As Aspireans (Aspire! people)

We have always strived to serve our customers going beyond the expectation of our partners and customers.

In return, we are honoured to receive many  “compliments” from customers on our people in the forms of

“appraisal reports”,  “verbal feedback” or “customer satisfaction survey”.

Below are some of the compliments (since Dec 2014) extracted for our sharing and to celebrate their success with you.


COMPLIMENT on SPE Tita Emelia Dila Binte Hamdan

“Would like to place on record our thanks and appreciation to Emelia for her excellent work performance, positive work attitude & commitment to the school and students.”    Email from Miss Chua Mei Li VP (Admin) Poi Ching Sch (E1)  18 Sep 2015

COMPLIMENT on SPE Nor Hafiza Binte Mehad

“I wish to commend and thank Hafiza for her excellent work ethics and attitude.

She value-adds to the school in not just her area of work, but also outside her scope as and when needed.

She produces excellent and quality work outcome. Appreciate her dedication.”

Email from Mr Andrew Kang, Vice Principal, Bedok South Secondary School (E2) 24 Aug 2015

COMPLIMENT on SPE Qairil Fahri Bin Sapari

“I find that he is extremely calm even when working under pressure.

In this year’s Sports Day, he worked fast and efficiently to engage the services of banner-makers and the different houses managed to have banners they could be proud of in time for Sports Day (even though we highlighted the problem to him rather late) . 

The school embarked on a Good Deed Reward Campaign and again Qai was on hand to help us – linking us up with people who could print cards and make badges for the campaign.

When the Discipline Committee came up with some Value-Charts, Qai was instrumental in helping with the layout and came up with professional looking charts.

I know some teachers who have been tardy in handing in documents. One very recent example is the transport arrangement for pupils for mass jog etc and this hampers his work. Far from getting upset, Qairil has been very professional and takes the initiative to do what is necessary to ensure that pupils are safe and reach the mass jog grounds on time. 

I just want to thank you for providing us with a SPE who is courteous, easy-going and most importantly calm even when working with frazzled teachers.”  Email from Rozita, Pr Level Discipline Manager-cum-Pr Form Teacher, St Stephen’s Sch (E7) 14 Aug 2015

COMPLIMENT on SPE Abbas Bin Abdul Karim

Compliment for Abbas Karim

A “WOW” memo from Principal & Admin Team, St Hilda’s Secondary School (E6) 31 Jul 2015

COMPLIMENT on SPE Nur Fauzun Bin Johan

“Fauzun is an outstanding SPE who is truly dedicated and committed to his work. He demonstrates a high level of ingenuity and creativity on all assigned tasks. He is very meticulous and he sets high standard for himself, thus his work is always done in an organised manner and that truly defines him as a perfectionist.

Fauzun displays a genuinely high level of initiative. He readily volunteers his service to assist friends and colleagues in any situation, without any hesitation. He remains optimistic when given a daunting task and put in his utmost effort to ensure he produces his best at all times. He will go the extra mile to look for viable solutions to aid his colleagues.

Fauzun is a good role model and often shares ideas and even advices when he is consulted. He is a very positive worker and his optimism rubs off on his colleagues as he cheers them on. His ‘never say die’ attitude always put him ahead of the game as he works around hurdles to achieve his aims.

With all these attributes and skills that Fauzun possesses, it is quite obvious that he has gone beyond his line of duty and thus, the long list to show his involvement in the various programmes and activities in Coral Primary School to further accredit his commitment.”

