational Psycholoy as a Training Module1
12052135Pamela SandanasamyS6Buddy System for New CCPEs2
12052145Grace MugunnanS6Paperless Attendance Sheet1
12052155Mohamed Qabeer Bin SulaimanS6Sharing session1
12052165Mohamed Qabeer Bin SulaimanS6Race for Cancer Awareness1
12052175HerdaE6Birthday Procedure1
12052185April LimS6Parent-Care Leave1
12052195Teng Sheau PhingE2 Providing direct website link on Aspire website2
12052205Dex GohS1NAPFA tester course4
12052215NuratikahE2Attendace Sheet1
12052225NuratikahE2Online server1
12052235HirwanE2 (Group)To allocate a fixed budget for cluster activities/ events1
12052245Salinah SallehE4Pro-Cure Deal Game4
12052255Salinah SallehE4Understudy CCPE4
12052265Salinah SallehE4Late Submission of Monthly Report and Timesheet2
12052275Teng Sheau PhingE2 (Group)Beginner Courses with Certificate for facilitating/ Safety Usage of the Gym1
12052285Teng Sheau PhingE2 (Group)Improve on the Monthly attendance1
12052295Salinah SallehE4Outstanding Contribution Award (Team Award)1
12052305Fauziah OsmanS4Score Cards for competition2
12052315Fauziah OsmanS4Lightning Warning System during Outdoor Activities Outside School2
12052325NurJannah ZakariaS4Best Practice - Evaluation Form for External Instructors / Vendors1
12052335NurJannah ZakariaS4Best Practice - Summary Table for Tracking Sick Bay Pupil Movements1
12052345NurJannah ZakariaS4Best Practice - Incident Report Form1
12052355NurJannah ZakariaS4Best Practice - Process Chart Guide for Teachers on Importance of RAMS1
12052365Mohamed Azmi bin DasiminE2Revision of transparency1
12052375Pamela SandanasamyS6Eldercare Leave1
12052385Cynthia NgE1 CCPE Meeting and Event Calendar1
12052395Farah Izzah ImranE3 (Group)CCPE stress management1
12052405Farah Izzah ImranE3Namecards for CCPE1
12052415Cluster East 3E3 (Group)ID Card for CCPEs1
12052425Cluster East 3E3 (Group)Aspire! to operate as Sports supplier1
12052435Cluster East 3E3 (Group)Showcase of CCPEs during work1
12052445FairuzE3Pay Notification by SMS instead of payslip1
12052455FairuzE3Wifi Connection for Cockpit Training1
12052465MahfuzahE3Team Building Activities1
12052475MahfuzahE3Monthly Report replaced by annual work review1
12052485Mehzabeen BanuE3To brief school on the scope of the CCPE.1
12052495Mehzabeen BanuE3Train on Physical Education1
12052505Patsy PhangE3Widenb Task Details Box in Monthly Report Web Page1
12052515Quak Soon MengE3Incentive token for CCPEs who work more than 2 years1
12052525Shaifulbahri bin AbharE3Enforcing the role of CCPE in Schools1
12052535Shaifulbahri Bin AbharE3Rotation of event organizing among clusters1
12052545Timothy ThaneshE3Use of video for Ge-biz & Cockpit1
12052555Timothy ThaneshE3Have an information page for new updates1
12052565Vincent GohS6Diaries / Year Planners1
12062576Zaithoon IbrahimS3Incentives during Training1
12062586ShankarS5Supportive RO award1
12062596Dex GohS1NAPFA tester course4
12062606Dex GohS1Photo editing software1
12062616Farah Izzah ImranE3Flip Calendar1
12062626Dex GohS1Google forms for survey1
12072637Muhamad Firdaus Bin JamalludinE7 Circulate Minutes of Meeting in a matter of minutes!1
12072647Farah Izzah ImranE3Trophy for Capstone Bowling Challenge1
12072657Farah Izzah ImranE3Reuse of Company Banner1
