Aspire! Group built the “Stairway to iXcellence” to lead our people to achieve “Excellence” to the delight of our customers and to be a better person in their life.

The journey started in 2011 by adopting the mindset that “Excellence begins with me”.

“iXcellence” word printed on lanyards were distributed to our people.

The framework for iXcellence involved three steps:

The First Step is for the “mind”: adopt the “Right Mindset” by doing the following:

The Second Step is for the “body”,  work on “Strengthening” by doing the following

The Third Step is for the “Soul”, to attain the stage of  “Highly Motivated” by being involved in activities that promote:

When our people have completed the three steps in the stairway of iXcellence, Rewards and Recognition will come to them naturally.

  • Our people of iXcellence are:
    • more INNOVATIVE
    • making a DIFFERENCE to Others
    • living for TOMORROW


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