Please note the following changes will apply:

1. Panel of clinics will change. Please refer to the latest AIA Panel of Clinic listing published in the Resource in the Aspire! Website under Resource.

2. There will be no more reimbursement for any visit to non-panel GP clinic, except for the following:
a. Polyclinics – full reimbursement
b. A&E – up to 2 visits per year and max $100/visit
c. Overseas GP (excluding GPs in Johor) – up to $100
d. GP in Johor – up to $15

3. Reimbursement for visits to panel TCM is only for consultation costs and does not include medicine (limit to 6 visits per year)

The above are what the company used to have over the years except for the switch to AXA last year (2017).

Temp medical chit (valid for one month of Jul 2018) would be given to all SPEs (except for clusters E1346 which have been given the temp medical chits on 22 Jun during their combined cluster meeting) at the Aspire! D&D on 6 Jul. This is for visit to the panel of clinics during the transition period from 1 Jul until SPEs receive their new AIA medicards (expected to be available from mid-Jul 2018).

For those who are unable to come for the D&D and/or absent from the E1346 combined clusters meeting on 22 Jun, we would mail out the temp medical chits to you.

If any SPE needs to visit the panel of clinics before receiving the temp medical chit or medicard (i.e. between 01 Jul and 6 Jul), he/she would need to pay for the visit first and claim for reimbursement with the official receipt. Reimbursement is not applicable to non-panel clinics. The reimbursement claim form can be found in the Resource in the Aspire! Website.