12072667Siti Amirrah Binte Muhammad ZulkifliE1 Uploading of Excel file directly into CCPE Monthly Report Site1
12082678Shankar Ganesh (Nash)E4 Lower salt content for food for a healthier choice1
12092689 Khairul NizamHQOpt in for Mediguard coverage for Dependents2
12092699Nur ZawanahS4To have Sports Benefit programme by giving each staff a budget to buy sporting equipment1
12092709Izzah InaniS1Auto detect last task's category for next task in monthly report portal to save time1
12092719Izzah InaniS1To provide short courses free or at a discount to equip CCPEs with continuous desrire to learn1
12092729Izzah InaniS1Review of basic market pay for poly graduate1
121027310FauzunE1 Identify deserving potential Cluster Leader/Asst Cluster CCPEs. Send them for training(s)1
121027410SarahE1Equipped CL & ACL with leadership training & event planning courses before appointment1
121027510AzreenE7Use of Cluster Refreshment Fund for Birthday Cards for Members1
121027610Izzah InaniS1Use of Online Survey/Phone App to share feedback on Vendors1
121027710Izzah InaniS1Use of App to survey Staff's Level of Stress or Happpiness1
121027810Tan Wan LingE1Update of Leave in online leave portal1
121127911Cynthia NgE1Imrpove Suggestion Rate via monthly contest1
121128011Yeo Hock HwaE1Meeting CCPE before RO for appraisal process1
13022812Ronnie TayE7Course on handling of children in schools1
13022822SabrinaS2Portal for CCPEs to select courses1
13022832Pramela d/o SukumaranS2Professional grooming course for CCPEs1
13022842Saratha DeviS2Rock Climbing & Abseiling Workshop (Sports Related)1
13022852Nur DelisS2Option for Compassionate Leave in leave system1
13022862Dex GohS1Time sheet formula for total hours4
13022872Amir Bin BohariE5 (Group)CCPE 13th month bonus1
13022882Seok YunS7Staff Benefit1
13022892SunithaS1Company Social media1
13022902RinihartiniS1 (Group)Refresher course1
13022912Stephanie RelooS1CCPE calendar of events for the year1
13022922AzizS1Outing / Bonding amongst CCPEs1
13022932RidhwanS1CCPEs Staff pass1
13022942ReenaE6Being productive during non-peak periods1
13022952Nurlina Diyanah Binte SallehS1CSR project cum CCPEs Retreat1
13022962Ben D. SalleS1 (Group)School Cockpit test efficiency test1
13022972ReenaE6Being organised1
13022982RaimiS1CCPEs Interest Groups1
13022992ReenaE6Loyalty and encouragement from managers1
13023003RafidahS7 (Group)Increasing rewards for suggestion scheme1
13033013RaimiS1 (Group)Implementation of ITQ checklist1
13033023SunithaS1 (Group)Sharing Session4
13033033ZhafrieS7Link Service to recognised quality management1
13033043Sri Nur AienE6(Quarterly Cash) Incentives for Perfect Attendance1
13033053Eric MitchellE6Work with Singapore Tourism1
13033063Sam TanE6Ms Excel - Intermediate & Advance1
13033073Mohd Zahir Abdul LatifE6Monthly Report Efficiency1
13033083Mohd Zahir Abdul LatifE6Computer Hardware & Repair knowledge1
13033093RehanaE6Monthly Report1
13033103Nadiah Farhanah Bte MohamedE6GeBiz Training1
13033113Nurfadilah RoshidE6 (Group)Staff Training (Design Certificates)1
13033123Nurul HanomE6 (Group)Cockpit/Gebiz refresher course before any upcoming test1
13033133FadzilaE6 (Group)Learning of Different Languages1