Testimonial from Ms Nursayidah Bte Abdul Rahim, NE Coordinator, Coral Primary School (E1)  28 Jul 2015

COMPLIMENT on SPE Mustafa Bin Rahman

‘Mustafa is a very helpful and caring colleague. He renders his help and support to his colleagues readily. For example, he offered to help me carry the easal from the ground level to the art gallery on the second level when he realised that it was heavy for me to carry it up.’ Mdm Belinda Hoe, HOD/Aesthetics

‘He has a cheerful disposition and is always respectful to his colleagues.’ Mr Mark Lee, SSD

‘He is always patient and accommodating.’ Mdm Angeline Loo, LH/Maths

‘He is responsible as he follows up with tasks promptly. He has great initiative and steps forward when approached for support. For instance, he has willingly taken up the role of being our resident Richie (school’s mascot) for the rest of this year – tremendously appreciated by the CCE team.’  Memo from Mdm Rezina Khan, Year Head, HOD/CCE (covering), Telok Kurau Pri School (E4)


COMPLIMENTS on SPE Nur Sabrina Binte Muhammad Ismaeil

“Sabrinah has been of great help to the basketball team. During the recent basketball tournament, she supported the girls’ team by cheering and encouraging them to do well. She was willing to stay back late at some of the competitions to see that all the students leave the school after the competition. “

Mr Kenneth Wong (Basketball Teacher-in-charge), Bedok Green Pri School (E2) 12 June 2015


“During the recent P5 Camp this year, I had the opportunity to work with Sabrina. She did the camp booklet and it was so comprehensive. She stayed at the campsite and was willing to do the extra shift to cover one of the teachers who had to go back. She was then deployed to assist with one of the group and she did it willingly. It was great working with her”.

Mdm Kelly Lee (P5 Camp Commandant), Bedok Green Pri School (E2) 12 June 2015


“I had the opportunity in working with Sabrina for the recent P4 Camp. This was the first time for me. I have asked for her assistance to identify P4 students with known medical records. She came up with a list with all the detailed information and also reflected that in the camp booklet for the teachers. This is of great help to me as the P4 camp commandant, as this was the first time for me.”

Mr Ravinder Singh (P4 Camp Commandant), Bedok Green Pri School (E2) 12 June 2015

COMPLIMENT on SPE Mardiah Bte Jamaludin

“Mardiah has always worked very closely with the PE department, supporting the department in many areas related to PE and CCA. For instance, she underwent NAPFA testing training with the department a few years ago, and has been a tester for every NAPFA test conducted within the school, even though she is not PE-trained. She conducts each test very conscientiously and is careful to ensure that the test is carried out according to the guidelines stipulated.

She not only assists the HOD in CCA matters, she is also constantly called upon to help with training sessions for the various CCAs, and has very willingly attended numerous training sessions and briefings on behalf of CCA teachers whenever they were unavailable, taking careful notes and updating the teachers after.

Mardiah’s role when she attends these sessions is not to just be an adult presence; she actively takes care of the students, ensuring their well-being and safety throughout and after the session.

Her care for the students is also evident in the way she voluntarily takes care of the students who report sick to the General Office. She monitors their condition, takes steps to make them feel more comfortable, and attends to them until they are either well enough to return to class or when they decide to return home to rest for the day.

Mardiah is sometimes needed to help out with school activities on weekends, and she not only obliges without any complaint, she sometimes even takes the initiative to ask if help is needed when she has not been approached yet.

When it comes to her CCA administrative duties, she carries them out efficiently and effectively, and often takes the initiative to get things done before she is even instructed to. She is also comfortable managing students’ queries about CCA, and is not restricted to only backroom work.

Mardiah is an invaluable member of not just the PE department, she is also an asset to the school. As such, I would like to recommend her for the PAPL GEM Incentive Scheme (specifically the 1st, 3rd and 4th awards), as well as for the PAPL Model SPE Incentive Scheme.” Memo from Ms Priscilla Humphries, HOD / CCA & PE, CHIJ Katong Convent (E7) 12 May 2015

COMPLIMENT on SPE Yong Chee Seong

Compliment Yong Chee Seong Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) (S5) 31 Dec 2014

Outstanding Contribution Award (Team)  from Mrs Kathryn Koh, Principal, ACS (Junior) (S5) 31 Dec 2014