13033143Hafizah Abd WahabE6 (Group)Public Speaking Training & Team Building Seminars1
13033153Farah Izzah ImranE3List of Training & Deveopment Programmes1
13033163Teng Sheau PhingE2Suggested course for taking1
13033173Pamela SandanasamyS6Tracking of training1
13033183Pamela SandanasamyS6Staff Incentive1
13033193Pamela SandanasamyS6Holiday Chalet1
13033203SalinahE4 (Group)Monthly Report Form1
13033213JasriE4Sports Carnival for Aspire!1
13033223ZarahE4Refresher course1
13033233NikmanE4RAMS Collation1
13033243Wong Wei JieE4PE Items Movement Chart1
13033253BambangE4Improving on hands on training & development for new CCPEs1
13033263HadiE4Improving personal weight management1
13033273FathiahE4Funfair (Games) Carnival for all Aspire! Staff1
13033283NursalizaE4Methods of Incentives or Rewards1
13033293Peh Kian ChaiS2Event / Enrichment Programme Planning Checklist1
13033303Peh Kian ChaiS2Aspire! Ambassador Award1
13033313Peh Kian ChaiS2Bus Driver’s Hand Phone Numbers Form1
13033323Peh Kian ChaiS2Service Commitment statement1
13033333Peh Kian ChaiS2Free Financial Education Workshops by MoneySENSE1
13033343Peh Kian ChaiS2Add-on to (Good) Suggestions4
13033353Peh Kian ChaiS2Update of Personal Particulars at WMS (Workers Management System)1
13033363Nurdiana KhalidE1Suggest a list of courses based on school1
13033373Sopiah MahmudE1To attend courses for cake decorating1
13033383FauziE1Daily Task Manager for Monthly Report1
13033393YahyaE1DIY Upcycling Lessons1
13033403Tan Wan LingE1Collation of Data all-in-11
13033413Cynthia NgE1 (Group)Overseas Charity Project & CCPE Interaction Project (2 in 1)1
13033423RadziahE1(Group)Leadership Skills Cum Camp1
13033433Siti SarahE1(Group)Monthly ZUMBA1
13033443Teng Sheau PhingE2Cockpit Clinic before CCPE Proficiency Test1
13033453Lionel TeoE2Staff Workshops/Courses1
13033463Mohamed Azmi bin DasiminE2To supply additional CCPE in Nov to Dec1
13033473Asilah LiyanaE2(Group)Confusing Test1
13033483KhairiahE2CCPE Course dates and days1
13033493Rasyidah RosdiE2CCPE-RO Bonding Session1
13033503YusoffE2Proper Time Period/Window for CCPE Proficiency Test1
13033513Farah Izzah ImranE3Aspire! Staff Welare Committee1
13033523Farah Izzah ImranE3Table Top Exercise Course1
13033533Farah Izzah ImranE3Aspire Name Card for CCPE1
13033543Farah Izzah ImranE3List of Equipment/Rooms to loan from Aspire!1
13033553Farah Izzah ImranE3CCPE Napfa training course1
13033563Farah Izzah ImranE3Entitled Leave in Leave System1
13033573Farah Izzah ImranE3Family Life Education Programmes for CCPEs1
13033583Farah Izzah ImranE3Encourage the use of Google Video Grp Chat for Meetings1
13033593KhairomanS7 (Group)Extended Usage Options for AIA Mediguard Services1
13033603KhairomanS7 (Group)Added Incentive for Best Cluster Competition1
13033613SyarafinaE7Copy Task for Monthly Report1
13033623AzreenE7Aspire! Yearbook1
13033633AzreenE7Value Add Database1
13033643Farah Izzah ImranE3Evaluation Table for Gebiz1
13033653Chee SeongS5 (Group)Online Meeting1
13033663ShankarS5 (Group)Retreat for best Cluster1
13033673ShalomS5Training Season/Schedule1
13033683SuhaibaS5Online Portal for Training Programme1
13033693CandiceS5Health Talk1
13033703Chee SeongS5CCPE Job Scope Specifications1
13033713ShankarS5Buddy System for CCPEs1
13033723Wu YanpingS5Letterhead for the Payslips1
13033733Chee SeongS5Better Birthday Treats1
13033743Chee SeongS5More HIW activities1
13033753VidthyaS5Overtime Pay1
13033763ShankarS5Roaming CCPE1
13033773Zhafrie, Kader, Hidayah, AprilS7 (Group)Suggestion Scheme Portal to include suggestions by CCPEs1
13033783ZhafrieS7Increase Exam Leave for CCPEs1
13033793NuratikahE2CCPE Attendance Sheet1
13033803NuratikahE2Sports Vouchers Redemption1
13033813Dex GohS1Name Cards for CCPEs1
13033823Seok Yun, Nurhidayah, Sharonjit, MardianaS7 (Group)Annual Work Planner & Notebook for CCPEs1
13033833Nur Hidayah IsmaiS7Corporate Rates for Gym membership1
13033843Chee SeongS5 (Group)Flexible Online Meeting1
13033853Tng Chin MengS6CCPE Monthly Attendance Record: Auto calculation of unclear excess1
13033863HadiE4Improving PR skills for CCPEs1
13033873HadiE4Materials for motivation & self improvement1
13033883HadiE4Resurrecting HIW Scheme1
13033893SyarafinaE7On the job training1
13033903Razif AriffS7Workforce Development1
13033913Razif AriffS7Sports Voucher/Discounts1
13033923ChandrasekarS6Scheduling of Training & Development Programme1
13033933Razif AriffS7School Holiday1
13033943Pamela SandanasamyS6Monthly Report1
13033953ChandrasekarS6 (Group)Participation in Charity events1
13033963John AstonS6Incentive for no medical certificate1
13033973John AstonS6On Job Training1
13033983Mas Minarni / Peh Kian ChaiS2 (Group)Leave Policy1
13033993NazreenS2Yearly Increment1
13034003NazreenS2Grading System1
13034013NazreenS2Discounts for Reactions1
13034023NazreenS2Intranet for CCPEs1
13034033NazreenS2Advanced Level Excel Course1
13034043NazreenS2Leave System1
13034053NazreenS2Implementing Exam Leave System1
13034063DiyanaS6 (Group)Tracking system for Suggestions Scheme1
13034073DiyanaS6 (Group)Staff Productivity at work and at play1
13034083DiyanaS6Number of hours/training sessions required per year1
13034093DiyanaS6CCPEs run for charity/skipping for charity1
13034103DiyanaS6Efficient admin support1
13034113Carinn SimS3 (Group)Telco Service Provider Corporate Rate1
13034123Carinn SimS3 (Group)Dental Benefits1
13034133Carinn SimS3 (Group)Performance Bonus based on calendar year1
13034143Carinn SimS3 (Group)Birthday & Hospitalisation1
13034153William TanS3Group Mass SMS1
13034163Carinn SimS3Submit Aspire@Play Blog by Google form1
13034173SangeetaS3Short course on emotional development for young adults1
13034183Zaithoon IbrahimS3Student loan for tertiary level for staff's children1
13034193Zaithoon IbrahimS3Bursary or scholdarship given to CCPE Children1
13034203Fadilah OsmanS3Promote Family Day Programme1
13034213Hafiz AbdullahS3Continuity in service incentive1
13034223EzzatiS3CCPE yearly running marathon1
13034233Inn PengS4Training Courses for the year1
13034243SyarafinaE7Online Calendar of Events1
13034253SuhaibaS5Staff Welfare1
13044264Farah Izzah ImranE3CSR Overseas for CCPEs1
13044274Farah Izzah ImranE3 (Group)CCPE Pass1
13044284Farah Izzah ImranE3 (Group)Having a sports outlet1
13044294Farah Izzah ImranE3 (Group)Termly Report instead of Monthly Report1
13044304Farah Izzah ImranE3 (Group)CCPE Briefing to Schools1
13044314Tan Chui MuiS3Missing Number Tags for Runner1
13044324NurJannah ZakariaS4Alternatives to Company's Annual Bowling Competition1
13044334Hafizah Abd WahabE6Cockpit intermediate course (for secondary schools)1
13044344Hafizah Abd WahabE6More Exam Leaves Per Year1
13054355Vincent GohS6Monthly report Window1
13054365Vincent GohS6Training needs1
13054375Dex GohS1A boardgame that teaches financial intelligence1
13064386Cynthia NgE1CCA Certificate Draft Verification Template1
13064396 KeusilyiaOthers Incentive for zero MC2
13064406 Keusilyia Fusionopolis CRO Incentive for Covering CRO2
13064416 Keusilyia Fusionopolis CRO 'NO PAY' for last minute leave (Urgent Leave)2
13064426ShuhazamE5Rotation of CL and ACL1
13064436Siti SuhailahE5Courses for CCPE1
13064446Nut AtiqahE5 (Group)Team Bonding Activities / Competitions1
13064456Jeslyn WeeE5Dental Subsidy1
13064466Nurhazimah SainiE5Performance Appraisal template1
13074477 Rasyidah RosdiE2 Solution in Choosing Vendors2
13074487 Goh Chee HiongS1 Bonus payout letter2
13074497 Goh Chee HiongS1 Personal Enrichment2
13094509 Mas MinarniHQ Work Plan 20132
131245112 Nur FarhanaHQ HIW Programme for HQ2
13094529 MehzabeenE3 Issue with WMS2
14014531Wong Wei JieE4Courses for SPE/CCPE1
14014541Lim SanE7Using Centralised Hard Copy Month Format Calendar for Reminder, Record and planing(avoid clashes of event)1
140445514NuratikahE2WMS Portal4
14074567Saratha DeviS2CheckList1
14074577FaiezahS4Conversational Mandarin4
14074587Noorasyakirah Binte RahmatS4sports climbing level 1 as team bonding activity1
14074597Noorasyakirah Binte RahmatS4Organisation of keys1
14074607Nur FarahzeanS5Birthday Leave1
14074617Carinn SimS3Monthly Report System1
14074627Cynthia NgE1Timely Submission of Monthly Attendance and Report1
14074637Nur Fauzun B JohanE1Calendar of HIW Events1
14074647MahfuzahE3Training Schedule1
14074657Dex GohS1Aspire credo card1
14074667Cynthia NgE1To reduce the turn over rate of SPE1
14074677Chee SeongS5Fixed Monthy Cluster Members Meeting1
14074687Nur ZawanahS4Using of Google Calendar for Cluster/Company event1
14074697Noorasyakirah Binte RahmatS4refresher course1
14074707KhairomanHQSPE File1
14074717Cynthia NgE1Aspire Website- Group, CCPE, Edu services ??? 4
14084728Emilia LauE1Dental Allowance1
14084738Mehzabeen BanuE3Staff Training & Development1
14084748Nur Fauzun B JohanE1Aspire! Employee Suggestion Scheme1
14084758NazreenS2Enhancing Microsoft Skill1
14084768NazreenS2MS Course4
14084778MahfuzahE3Parent Care Leave1
14084788MahfuzahE3Calender of Events / Projects1
14084798Siti Nur Sabrina Bte DawoodS2Travel Declaration plan/portal4
14094809Zeng ZhenhaoE7Using Instagram as platform for SPEs to share the moments and to bond as one.1
14094819MahfuzahE3SPEs Contact List1
141048310Farah Izzah ImranE3To celebrate all cultural events1
141048410Nur FauzunE1Monthly Attendance & Monthly Report1
141148511JasriE4Data Collection Within Cluster Via WhatsApp1
141148611ShirahS5Subsidized Corporate Phone Data Plan4
141148711Chee SeongS5Dental Coverage1
141148811VijayS5Streamline Performance Appraisal Process1
141148911Rasyidah RosdiE22015 CCA / PAL / PE / Aesthetic Planning1
141249012ZhafrieS7Implement Best Improved Cluster Award1
141249112Tng Chin MengS6SPE Identity Card1
141249212NorwahidahS3Staff Salary1